Why Does Google Chrome Keep Crashing on my Laptop

Why Does Google Chrome Keep Crashing on my Laptop

A well-known web browser developed by Google hits the worldwide market share by total 61%. This success is achieved in the ten-year life span of Google chrome as launched in September 2008 for Microsoft Windows.

The first version is released for Microsoft Windows and later on released for other operating systems like Mac, Linux, IOS, and also for Android operating systems.

Chrome is now using worldwide and having too many users, and these users are satisfied also with the use of Google Chrome. But sometimes its start crashing, and then the users got confused that there is a problem in my browser, yes, of course. They might be right but there are other problems which interfere with chrome browser and it starts crashing, I will give the best opinions but for now, you have to look about the feature and how chrome works basically, then it can bring you a better understanding.

How Google Chrome Works? Browsing on Google Chrome:

Why Does Google Chrome Keep Crashing

The users just see the webpages shown on their screens and get their information, but there is a team on the back who operates all the browser capability and compatibility.

Initially, chrome works on web kits which show the users multiple web pages. These are bringing together through Google 25 different codes libraries and also get help from several other parties. For browsing web pages these are much enough operations, but also the Google wants to run Gmail accounts through Chrome browser, then it can sometimes make users in trouble.

To handle these issues they got help from Javascript; a team in Denmark handles all the operations and makes chrome faster for Gmail, and also for several other purposes.

Chrome when success in the overall market started; then they launched a Chrome Beta for Android phones in February 2017; it is usually operational in android version 4.0, and onward versions, while starting 4.1 versions chrome is pre-installed in all devices of android.

Google Chrome Interface

When you open a chrome browser it shows you simple Google search browser by default and URL search bar on top of the browser. On the right side of the browser, there are tabs that include different options, like New Tab, History, Settings, etc. all your browsing history and other information are syncs through your Gmail account logged on. You can access your history and other information by logging in to another device with the same user id.

Google Chrome Security

Google Chrome Security

Chrome is assuring their user’s security by providing updates and virus threats. They usually blacklisted the two main issues; Malware and Phishing, Malware; you may call it virus threat to your system and phishing; usually known as a hacking tool to get someone user id and password. Chrome warns their users when they are going to enter into the unknown websites and also warns you that it harm your system.

Why Does Google Chrome Keep Crashing?

Why Does Google Chrome Keep Crashing

Google Chrome keeps crashing due to several issues it may happen eventually or regularly; I will bring it into two categories for your better understanding and resolve your issues with no trouble. These can be categorized in minor and major issues.

Minor Issues

These are small issues which happen eventually and can be solved easily. These minor issues include;


This issue can occur eventually due to your slow internet speed, or bad quality internet.


This issue can be faced due to running VPN on your system.


The address you enter in the URL may do not exist.

Snap issues

These are basic crashes due to the plugins.


When you try to reach website it may be interrupted, so try reloading page.

These are the minor issues you may face eventually due to the shown problems; you can handle these by reloading webpage. Reloading webpage shortcut is CTRL+R and opening the fresh webpage you may use CTRL+SHIFT+R keys.

Major Crashing Issues Of Googe Chrome

Major chrome crashing issues might bring your system in trouble and also confuse you, but don’t worry it can be solved by installing software or you have to access to the chrome hidden setting pages. You can access the hidden pages by typing (chrome: //crashes) in the search bar of your browser. These crashes can occur due to the following issues;

Malware Scan

As malware is in the blacklist of chrome security, that interfere in browsing and may cause crashing chrome regularly. Simply you may call it virus threat to your system. This issue can be resolved by installing antivirus software to run on your system and if you don’t want to install antivirus software, then there is an option available in your system known as Microsoft security essentials, by scanning your system can be cleaned from malware and bring you back in normal operations.

Conflicting Software

Sometimes you install different software which is harmful to your system, and also interfere in chrome browsing and start crashing it. This may include network related software, you can detect this software by typing (chrome: //conflicts) command in the search bar of chrome browser. When you type this command and enter it will give you all the relevant information from that you can find unnecessary software and then disable or uninstall that to get rid of crashing.

Google SRT (Software Removal Tool)

These are recently launched software by Google to reset your chrome browser in normal operations, and remove ambiguities. You have to download Google Software Removal and install it, after opening it will give an option to reset your browser back in normal operations.

Flash Crashes

Adding unknown flash players to your chrome browser may crash it regularly, you have to remove those unknown flash player from the extension and adding Google chrome default extension and can fix the problem.

File System Ambiguity

This option is recommended by Google to their users to avoid crashes. You can access to it by opening a command prompt and typing SFC.EXE/SCAN NOW.  It will scan your system and find out the issue and resolved it.

Corrupted Profile

Your profile may be corrupted and then you can open a new profile in chrome browser to avoid crashing chrome. You can also sync your previous files to your new account, and if there is any problem with your old account then Google will warn you to don’t copy files.


After spending three days on research to find out a problem that why does Google chrome keep crashing in a laptop, so I conclude that there are two types of problems; minor and major issues.

I already have listed all the minor and major issues above, now if you are facing occasional crash down, then it may because of minor issues, so you can fix it with two, three-step procedure. These solutions are discussed in the above list.

If you are facing regular chrome crash then you have look at your system that it may be a malware threat or unknown files installed. Follow the procedure and get rid of chrome crashing.

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