What Laptops last the longest – Tech review 2022

What Laptops Last the Longest?

Keep your laptops out of reach of children. Do take this warning seriously.

Keep children away

Before answering this question, “what laptops last the longest”, we can relate it to shifting house to better understand the importance of the phrase “Long Lasting”. How difficult it is, shifting from one house/ flat to another and it is a real pain, right? Same is the case with changing laptops and mobiles. You won’t do it on daily basis, rather would like to have it for as long as possible, till the time comes when it starts bugging you.

It’s very painful for all of us, be it a student, a businessman or a gamer when all of a sudden you need to replace your system.

data transfer pain

Just imagine transferring all the data and applications from your old laptop to a new one.

It requires lot’s of time and effort, even if you know how to do it. To avoid being one of the victims, you must take into account, some measures so that it last the long.

Tips for a long-term relationship with your laptop

You heard it right! You must keep a good relationship with it if you spent 5+ hours with it.

  • Don’t overuse your charging cables We use laptops but in hurry, we do not even care about its cables. Either they are bending, cracking or whatever. This is not good at all and we must take great care of its cables especially power cable. This strengthens our bond and secures our future working together.
  • Upgrade your software, stay on the top of your anti-virus protection, invest in RAMs or SSD upgrades, keep cool operating fans. Being Up-to-date makes strong relationships with electronics.
  • Food and drinks are not really the laptop’s friend. If you are a night owl and prefer eating while using a laptop then you should stop doing this. Another aspect is, children are laptops addicted these days and mothers feed them in front of laptops. Both cases are very harmful to a laptop as I have seen rice and snacks particles under keyboard keys.
  • Handle it with care while moving it from one place to another. Otherwise, misuse can cause damages such as screen damage too. Good news is that you can re-purpose your laptop with a cracked screen by reading How to Fix Cracked laptop Screen Without Replacing It.
  • Keep it Clean. Usually, fans work just like exhaust fans, sucking cool air in and blowing hot hair out. Hence, is very sensitive towards bags of dust and can block the air vents. So, when you go through dusting phase of your surroundings keep your laptop cover.
  • Keep things cool Overheating can damage your laptop. Try not to get intact with heat resources.
  • Keep it CUSHIONED   Whenever you go out in case of a business tour, university trip or attending a family event, cover it in a padded case to avoid scratches.
  • Keep the CORD in good shape  It’s common for all of us to ignore the wires and cables while using laptops. Once cables/cords get damage, we can’t use it.
  • USB ports  Another major misuse of a laptop is its USB ports. Take extra care while attaching or removing devices such as USB, external hard drive, external mouse, external keyboard or CD-ROM etc.
  • Connect your laptop with high-quality surge protector whenever possible when you need to power up away because it can severely damage your laptop.
  • Keep it away from children, otherwise, your laptop will have deformed buttons.
what laptops last the longest
  • Do not charge it with generators, inverters or UPS rather use a stable electrical connection to give your battery long life.

Series of questions accompanied with “What laptops last the long”:

When we talk about how laptops can be long-lasting, series of questions come to mind that needs to be answered.

  1. What is the average lifespan of a laptop?

The average lifespan of a laptop is 3-5 years normally. There are a lot of reasons, which can prolong or reduce this lifespan. If you take care of certain points discussed below, you can push this lifespan up to 8 years or who knows, maybe more.

  1. What is the average backup time of a laptop battery?

The average backup time of laptop battery can be anywhere between one and six hours. Different brands have different laptop series, which lets you choose whether it is battery you are looking for or performance. It is a very long discussion in itself so without deviating from our main topic, we would rather look into how we can increase backup time.

You must follow below instructions to prolong battery timing:

  • Dim your screen brightness
  • Turn-off peripherals when not needed
  • Change power settings (turn ON power saving mode), when you are not opting for the performance boost
  • Eject your disk drives
  1. Is it OK to leave a laptop plugged all the time?

Usually, laptops used lithium-ion based batteries and these batteries have such a mechanism .i.e. when fully(100%) charged, it’s internal circuit prevents it from further charging. So, the answer is a BIG YES, it’s perfectly OK to leave a laptop plugged all the time.

But on the other hand, keeping your battery discharged for a long period of time can severely damage its potential of retaining the charge. So, you should be more concerned about this later factor.

Diving Deeper

What are the good traits of long-lasting laptops?

The very first thing that worn out in laptops

A battery is a very first thing (you will see in most laptops), that needs replacement. Laptop battery has an important role to play in performance as well. Do consider laptop battery backup time while purchasing a laptop. It should give you ample amount of backup so you can finish your work without any trouble.

Laptops lose their lives when hardware loses relevance and the battery life becomes significantly reduced.

Factors that can increase laptops battery

You might consider reading about the factors that can increase the lifespan of a battery.

  1. Proper charging:  when you start charging your laptop, let it charge completely. Make sure you are not among users who connect the charger for the pattern of every 10 to 15 minutes and then put it away. This way, all battery cells are never utilized and a battery is worn out quickly.
  2. Fitting Temperature: Prime Temperature is required for laptops. Too hot surroundings can affect your battery as well as laptop badly. As it gets over-heated and may cause serious issues. You may want to read about “why is my laptop getting hot?”
  3. Continuous Usage: It is another factor which must be avoided especially, gamers. Long hours of usage is not advisable, either it is for playing games, programming or graphics work. Do take a break for yourself as well as for the sake of your machine.
  4. Regular Updation of an operating system: Operating system has the responsibility to run this machine. So, it’s a very important consideration to update the laptop’s operating system as soon as you get the notification. Do keep an eye on your laptop’s disk available space before you start updating. Updating OS is only possible if you use a genuine copy of the operating system. You better do this on a regular basis as this is important for security as well. Many patches of security are released from time to time to secure your machine.

What brands to prefer?

It is a mixed market and most often people take into account the price before buying it. It is a common perception, “The most expensive the laptop is, the most effective result it will produce”. There is a difference of opinion about it but let me know What do you think? Is this what you agree with?

Definitely a “No” from me. Usually, it is said that mid-priced laptops have a life of 3-5 years max but this is not what I agree to.

It is not the price that it depends on, rather it is dependent on how you handle it. We see most of the laptops with low price but their life is better than those of an expensive one because of careful usage. Do notice, we are discussing international brands here (and not the one assembled locally in the local market).

Comparing gaming and standard laptops:

We become very choosy customers when we have to take into account which one is the best. For general tasks like Email sending, using the word processor, browsing the internet, watching videos even budget-friendly laptops lasts 3-4 years. But when we compare it with gaming laptops, it has a life of fewer years.

Best streaming laptops are perfect for gaming purposes.

It is just because the gaming machine is frequently used for 10+ hours and believe me, used very roughly. I have seen many items without keys on its a keyboard, giving me the idea what troubles have they been gone through.

Discussing some key components:

Hard drive: You must have at least 500GB to 1TB of storage space. For extra room, you can always buy an external hard drive down the road.

SSD: If possible, always look a PC with a solid-state drive (SSD) instead of a standard hard disk drive (HDD). While they can be more expensive, but it provides a faster and more responsive experience. One who create and store media files or plays games will appreciate this upgrade.

Processing: You need a 7th or 8th Generation Intel Core i5 or i7 because both provide fast speeds while supporting gaming along with your day-to-day working strategies.

Memory: Again, we will look for something with at least 8GB of RAM, to load and use multiple programs. Are you in a profession where you are required to run multiple applications (Photoshop, Office and Video editing software, etc) at a time? If the answer is yes, you need to go for more memory for the smooth running of applications.


Use a stable connection of electricity for charging. Keep it away from dust, food, and children. Assure optimal temperature of the working environment, update your operating system and software as soon as prompted. Handle it carefully while switching position/location. Do not hustle while using ports, be it for attaching and removing portable devices or power cords.

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