Things to Remember while buying Laptop for Fusion 360 & CAD


BIGGER SCREEN SIZE for perfect designs

Who even wants to see tons of layers, tabs and panels merged all over the computer screen? Fusion 360 being a computer aided design software definitely needs a perfect interface to work upon. To prevent your eyes being under stress which is directly going to affect your models and design; I would hereby recommend you to say NO to the screen sizes smaller than 15 inches. Anything bigger than that would definitely be great.

HD DISPLAY for more detailed modelling

DO NOT settle for anything below full HD Display. In many of the cases people prefer to go for 4K Resolution which is obviously the latest and the most used pixels display currently but fusion 360 and 4k resolutions do not form a decent combination. Full HD Display would be the perfect choice for you over here.

CORE I7 is your next stop!

To master everything; starting from the basic designs and moving to the most complexed ones you need to have a processor that serves you great under all terms and conditions. To prevent things from getting sloppy, plan for a long term solution and opt for a fast working processor that allows the CAD Application to run smoothly on it.

A NVIDIA GTX 1050 and you’re all done!

If running the software smoothly is your main concern, the reviews over here are going to impress you greatly because all the laptops included here run with NVIDIA GTX 1050 Graphics cards which is almost 50-60% faster as compared to the older versions. Running fusion 360 with Nvidia GTX 1050 would be truly amazing and yes, exciting too!

So choose for yourself a laptop with a perfect blend of all these notable specifications and form factors for an incredible experience with Fusion 360!


Below I have stated all the legit facts regarding how Fusion 360 is better than other designing software. Check out Fusion 360 VS Solidworks and Fusion 360 VS Inventor right here!

ARENA ONE: Fusion 360 VS Solidworks

  • Fusion 360 provides the option to create multibody parts with more flexibility | Solidworks can’t compete that well in this case.
  • Fusion 360 stands out with smaller assemblies having many cross-referenced parts | Solidworks needs to reference multiple files when building an assembly.
  • Fusion 360 encounters issues in larger assemblies | Solidworks excels in this part.
  • Fusion 360 is best for beginners with easy to use interface | Solidworks needs proper tutorials guys!
  • Fusion 360 lacks the most latest advanced features | Solidworks wins this part.
  • Fusion 360 a moderately working tool when it comes to very advanced simulations and analysis | Solidworks is a great tool for the same purpose.
  • Fusion 360 excels in creating organic geometry and the mesh modeling | Solidworks doesn’t serve that great in this area.

ARENA TWO: Fusion 360 VS Inventor

  • Go for Fusion 360 if you’re more of a MAC User | otherwise opt for Inventor.
  • Fusion 360 soaks up lesser RAM | Inventor takes a heavy hand on the RAM;20 GB Recommended.
  • Fusion 360 costs less based on annual subscription charges | Inventor may cause a hole in the pocket for those on the budget! 😀
  • Fusion 360 works fine offline after syncing models to your cloud account | For inventor you don’t really need to rely on an internet connection.
  • Fusion 360 comes up with minimum crucial aspects making it gentler and comfortable for the beginners too | Inventor does has its curves and summits to safely cross over!
  • Fusion 360 takes you into mares while working with large models | Inventor can serve you really well here.
  • Fusion doesn’t provide a detailed environment | Inventor is better at getting things done faster.
SO FELLOWS; We get to the conclusion that Fusion, Inventor and Solidworks are all basically siblings having the same genes! Technically, any model created in fusion can also be remarkably designed in the latter two modeling software.