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best laptop for overwatch 2019

Hi, I welcome you to the list of top 7 best Laptops for Overwatch 2021. Video games; a new culture worldwide fascinates tons of people all around the globe. For 2019 the number of people getting indulged with ‘Overwatch’ a trending innovation in the series of video games has increased to a higher value. Professional … Read more

Why does my laptop overheat when I play games?

Why does my laptop overheat when I play games?

Laptops are compact and powerful devices than ever before. There is a steep increase of processor and its performance which facilitated through chips that more densely packed along transistors. Within parallel, slimmer cases, and packs the increase in many specific stronger processors and their graphics supports the big screen and their increase resolution for better … Read more

How to fix overheating laptop without taking it apart?

How to fix overheating laptop without taking it apart?

The cooling mechanism of CPU is the dilemma for most manufacturers of the computing industry. In their view, they face a robust enclosure while designing the laptop and choosing the CPU suitable for the model number. In this article, I will show you to fix overheating laptop without taking it apart. The most viable one … Read more


why is my laptop running so slow

Slow and steady wins the race? Wait! What? Honestly speaking that phrase is completely wrong in today’s world where everything is based on how quick you do your work. Talking about computers and laptops, speed is everything. These technologies were born for this purpose; to do the work efficiently and quickly. Marking one reason for … Read more

Uses of Laptop in daily Life In 2020 Guide | LaptopsGeek

Uses of Laptop in daily Life

We are living in a world of advanced technology where the world has gone so far in knowledge and information. The modern era has transformed this world into a world of gadgets and discoveries. Communication The computer is the main thing behind all these changing of the global universe. We communicate with each other and … Read more

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