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The rumors are going around about the releasing date, price and revolutionary features of Microsoft surface pro 7. Surely these rumors will turn into reality because this is the right time for launching surface pro 7.

In this era of technology, Microsoft has been creating the best laptops and window tablets with the passage of time. From surface pro 4 to surface pro 6, Microsoft has been done an outstanding job.

Everyone is looking forward to Microsoft surface pro 7 and seeking more than its predecessor which was surface pro 6. No doubt Microsoft added marvelous features like faster processing speed, long-lasting battery life, sleek and excellent color option in surface pro 6. 

But some features were missing too for which we are seeking surface pro 7.Like USB-C port and few other meaningful improvements. If we talk about the releasing date of surface pro 7. It would be announced by Microsoft officially.

Now the question long-lasting is will there be a new surface pro in 2019? Or after 2019.

Releasing date

As the Microsoft company reveal about a media event on October 2, 2019. We can think of releasing surface pro 7. However, there is no confirmation about the launching of Microsoft surface pro 7 by the company.

If we observe previous launches of Microsoft, most recently surface pro 6 was launch in October 2018 and surface pro 4 also launched in October 2015. While surface pro-2017 released in June. That is why we can’t say that Microsoft surface pro 7 would also launch in October.

This is safer to say probably surface pro 7 will be launch before the end of 2019 or at the start of 2020. Estimation of releasing a month is a bit difficult.

Price of surface pro 7

After the releasing of surface pro 7, we would be able to know the exact and correct price of surface pro 7. But here you would get the idea of pro 7 price.

If we do the comparison between prices of surface pro-2017 and surface pro 6. The difference is $100.Like when surface pro 6 launched its price was under 900$(£879, AU$1,349). Later the price will drop on sale $799(£799, AU$1,199). Moreover, the price of surface pro-2017 at the time of launching was $799 and $649 when dropping on sale.

According to this observation, Microsoft surface pro 7 prices check here. The Price of surface pro 7 also depends on the features that Microsoft is going to an add-in.

When surface pro 6 was launch everyone noticed that very minor improvements took place as compared to the previous model and $100 extra was charged by Microsoft. Maybe these $100 were for 4GB extra RAM, 63% extra speed performance and for black finishes type surely they were. Although color doesn’t impact performance people liked black finish type pretty much.

Hence the more additional features Microsoft surface pro7 will have, the more its cost will be. Perhaps surface pro7 price would be deviating from $999 if dramatically improvement would take place.

Improvements from surface pro-2017 to surface pro 6

After the launching of surface pro 6, everyone seemed disappointed because of quite fewer improvements than their expectations. 

Microsoft added few things in surface pro-2017 and gave it the name of surface pro 6 and asked for an extra $100. That is why people are seeking many more features in Microsoft surface pro 7.

Have a look of features that surface pro 2017 and surface pro 7 have;

  • Both have 13.5 hours battery life which is quite enough.
  • Have the same screen size that is 12.3 inches.
  • Both have a 2-in-1 detachable laptop.
  • Both the surface pro 6 and surface pro 2017 weigh about 1.7 pounds and have the same 11.5×7.9×0.33-inch measurements.
  • Surface Pro 2017 and surface pro 6 both are having the same wireless options and ports.

However, the differences are:

  • Surface Pro 2017 has a CPU of 7th generation processor (m3-7Y30) while surface pro 6 has an 8th generation processor (i5-8250U).
  • The memory of surface pro-2017 is 4GB RAM/128 GB and 8GB RAM/128 GB of surface pro 6.
  • The graphic of surface pro 6 which is helpful for gaming was 40% improve from surface pro-2017.

What can make Microsoft surface pro 7 an ideal and powerful model

Let’s give out our wish list for surface pro 7 which would help out the upcoming model to become a more powerful and ideal. And in this way, we will not have to spend more than surface pro 7 deserve. 

1: USB-C

Some laptops and tablets hold with USB-C port (Thunderbolt 3) for charging and transferring data. But Microsoft surface pro 2017 and surface pro 6 also doesn’t have USB-C port (Thunderbolt 3).

For instant let’s suppose you have spent almost $999 on surface pro 7($999 is estimated price by comparing previous product’s prices). Now you have to charge a larger device like a laptop with surface pro 7 or you want to double the transfer speed of data but there is no USB-C port in your Microsoft surface pro 7. 

A feel of misspending of money on surface pro 7 prices would come in your mind. Definitely, after spending a very high cost it is difficult to except a laptop without having this feature USB-C port (Thunderbolt 3). We want to see USB-C port (Thunderbolt 3) in surface pro 7.

This is the feature with which surface pro 7 would be an ideal model.

2: Bezels

The bezel is actually frames of the screen which keeps the screen in its place. The person who sits in front of a screen for several hours in a day for doing work, gaming or maybe for watching movies would prefer a laptop having thin bezels and also thin bezels are in trend. 

Thin bezels take less room, comfortable to use and pleasing to eyes. When surface pro 6 was released the thickness of surface pro 6’s bezels became its negative point. To overcome this negativity and to make system gorgeous bezels of surface pro 7 should be slim/thin.

Moreover, thin Bezels look more fascinating. Though Microsoft can’t reach at frameless surfaces yet but could minimize bezels.

3: SSD

Intend to be a most powerful and ideal model Microsoft surface pro 7 would have to be faster SSD more durable, more efficient and consume less battery. 

In surface pro 6 there is 256GB of SSD. Though 256GB is more enough if you have a very large amount of data and files to store more SSD should be there. 

Personally, I want to see Microsoft surface pro 7 with more and more SSD because it would be the ideal one.

4: Improved type cover

Since the arrival of surface pro-2017, there is no bigger improvement in type cover has been taken place. To present a perfect model Microsoft should do improve Microsoft surface pro 7 type cover. 

All around the footprint of the device could minimize by type cover and to make fabric covering type cover is also a cool concept. We want to see larger as well as smother trackpad than surface pro 6, which gives more room for scrolling and dragging items.

5: Discrete GPU

Some other improvements are there on which Microsoft can work, like discrete GPU. For creative it would make surface pro 7 an appealing buy. The surface book 2 has a GTX 1050 GPU which is more than enough but its starting price is $2,499 a bit expensive model. 

If surface pro 7 would have discrete GPU and price of surface pro7 will also be moderate, it would make Microsoft surface pro 7 most powerful and affordable product of Microsoft.

Final Words

Well, above we have discussed the price of surface pro 7, which is officially announced by Microsoft later but you got an idea about it. Moreover releasing the date of pro 7 would also officially announced by Microsoft according to their schedule.

And the new features or improvements Microsoft should do in Surface pro 7 are mentioned above. After reading this article surely you are all known about Surface pro 7 price, launching date as well as upcoming new features. Get ready! Microsoft surface pro 7 is about to hit the streets sooner.