How To Fix Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It – 2019 Guide

How to Fix Cracked laptop screen without replacing it

How to fix laptop cracked screen without replacing it Nothing is worse than having a laptop which has cracked screen. Yes sometimes you can get in a bit hurry to do work on your laptop, and suddenly you see that laptop screen is damaged. At that time you were thinking about that how to fix in … Read more

Why is my laptop getting hot? Latest Guide 2020 | Laptopsgeek

Why is my laptop getting hot

Ahhhh…Again? Why is my laptop getting hot? Why my laptop is getting hot? You have arrived here because you are one of the affected users. You have come to the right place where all your queries will answer. Laptops do get little heat up while using and it is perfectly reasonable. Especially, when you are performing … Read more

How I can use WhatsApp on my Laptop – 2020 | Laptopsgeek

How I can use whatsapp on my laptop

One day, I was having a conversation with my boss via whatsapp, regarding the upcoming project, we were about to start. She wanted to explain key points from a file, she had shared minutes ago. When I tried to open that file, it won’t open in my mobile, due lack of support for that file. … Read more

5 Best Laptops for Accounting QuickBooks, & Excel In 2020 |Laptopsgeek

laptops for accounting students

Are you an Accountant professional? Being an accounting student, you are required to take up demanding tasks on a daily basis. And for this, you will be in search of the best option of finding the best laptop for a bookkeeping business. My article will be helpful in your pursuit of amazing machines capable of … Read more

Uses of Laptop in daily Life In 2020 Guide | LaptopsGeek

Uses of Laptop in daily Life

We are living in a world of advanced technology where the world has gone so far in knowledge and information. The modern era has transformed this world into a world of gadgets and discoveries. Communication The computer is the main thing behind all these changing of the global universe. We communicate with each other and … Read more

How To Clean a Laptop Touch Screen in 2020 | Laptopsgeek

How To Clean a Laptop Touch Screen

Frustrated with the amount of information floating around the interwebs about how to properly clean your laptop touch screen? Today’s question comes from a sense comment about how to properly clean a laptop touch screen. A great question we have been asked it much time. What team has done is we have gone straight to the source … Read more