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You can pick up laptop-like monkey nuts these days, but I want to mention something of a la mode especially for those with the higher budget of the top-end machine that can offer more power, features and battery life.

I am sure, Obviously, you are observant of the best & most expensive Laptops that’s why you have picked this article and I assure you about my latest research guide list that contains the wide range of excellent laptops, from super-slim and all-powerful Ultrabooks to high-end laptops, Apple MacBooks, gaming laptops and budget laptops as well.

Most expensive laptops 2020


In other words, I declare that a good laptop is worth the money – especially if you want to favor speed, power, battery life, lightweight and design. It should be made of premium materials and should have a high-resolution display that you can enjoy Full HD (HD stands for high-definition and matches the pixel count of many full-size TVs).

Yeah, It’s the thing. I like the performance. And for high-end performances, we need High-end laptops to make your needs easier by highlighting top deals. Moreover, this guide is will constantly updated for you to beat the clock by including the latest Most Expensive laptops as they are released.

It’s worth cracking that you want the computer for web surfing, emails and watching a streaming movie, you can either save money or get something super-light and thin you have to go for systems that are highly efficient.

Really you are Looking Forward to Most expensive laptops

For instance, if you’re a keen gamer or have future plans to edit video or run advanced power-hungry programs, you’ll need a faster processor, extra RAM and perhaps a separate graphics card. For this, you need the best laptop(an obviously expensive one). Just like this, some high-end laptops have touch screens but, most importantly, I want to mention, Apple does not put touchscreens on any of its Macs, emphasizing the importance of keyboard and trackpad for interacting with the MacBook range.

The other laptops either have or can be configured to have touchscreens. These are all some of the specs we want to see in our high-end laptops for our daily routine works.

In addition, most high-end gaming laptops at this end of the scale have features like backlit keyboards, making it much easier to type in a dimly lit room. for instance, its plus-point is like quick charging or extended battery life which are the priorities we used to look in High-end laptops.

Generally, the diversification of high-end laptops may seems in the fields for travelers, for women, for Businessman, for gamers and many more.

Let’s Continue with our handpicks.

1. MSI GS65 Stealth – Best Ultra Thin High-End Gaming Laptop 2020

The new MSI GS65 Stealth has banged our tomorrow’s choice of the best gaming laptop, as compared to all in this list. It is 068 144Hz 7ms Ultra Thin 4.9mm and light-weight that is highly portable. It’s all because of its excellent array of cutting edge components, for instance, which includes a 3.9 GHz Intel Core i7 CPU and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 GPU.

It’s also more reasonably priced and its subtle design means that it can be used as for multi-tasks i.e. for work or study laptop without raising any eyebrows. Moreover, it has a RAM of 32GB (16G*2) DDR4 2400MHz with 2 Sockets. It’s also embedded with Super RAID 4 1TB SSD (NVMe) [512GB *2] of storage.

Its special feature of VR Ready makes its position more outclass with engraving Matte Black with Gold Diamond cut.

  • Beautiful, subtle design
  • Excellent performance
  • Underside gets very hot

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2. Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 – Brilliant sequel Best High-End Laptop

Microsoft is a software company that makes its own brand of tablets and laptops of brilliant sequel high-end laptops under the Surface label. This is an efficient, capable machine with 13.5” in a touch-sensitive display.

It has a soft-touch fabric-covered palm rest and area around the keyboard. It comes in four fashion-forward colors: Burgundy, Platinum, Cobalt Blue and Graphite Gold. They are made of aluminum.

Microsoft Surface Laptop’s Battery life is extremely good and it prolongs its working hours and Windows details such as facial recognition sign-in are useful. This is the classiest laptop from Microsoft and the most attractive system as compared to others.

Surface Laptops offer improvements in all the areas customers usually look for, which includes updated hardware that brings serious performance benefits. It gives a pure, powerful Windows 10 laptop experience. If you are interested in 2 in 1 laptop, Microsoft is presentable in this category too.

Tip: Intel’s latest and definitively greatest Xeon processor, the E7-8894 v4 is the most expensive processor.

  • Competitive power level
  • The lovely new black color scheme
  • Too few ports for its size

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3.Huawei Mate Book X Pro  – Best Ultra-Portable High-End Laptops

Our Latest researches revealed that HuaweiMate Book X Pro is the best laptop in the world. This is another classic collection in laptopsgeek with a tiny frame around the screen that looks very impressive and matches the aluminum unibody design no doubt certainly the luxuriant and first choice of women too because of portability ease.

Being slim and compact it has excellent power capabilities which include a fingerprint sensor on the power button. Because of the common screen design, it has no space for a camera in the laptop’s lid. Instead, it pops up at the touch of a button from the keyboard.

Huawei is the World’s First Full View Display with Immersive 13.9-inch 3K touchscreen and gives a 91% screen-to-body ratio. It is only 0.57-inch thin and weighs only 2.93 lbs. This is to say that it is perfect for at-home or on-the-go computing.

Moreover, it is Powerful Inside with inbuilt  Windows 10 Home Signature Edition with no bloatware. Therefore, the 8th Gen Intel Core i7 8550U processor plus NVIDIA GeForce MX150 boosts its performance up to 40% over its predecessor.

On the plus side, there are no security worries because its one press puts the camera out of sight and means it can’t mistakenly makes your video. Huawei has a strong battery life that makes it a good performance machine.

The Huawei Mate Book X Pro was the best laptop pick that can buy in 2018, and still, it stands in 2019 with its latest specifications. This is a gorgeously-designed high-end laptop with a stunning screen and packed with cutting edge components that allow it to perform brilliantly.

It also has a very competitive price, giving you the best features, design, and performance in one place with a bit less money.

  • Beautiful design
  • Terrific battery life
  • Aluminum chassis
  • Very good graphics performance
  • Punchy keyboard
  • Long battery life
  • No SD card slot
  • MacBook-look-alike design
  • Grainy webcam

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4. Apple MacBook Pro – Best High-End Laptops for Businessman

Apple MacBook Pro – a dominating brand said to be the top-end of the market – It’s way too pricey but includes the brilliant Touch Bar with retina display. It replaces a top row of function keys with a thin touchscreen where the keys can be customized for the application in use. It’s a spectacular high-end laptop 2019 that is more convenient in use.

Further, this is a super-slim, lightweight machine with a huge trackpad and a keyboard which is among the most comfortable available feature in MacBook Pro. The 15-inch display is high-resolution and IPS technology supports millions of colors. In other words, we can say its vividly colorful display. It also has a fingerprint sensor built into the power button, so its far way good in signing in or validating online purchases results in speedy operations.

It comes out with perfect combination  Performance of 2.9GHz 6-core 8th-generation Intel Core i9 processor with Turbo Boost up to 4.8GHz, the MacBook Pro delivers speedy performance. Moreover, Includes 16GB of memory so you can easily multi-task

Storage of  MacBook Pro is slim and sleek with a 1TB SSD and features Radeon Pro 560x Graphics. For instance, its Force Touch trackpad allows for precise cursor control with pressure-sensing capabilities and the tactic Engine provides haptic feedback that brings a sense of touch.

No doubt, this is a pricey machine, so you may want to consider one of the Windows alternatives most probably. If you’re open to switching to a PC and consider it pricey, definitely go for the XPS 13 or the excellent Mate Book X Pro. But, if you’re a committed Apple diehard, this is definitely the best laptop for you!

  • Super fast performance
  • Not a huge generational leap

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5.Google Pixelbook – Premium Chromebook High-end Laptop

In the last few years, Chromebooks have experienced huge success because of their accessibility, and Google Pixelbook is no exception. Although it costs twice as much as the average Chrome OS device and doesn’t come with a stylus. The Pixelbook is built to withstand the future high-end laptops in 2019.

It features a pair of Thunderbolt 3 ports for accessories and super-fast file transfers, additionally, a hinge appears that flips inside out for watching movies on planes and a taste of Android. You enjoy complete access to the Google Play store on the Pixelbook, from playing Sonic the Hedgehog to watching videos in VLC that’s why we can say that they are also counted in best streaming machine categories.

The creaming on this pixelated cake is its long battery life – it lasted nearly 8 hours in our own testing, so don’t need to worry about the Pixelbook dying on you.

Google Pixelbook, the high-performance Chromebook. It’s the first laptop with the Google Assistant built-in for instance press the Google Assistant key on your keyboard or says “Ok Google” to get started and the Google Assistant is always ready to help you. What a fantastic feature.

Moreover, it has a 7th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, with the memory of 16GB RAM and 512GB for storage. The long-lasting battery delivers up to 10 hours of use and it’s fast charging so you can enjoy a maximum of 2 hours of use in 15 minutes.

You are free to use its 4-in-1 design adapts to whatever you’re doing with laptop, tablet, tent and entertainment modes. Above all, you can have access to favorite apps including Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube, Evernote, Slack, Infinite Painter, Lightroom, Roblox and many more.

Pixelbook’s is super thin and lightweight design measures 10.3 mm and weighs 2.45lbs.

For best options of security, it is powered by Chrome OS with automatic software updates so you’ll always have the latest virus protection. Additionally, It starts up in less than 10 secs, stays fast throughout the day, and won’t slow down over time.

A premium Chromebook well worth its lofty price

  • Sublime design
  • Full Android app support
  • Pen sold separately
  • No biometric login

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6. MSI GT83 TITAN-027 Enthusiast – High- End Gaming NoteBook

Another gaming machine, with a huge screen size for less chance of an enemy sneaking up on you. This is a powerful system to avoid overheating an advanced inbuilt cooling system. It only has up to 10 hours of battery life, however.

MSI GT 83, a high-end gaming notebook with 18.4″ Full HD display and 1920×1080  Wide View IPS-Level Non Reflection screen resolution which gives vividly clear vision. Moreover,  embedded with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 SLI Graphics coprocessor and 16GB GDDR5X of memory. (8GB each) (VR Ready)

On the other hand, its 8th Gen Intel Coffee Lake Core i7-8850H Six-Core (2.6GHz-4.3GHz, 9MB Intel Smart Cache, 45W) of the smart processor.

Above all it has 64GB (4x 16GB) DDR4 2666MHz of RAM and Hard Drive of 4TB (2x 2TB) Samsung 970 EVO NVMe SSD (Seq. Read 3500MB/s, Seq. Write 2500MB/s) plus 1TB 7200RPM HDD hard drive.

Its OS is Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) Multi-language with Warranty of 1-Year MSI USA Warranty Parts & Labor (include 1 Year Global Warranty) and Lifetime Tech Support from Excaliber. These features make it a complete package for the user.

  • Ridiculous graphics performance
  • Excellent backlight mechanical keyboard
  • Dual GeForce GTX 1080 GPUs
  • Lots of connectivity options
  • Loudspeakers, and dedicated “Hi-Fi” headphone jack
  • Still no high res display option

Final Verdict of the Most expensive Laptops: 

I tried to facilitate you with my top-notch selections of best high-end laptops with my research. My article is a tremendous mixture of power and style with respect to all products. In which the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is very hard to beat no doubt. But it comes at a price and you’ll have to buy an adapter or two to use it. Apple’s operating system, deluxe build quality, and elegant looks put the MacBook Pro out in front, but it really isn’t cheap.

Secondly, if we talk about the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2, it is a real performer that looks great and has strong versatility.  But still, the best all-rounder for use on the go is the MacBook.

But in comparison, The MSI GS65 Stealth and Huawei Mate book X Pro are significantly less expensive and have really strong performance capabilities. It was an overview that clears you separately each one’s specifications and importance.

Moreover, for your information Our Laptopsgeek Wikipedia.

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2-in-1 laptops: Where notebooks that double as tablets are found we categorized that laptops in 2 in 1 laptop under your budget are available right now. Outfitted with both detachable and 360-degree rotating hinges, hybrids are the most versatile way to experience Windows 10 (or Chrome OS) on a touchscreen.

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