Laptop Repair Tools

Around 920 million people in the world have their personal computers or laptops. And with such a huge number of laptops, there comes minor or major hardware problems with these electronic machines. Laptop repairing has become a profitable business. Laptop repairing business is expanding with time because laptop users are also increasing day by day, and so is the demand for laptop repair course. You can start your laptop repairing business after taking proper education and training about its hardware, and that’s only possible if you go for a professional laptop repair course. I have put important information regarding the laptop repair course at the end of this article.


10 Best Laptop Repair Tools:


Every product comes with two categories: cheap or quality. Choosing the best repair tools not only makes the repairing process simple but also boosts the confidence of the worker. Laptop repair tools are usually sharp, which makes them potentially dangerous if connected with weak handles. Choosing the best tools can save you from tons of unwanted problems. The following are some of the best repairing tools for both beginners and experts.


Laptop Repair Gloves

Safety comes first and being a rookie; you can’t identify the problems that can land you in hot water, and that is why taking a laptop repair course is important. Laptop repair gloves protect you from hurting yourself while assembling or disassembling the workstations. These gloves are shockproof, which makes them comfortable to use. Working for long hours is now easy with these gloves. These are completely washable gloves available in small, medium, large and extra small sizes.


EST Mat With Wrist Strap – BerTech

We all fear electric shocks, and so do laptop repair workers. EST mats have solved this problem because wrist strap shifts electrostatic discharge to the ground through the mat. The power supply of computers or laptops uses a certain amount of power. Remaining extra power is discharged to the body or other hardware parts of the system. Discharged power is enough to give small shocks to the operator or the repairer; EST mat with wrist strap tackles this problem by absorbing the extra charge into the mat.

  • Ground resistance 8x 10e8
  • Point to point resistance 2 x 10e6 – 10e8
  • Green mat made of rubber which is 0.08” thick


Precision Slotted Phillips Screw Driver

Laptop repairing workers often face problems like screwdrivers slipping when force is applied. Still, precision slotted Phillips screwdrivers are manufactured with chromed satin, which is vapor hard and works on anti-slip mechanism. Their machined tips make laptop assembling or disassembling easy. Unlike other screwdrivers, the precision screwdriver has a longer lifespan, and it does not corrode.


  • Phillips screwdriver comes with sizes of #00, 0 and 1
  • Slotted sizes are 1/8″, 5/64″, 1/16″ and 3/32″


ORIA Precision Screw Driver Kit

ORIA precision screwdriver kit is a whole laptop repair package in itself. This screwdrivers kit is a combination of 60 repair tools that are made of chrome-vanadium steel. This kit includes a magnetic screwdriver kit, extension rods for easy usage, and all these screwdrivers come with fully flexible shafts. As described above, this kit contains different screwdrivers ranging from the smallest to the bigger ones. You can use this ORIA Precision screwdriver kit to repair anything like a mobile phone or a laptop. Opening screws that are deep inside the body of laptops has always been a problem for laptop repairers but worry no more because flexible shafts have also been included in this screwdrivers kit. A flexible shaft helps to open a screw even if it’s not on the surface of the hardware. Working with these screwdrivers is easy even for beginners because manufacturers have put their great effort in its design, for example, small ball bearings are used on the tips of the screwdrivers to give laptop repairers a relief because these ball bearings make it easy for the workers to assemble or disassemble the work machines. Its portable bang enables you to carry it anywhere you want as its light and compact.


Torx Screwdriver Set – TEKPREM

Torx Screwdriver is a set of 10 useful screwdriver tools. This kit includes T4 and T5 screwdrivers, and in addition to this size, it also includes T6H, T8H, T9H, and T10H. Dealing with tiny screws is always a big deal, but Torx Screwdriver solves this problem by offering magnetic screwdriver heads. S2 steel has been used to manufacture the shafts for these screwdrivers. S2 steel is top-notch steel that is durable and long-lasting. This kit contains four special Torx security screwdrivers, and 2 of them are normal screwdrivers. These tools can be used to repair Mac books, mobiles, and even gaming consoles. Handles are made of pure aluminum, which makes them durable and long-lasting. Dotted and Ergonomic grip of screwdriver handles makes it easy for the users to work continuously without ending up in pain.


Pro-Tech Toolkit – iFixit

Very few manufacturers rely on surveys and data to improve or launch a new product in the market. Pro-Tech has approached this problem with a modern solution. They have observed the common problems that an average laptop repairer faces, and they have launched this toolkit that carries the right tools for repairing tasks. It has 64-bit screwdrivers kit for different purposes. Pro-tech has also removed all tools from this kit, which are of no use in modern laptop hardware repairing. Pro-tech has not revealed much about the material that was used to manufacture the handles of the screwdrivers, but they do offer a lifetime warranty of their tools, which boosts the confidence of the buyers. Being a laptop repair expert, you can put your all confidence in this toolkit as it even provides a screwdriver that can even operate over tri-point screws that are present in apple watches.

Other than just screwdrivers, it also has life gadgets for repairers like a small suction pump, which can be used for several different purposes depending on the situation. Pro-Tech Toolkit includes the following tools other than just screwdrivers:


  • Metal Spudger
  • Halberd Spudger
  • Tool Roll
  • Magnetic Pad
  • And a lot more


Massa Hardware Plastic Box Storage

A tool organizer is always a good idea to keep your tools managed and organized. Having a Massa Hardware storage box helps laptop repair workers in several ways; for example, they can carry it anywhere with their tools in it. Laptop and computer screws are very small to handle. But with this storage box, you can keep tiny or even bigger screws in one place. You can choose different portions of this plastic box for different tools. You can put screwdrivers in one box, while screws can be placed in smaller portions of the box. Overall, there are over 18 portions in this box that can be used to organize screws, screwdrivers, bolts, and smaller hardware parts. What if you want it to carry something bigger than its portion size? It’s simple, the dividers in the box are easily removable, you can remove those dividers so any of your tools can fit into it. You don’t need to open the box to find the tools. You can see through its transparent lid to see if a tool that you need is really in there.


Box’s dimensions are 12.75″ x 10″ x 1.75″ while its re-sizeable compartments are by default 2″x 2″ and are completely re-sizable.

Heavy-duty plastic was used, which makes it suitable even if used roughly.


Fluke Multimeter and Clamp Meter

In most cases, laptop chargers fail, and probably the problems are related to the adapters. You can use Fluke Multimeter to put AC/DC adapters to test and troubleshoot the exact problem. This multimeter displays exact results based on true RMS on its digital screen. I put this laptop repair tool in my must-have repair tools list because of its tons of positive customer reviews. Don’t confuse multimeter with a normal voltmeter because Fluke Multimeter can even check circuit boards and help to figure out the problem in them. Low input impedance in Fluke multimeter is always there to prevent false readings because of apparent voltage.

This product is a combination of two products: Multimeter and a clamp meter. A clamp meter not only measures the AC/DC voltage but also measures the AC in amperes.


  • The clamp meter can measure up to 400 AC and 600 VAC
  • Clamp meter can give accurate reading even on uneven signals.


GangZhiBao Repair Tools Kit – 21 Pieces

This laptop repair toolkit can be used for all varieties of electronics, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, and they offer a lifetime warranty on this laptop repair toolkit.


What’s in the pack?

  • T3, T4, T5, T6, T7 and T8 screwdrivers
  • 8 and 1.2-star screwdrivers
  • 2 and 1.5 Hillips screwdrivers.
  • 0 slotted screwdrivers
  • 6 Y-tip size screwdrivers
  • Pry tool with black handle
  • Pry tool with a green handle
  • Pry stick with metallic body
  • Metallic Pry shovel
  • Triangle Paddle
  • Suction Cup
  • Tweezer
  • A bag


GangZhiBao encourages users to repair their electronic devices like mobiles or laptops at home using their toolkit as your privacy should not be given in strange hands. That is why these tools are designed in such a way that even newbies can use them without expert supervision.


Soldering Station – KSGER

An automatic Soldering station for laptop repair is a top repairing choice. It can be used to weld the smaller laptop parts or to complete the current circuits on the motherboards. As mentioned earlier, the KSGER soldering station is an automatic and controllable tool where you can set the temperature between 150 – 480 degrees. It can heat up to 380 degrees in just 8 seconds with quick thermal recovery. Soldering station consumes a maximum of 120 watts and can operate between 110 – 240 volts. Safety comes first, and this is what manufacturers of this tool prefer; KSGER has auto sleep functions, which means if you are not using it, it will automatically cool down unless you start working again, which makes it safe for both adults and kids. Few models of the same product were also introduced in the market, but there were minor bugs in their auto-sleep modules, but in this model, those problems were fixed. While using this soldering station, you will notice temperature jumping between different degrees, which is fine because it’s not a problem in devices. This package includes one soldering station (where all the calculations happen) plus 04 handles which are enlisted below:

  • T-12-K
  • D24
  • BC2
  • ILS
  • Soldering handle – 9501


Laptop Repair Course

A doctor or an engineer needs a degree to start practicing their fieldwork, and the same is the case with laptop repairing. You can’t just buy laptop repair tools and get to work because if laptops or such electronic devices are dealt with inappropriate hands, it can even fail or burn out. A professional laptop repair course will educate you about the laptop parts, chips, and even give you an overview of bios configuration. You will get to know laptops more once you will be given situations to find the problem and then solve it under the supervision of an expert laptop technician. You can find the best laptop repair course here.

Laptop Repair Tools