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Do you want to decide between the two, laptop or desktop pros and cons have you covered. You will need to consider a handful of criteria that fits your all needs at its best.

I am occasional gamer and I use to play games and one of my favorite was GTA Vice City. It was considered a very heavy game back these days and it’s installation was a very time consuming process. Being a desktop user, one day I decided to install it on my desktop PC. I was very excited during installation (as I was crazy lover of this game) and was waiting for it to install.

As installation reached almost to its end (nearly it was done 99%), the electricity power cut down. And Oh my God! All counting moments gone wasted.

At that moment, I started thinking about some kind of backup power for my PC so that I can do all tasks without any interruption.

But eventually, I ended up buying a laptop for my personal use.

Emily wilson

Laptop vs Desktop

For instance, let’s go for having a deep look either laptops are best or desktop PCs, so that we can facilitate you when you have to choose any one option. It’s not important that you must go with my opinion in selecting either one because if one has some plus then other must has some negative points.

Comparison laptop or desktop pros and cons table

Comparison based on traits:

Most importantly, comparison makes your choice more easy that what specifications are at the top most List. So I was searching for best opinion myself (laptop or desktop pros and cons), so thought to help poor souls like myself.



Desktop PCs




Laptop components are expensive than desktop e.g. Adding or extending memory
(Hard disk, Ram or SSD) can cost us upto $1500.

But on the other hand desktop have huge variety of components. It’s price range is very reasonable
as compared to laptops.

Desktop preferrable

Laptops are costly


Laptops are compact in size. It can be moved from one place to another. It can be carried in backpack as well.

However, Desktops are large in size and it’s not possible to move it from place to place. They are designed to be used for one location.

Laptops are preferable

Desktops are not portable.


Laptop processor are nearly same like desktop’s but still if used for games then needs more performance based processors. And that laptops are then expensive.

Desktop processors are larger in size and are more powerful.

Compatible but not exact like desktops

Desktops are more compatible than laptop processors

Ease of assembly

Laptops are compact and so easy to use. All you have to do is: unpack it, press the power button and it is ready to use. Does not take much time.

While, desktops are loaded with heavy duties to hook everything up. It requires more space and more time than laptops.

Laptops takes small time for assembling.

Time consuming

Power cords

Laptops are free of individual cords for each unit except for power cable and that also, just at the time of charging.

Desktops have bunch of cables for different units. Like CPU has its own power cable, display unit has its own etc.

Laptop is a winner here.

Desktops are pain when it comes to cables.


Built-in cam present in almost all of the laptops which is a smart addition

You have to install a separate webcam in case you need it.

You can prefer laptop here.

Unavailability in case of urgent need.


Laptops with screen size 14” and less have smaller  keyboards and no number pads mostly.

Desktop keyboards are full sized including a number pad.

Desktops takes precedence over laptop here.

Depends on size absence of number pad in keyboards.

Replacement Hardware

In case of replacement or disorder, laptop’s components are much expensive.

But in case of this, In affordable circle, we access its hardware components.

Desktops are reasonable.

Laptops hardware out of reach, especially Macbooks.

HDMI Port and Screen size

Although it’s screen size ranges from 10” to 17”, we can still attach it with monitor, large screens or projectors via HDMI port.

Desktop PCs come with screen sizes ranging up to 30”.

Both have it’s own advantage here, so I will leave it up to you to decide.

Power Usage

Laptops have smaller components, so its power consumption is less.

 But, Desktop PCs uses more power as compared to laptops. They have to power multiple components of computer.

Laptop is more power efficient

Desktop consumes more power.

Power Cut off

In case of power cut off or power cable is unplugged (by accident), you will still have laptop turned ON and no unexpected behavior

But, Desktops rely on consistent power connection. In case of power cut off or power unplugged, it will shut off and may cause data loss.

No interruption or unexpected behavior for laptops.

May cause data loss or expected behavior.

Resale value

Laptops are no doubt expensive but if you ever want to sell it, has much higher resale value.

On the other hand, when we buy desktops these are much cheaper than laptops but when we decide to sell it, it’s better to donate it in charity than than to resale it.

Laptop gives you same amount of resale.

Don’t even try to resale it, no value would extract.


Only 2 components of laptop are upgraded easily .i.e. ram and hard drive. Others are built in components and replacement is hard.

further more, Many components of desktops are easily removable and can be upgraded with ease.

Desktops are preferable.

If you can afford according to your pocket than go for laptop.


Laptops have limited space, graphic capabilities, low heat reduction, and less power supply. But if you go for higher-end laptops than it can provide average to high graphics and CAD-based applications.

this is to say, that desktops are designed for high powered video cards, for games, for better heat reduction. Also requires lots of power supply that it can easily supply to PC. You can use two video cards at a time.

Desktops are best for gaming.

But if you are crazy gamer than open your money box for laptop 


Most of the times, opening a laptop creates a big issue. Repairing a part is difficult as well as costly. In some cases, part may need to be order online due to unavailability

But if we go for desktops, components can repair easily as well as we can buy it from any local place.

Desktops solve its repairing issue.

Repairing can be difficult sometimes in laptops.


Laptops allows you to connect to wireless networks

subsequently, Desktop is cable-oriented and needs network cable. Don’t have an access to wireless networks.

Important point for businessmen

Desktops does not facilitate this.


Laptops can be stolen easily. You need to take proper care

Desktops are more secure due to their static body

Plus point of security.

No safety.

It was a deep digging analysis of laptop or desktop pros and cons. But if you still have a question then check FAQ section below.

Still confused what to buy laptop or desktop

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The answer is very simple, we mostly prefer laptops due to its portability. Similarly, If we stop thinking about graphic accelerator than laptop is best choice either for a businessman, for a student, or for a layman who wants to use it. Because it is the only con which distracts us from buying it. We are also in a search of full package but it is mostly said that:

You can not watch all the movies (in cinema) with one ticket.

Frequently asked questions laptop or desktop pros and cons

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What should bloggers and programmers buy?

Ans: Best option is laptop and here is the reason. Bloggers and programmers tend to spend much time and hence switch positions more frequently (e.g. from chair to sofa etc). They need power backup so their work is saved on disk as well as they need to be able to work long hours without power.

Q: What is best for graphics designer?

Ans: Best solution is to go for desktop. Reason is wide screen, external graphics card and no heat up issues. Graphics designer can have the option to work with both but in case of laptop, will need very expensive one.

Q: What is better option for gamers?

Ans: Desktop has no replacement when it comes to gaming.

Q: What is best for teachers?

Ans: Laptop with compact size .i.e. Less than 14” screen size.

Q: What option should businessman go for?

Ans: Long last battery, portability and be able to save work remotely, laptop is the best candidate.

Q: What should be best for students?

Ans: If presentation, assignments, video lectures and entertainment is all you need, then laptop is the best option.

Q: Appropriate option for athletes?

Ans: Training videos and connecting with fans through social media is the sum up of athletes using computer. So, laptops are their best friends.

Q: Should parents buy a laptop for kids?

Ans: Desktop is most suited system for kids when it comes to parental control and to avoid misuse.

Q: Travel guide best companion, desktop or laptop?

Ans: Travel guide is as remote as laptop is portable 

Where does it leave us?

In short, this article depicted all about laptop or desktop pros and cons. To cut short, laptop or desktop, I would say it is totally dependent on your profession and purpose, you use it for. If your mobility is much, than you should go for laptop as it is portable. But if you are static user and prefer using it from one location (like most gamers), then go for desktop with high graphics and ram. Do not forget to consider backup power feature while buying either one of these.

Stay connected with us for more articles and do comment your opinion about this topic.

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