How to Decorate your Laptop 7 Best Ideas [Hot Guide In 2022]

Frustrated with the amount of information floating around the interwebs about how to decorate your laptop in 2022?

Today’s question comes from a sense comment about how to decorate your laptop. A great question we have been asked it much time. What the team has done is we have gone straight to the source and figure out how to properly safely and effectively decorate your laptop.

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Decorate your Laptop

Whether you are a college student or teacher most of your time is spent on your laptop. To decorate your Laptop, you need some extra decoration things in your hand. Well, that’s pretty interesting to decorate your laptop by yourself.

There are several stickers or laptop covers available in the market but what about your creativity? I have my brand new laptop, and I would love to decorate it and change its appearance all the time. In this article, I will share my personal experience and decoration tips with you.

HOW TO DECORATE YOUR LAPTOP team did the proper research and have written this step-by-step quick guide about how to decorate your laptop at home, for our valuable audience.

This information will apply to any laptop.

Ways to decorate your laptop:

Here are some steps and ways mentions that can help you to personalize and decorate your laptop. Let’s go to further steps here.

Some precaution tips

  • First of all, you need to consider that how many decals are preferable for your laptop screen. Always place these decals on that area of your laptop where you can easily remove them without any screen scratches.
  • Secondly, you should turn off your laptop and remove the socket carefully before applying decals.
  • Third, clean your laptop thoroughly and remove every tiny particle from the back. Use a slightly wet cloth to clean the screen and laptop head and after that use a dry towel to dry it thoroughly.
  • Always use some newspaper or a piece of cloth to cover external parts of your laptop during designing from the paint.
  • If you are allergic to the paint, then wear a mask and hand gloves before decoration

Use of decals to decorate your laptop

  • There are many fancy textured and washi tapes available in the market to decorate your laptop keyboard. You can easily cut down the decorative tapes and place it on laptop keyboard keys. Also can use glitter tapes or letter tapes or the enhancement.
  •  You can buy back covers for your laptop. There are several colorful or fancy covers available in the markets that are worth to acquire and quickly enhance your old laptop look.
  • None other than this you can also use vinyl stickers and make your design on the back cover.
Decorate your Laptop

Use of paint to decorate your laptop

  • First of all, buy a set of sandpaper before painting. Sandpaper will make your painting look realistic and make your painting on plastic which can become easily removable.
  • You can see several painting designs on the internet or make it by using your creativity.
  • When you complete your designing on your laptop, let it dry for several hours. You can also use prier or some glitter to make it shiny and fancy.
  • If you don’t know that how to paint then you can use paint spray which is easy to hold and apply.

Design your favorite laptop cover

  • You can make your design on some designing tool and print it to build back cover for your laptop. You can choose any design according to your choices and taste.
  • The market is full of creative back covers. You can use plain back cover and use stones, stickers, shiny papers or fabric to make it attractive and fancy.
  • You can apply stones and shiny cover with the use of polyurethane glue.

Use of fabric covers to decorate your laptop

  • First of all, you should not use any fancy heavy fabric to decorate your laptop’s back lid. Sometimes heavy fabric can create problems of handling.
  • You can use soft and lightweight fabric to make laptop back cover.
  • Stitch it according to your laptop size.

Use of neon stands for your laptop

  • You can use neon strings which are available in different sizes and textures. It is used to make your creative hologram designs on your laptop cover.
  • You can easily place these neon stands according to the design size.

Other ideas to design your laptop skin

  • You can create your laptop back cover or skin with the use of pop symbols, quotes or other social logos.
  • You can future use geometrical patterns or some 3Dd designs on your laptop.
  • Tumblr paper is also used to add charts that can enhance your laptop beauty.
  • You can use small seashells to improve the beauty of your laptop.

Final Verdict

Are you getting bored of seeing your boring stuff every day just like a laptop? So it’s the exact time to start your creativity and make your boring, dull things full of sparkle. You can use any colorful texture or paint to decorate your laptop screen.

If you spend half of your time doing work on your laptop, then you should maintain the look of your laptop according to your taste. I am sure you can change your mood and turn your dull day into a colorful day. I would love to modify my laptop themes and designs to make them look more appealing and attractive.

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