How To Connect Bluetooth Headset To Laptop Windows 7

How To Connect Bluetooth Headset To Laptop Windows 7

In the previous how-to guide, I had explained the procedure to connect your Bluetooth headset with Windows 8,8.1,10, Mac, and Ubuntu. However, as Windows 7 is a bit different in its structure and user interface and has its own peculiarities.

The procedure to connect your Bluetooth headset will require a little different process and in this guide will walk through that.

Most of today’s laptops’ come preinstalled with a Bluetooth adapter. Though that can be a problem with older laptops, that don’t have a Bluetooth built-in. You don’t need to worry much in that case as well, because there’s an easy way out using a USB Bluetooth dongle you can enable your system to connect with all Bluetooth devices.

Need to connect your Bluetooth headset with windows 7 laptop? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here I will give guide you through each step to connect your Bluetooth headphones with your laptop system.

Windows 7 Setup

Step 1: Click the Start menu then search for Devices and Printers.

Step 2: Watch for Bluetooth devices. This window will show all the devices connected to your laptop, physical or Bluetooth device i.e. Bluetooth module.  

Step 3: Right click the Bluetooth device and open Settings. This will open a popup window with all the Bluetooth settings.

Step 4: In the Bluetooth Settings window, go to the Options tab. In the Discovery textbox, look if the “Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer” checkbox is checked or not. In case it’s not marked, check it to allow the computer to be visible.

Note: The range of the laptop’s Bluetooth transmitter is about 30 to 50 feet that is 10-20 meters. So every Bluetooth device in this range will be able to see your laptop once you enable the Discovery mode.  

Step 5: In the Connections box, check both the “Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer” and “Alert me when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect”.

Step 6: Click Apply at the bottom of the window to save the changes and close the window. If these were already checked skip this step and follow the below steps.

Bluetooth Headset steps

Step 7: Power your Bluetooth headset by pressing the power button.

Step 8: Set your Bluetooth headset in Discoverable/Pairing Mode. This step can be a little complicated as every headset has slightly different settings to do the same. Like a Sony Bluetooth headset accepts or declines the pairing calls with pressing the power button.

The first time you power your headphones, it will automatically go into pairing mode. While for the second time, press the power button for a few seconds, the LED light on the device will start blinking, that means the device is now discoverable or in pairing mode.  

Note: Ensure to read the instruction/user’s manual for the Bluetooth device to get the appropriate information you’d need to connect.

Back to the Windows 7

Step 9: If you are still in the Devices and Printers window that’s good. If you closed it, reopen it by either following the step 1 or by pressing Win+R then type Control Panel and open it. Now go to Devices and Printers (sometimes you’ll find this under Hardware and Sound settings).

Step 10: In the Device and Printers windows at the top left corner press Add a device this will start the searching of Bluetooth devices nearby and list all present in the proximity.

Step 11: Select your Bluetooth Headset from the list and follow the instructions. Click Next and let it take its time. It will show the configuring device progression. Windows will automatically install the drivers in case it doesn’t already have the required drivers.

Step 12: You might be prompted to add a pairing code. In most cases, the default code is 0000. Once the device is connected you’ll get a message showing “This device has been successfully added to this computer”.

Step 13: Now return to the Devices and Printers window. A new Bluetooth headset device would appear, without any yellow “warning” icon. Double-clicking your headset will open options screen for the device.

Note: Now you can disable the “Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer” by deselecting the checkbox again in the Bluetooth settings.

Step 14: Lastly, to make sure that the Bluetooth headset is selected as Default Playback Device, right-click the sound icon on the taskbar tray and select Playback devices. Select your Bluetooth wireless headset as default. If your Bluetooth headset offers Microphone as well you can select it as an input device in here.

Troubleshooting tips

Facing issues in connecting or maintain the connection with your Bluetooth headset in Windows 7. There are some easy solutions I’m sharing with you here. Keep digging!

Exclamation sign on the Bluetooth device

Go to the Device and Printers, on the Bluetooth headset icon you’ll see an exclamation sign. Right-click and select Troubleshoot to find the problem and solution by default. A window will appear with the possible solutions by windows, click on “Apply this fix”. It might solve your issues if it doesn’t keep following down.  

Turn Off and On your Bluetooth

Turning off and back on your Bluetooth certainly will solve your problems. You can do the same with the Bluetooth headset and make sure when you turn it back on, it is properly put into pairing mode back before trying to connect with windows.

How To turn off Bluetooth on Windows 7

Step 1: Open Control Panel from Start Menu. Then open Network and Internet in the control panel.

Step 2: In the Network and Internet window click Network and Sharing Center then select Change adapter settings.

Step 3: Right click on Bluetooth Network Connection and Disable it.

Follow the same steps to turn it back on. Here you go with a simple and easy solution that can resolve any issues with your Bluetooth connection.

Bluetooth drivers

There is a possibility the Bluetooth drivers are missing from your system. To install/reinstall Bluetooth drivers, we set off from here.

Step 1: Click on Start menu and search Device Manager, open it.

Step 2: Click the Network Adapter dropdown list. Then click the Bluetooth devices/radios.

Step 3: Examine if there’s any exclamation sign (yellow) or down arrow on the Bluetooth driver.

  • Down arrow means Bluetooth is disabled and you need to enable it. You can enable it by right-clicking and pressing enable.
  • Exclamation mark means you need to update or reinstall your Bluetooth driver.
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