How to Connect 3 Monitors to a Laptop Docking Station

The use of multiple monitors is a simple concept. Plug any video display within the applicable port on the laptop or PC, and finally, you’re on the go.

The multiple monitors do not turn and immediately starts functioning. There are lots of things to consider while using multiple displays. The initial one is to check the compatibility of the computer for the support of monitors to a laptop.

The feasibility of graphics card whether it supports dual or multiple displays or not. The type of video ports for the computer and its connectivity.

Once you have all the analyzed the prerequisites of your computer or laptop, you’re good to go with the configuration on multiple monitor setup.

Setting Up Multiple Monitors

Connecting 3 monitors to laptop docking stations while using the other displays with your computers consider the following three factors:

  • Does the laptop supports the multimode display or not
  • The capability of the video card for more than one monitor
  • The active and accurate setup process

This article delivers the method of connecting the laptop dock station with multiple displays. It also helps in troubleshooting the issues which you might be having during the extended or various displays.

Step-I: Examine available Ports

Before getting your head into shoving wires on docking of your laptop, stop and keenly observe those ports to look into what you need. Modern computers have video through multiple interfaces, for instance, HDMI (High definition multimedia Input) Port but the previous versions of laptops feature the full range and variety of other ports for input of media.

How to Connect 3 Monitors to a Laptop Docking Station

Dockings & Ports Functionality

Lots of computers come up with a mixture of these ports. While examining the sides of laptops, you can see one or more of them. If the laptop has two ports on the video card, then this card usually is capable of sending and receiving signal simultaneously. If there is only one port, it probably cannot do the tasks at a time.

Note: If a laptop’s graphics card has limited features and functionalities then you should check if the laptop might have another slot for additional video cards. So if there is only one port on your laptop, you can still extend the functionality. Flip the side of the laptop and pop out its back cover to check the available slots for the extra video card.

Market Trends for Compatible Docking Stations of Laptops

Compatible Docking Stations of Laptops

For laptops and their purchase relies on the compatible docking stations. You might be having the option to extend the functionality through docking station specifically for those having single video port into the docking stations with more than two ports. Multimedia mode compatibility is required to connect three different monitors to the laptop docking station.

Note: Graphics cards come in two major categories Integrated and dedicated. As their names suggest that dedicated have single functionality, and integrated graphics cards are the combination of multiple features.

 Step-2: Customizing Video Card Settings

If you have three different ports, but you cannot see how to connect all ports on simultaneous grounds at the same time. The next step is to check the compatibility of the video card that can display the multiple monitors.

This procedure is quick and straightforward. Directly plug in the monitors, then click the start menu and type display for changing the display settings.

The display settings might see them multiple displays coming up with some disabled ones and others set up as the primary display or some as the extended or secondary display.

Click on the advanced display settings on the bottom of the window. To check out the number of monitors connected with your graphics cards looks at the numbers of different monitors that plugged.

Step-3: Check the settings of Graphics Card

Go to the display manager and open it. Expand the display manager. Note the model number and manufacturer of the graphics card.  Search for multi-display or multi-monitor graphics card.

Alternate techniques are Daisy Chain Setup and Display Link setup.

Step-4: Method of connecting three different monitors to Laptop Docking

different monitors to Laptop Docking

If the laptop has HDMI output which automatically goes to anyone monitor out of those three. A laptop can output only two monitors at a time if we consider the functionality of laptops.

For connecting three different monitors, you’ll be needing extra equipment. The additional device is USB Display adapter. It allows your computer to use a USB connection. Connect the display adapter with the USB port on laptop dockings. This handy device has an adapter on its other end. It can either be DVI or VGA. It depends upon your requirement what you have to connect with the monitor.


There is a certain point within the process where lots of people give up and conclude that it just doesn’t work at all or it has no least significance.

The rationale of this technique is the capability of the video card and then playing around the display settings of laptop docking by making sure that monitors properly configured. All depends upon the number of available ports and according to that techniques will be used.

If nothing works well then buy the display monitor and install the Software of Display Link and enjoy the multimode experience.

Using multiple monitors is a progressive approach. It allows more sort of screen space to view your stuff with bit clarity and on a big scale.

Lots of computer geeks and tech-savvy people use this technique to run their simulation on a large display to view their stuff. It is easy to use technology giving the explicit preview and allow you to avail different functionalities of your system. Input and output mechanism is entirely dependent upon its graphics card. If you have reservations with current specs of the system, then you add an extension to available slots.

Multiple monitors display is a feasible approach. Specifically, it is reliable and cost-effective with the modern computer. It is not dependent upon the type of ports available on computers.