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Laptops easily get smudges and stains even if you don’t have fussy kids or pets around. Especially a laptop screen gets streaks and fingerprints on it pretty easily. Even though modern displays look stunningly detailed and richly colored, the laptop screens big or small get dirty from time to time.

Whether your keyboard has shifted some muck or oil straight on to your display, or dust has been accumulated for being left open for a long time. The advanced laptop screens are more long-lasting and elegant than their older equivalents. They are designed to survive pressure but fingerprints can leave spots and marks, whereby cleaning is required on a regular basis.

Here I’ll cover some trendy, effective and efficient methods of cleaning a matte laptop screen. I’ll also give you a couple of products for professionals like cleaning.

Before we go the cleaning process itself first let us see what’s the difference between a matte or anti-glare screen and glossy displays.

Let’s dive deep into it. Shall we!

What is a Matte Screen

The multi-layered dip-coated matte finish diffuses the ambient light contrary to reflecting it back to the viewer directly as done in the glossy screens. It acts rather like a mirror. This reduction of reflection and glare brings on the name for the screen as anti-glare. Due to reduced glare, the visibility of the image is improved in areas of ambient or strong direct light.

The most important benefit of a matte screen is the potential alleviating of eyestrain. Also in this particular scenario, the dust and gunk are less visible on a matte finish screen.

How To Clean A Matte Laptop Screen?Using Microfiber cloth

This little cloth is all famous in glasses users and camera owners, essentially the ultimate solution to clean eyeglasses and cameras and in our case the little dirt on your laptop. Intended to remove debris and dirt from a glassy surface without causing streaks or scratching the elegant surfaces, microfiber cloths are the principle solution to start with when it comes to cleaning a laptop screen.

Other cloth materials could also be used but there’s a strong possibility they’ll leave their own debris behind. Don’t ever use a paper tissue or towel, they are prone to scratching the delicate display screens.

Step 1: Take a microfiber cloth, one specifically made for lens or glasses cleaning. If you don’t have any you can buy it from here.

Step 2: Before you start the cleaning process make sure to shut down your laptop and detach the power adapter. The black screen makes the dust more evident on the screen and also it is safer this way.

Step 3: Using gentle hands wipe the display in one direction. If you scrub in circles it can damage the screen or only move the dirt around the screen and not clean it.

Step 4: Keep on wiping the display until the dust is completely removed.

For grime – Using Sponge

Microfiber is sometimes not that effective and can leave dust on the screen, for this kind of setting you can use a usual household sponge and distilled water.  

For this technique to work you’ll need distilled water or water at least filtered out. Not to be performed with normal tap water as the minerals in it will leave marks on the screen display.

How To Clean A Matte Laptop Screen

Step 1: To be on the safe side shut down your laptop, remove the power plug and also detach the battery if you can.

Step 2: With the distilled water damp the sponge and squeeze it so there isn’t any dribbling water.

Step 3: Smoothly rub the affected area of the screen. Look for any water drops and clean them.

Step 4: Once done before shutting the lid or powering the laptop, wait for the screen to dry out completely.

Sticky and oily screen – Cleaning Solution

In case the cloth technique didn’t work for you, there’s another solution you could try out. You can use a screen cleaning solution spray, that is available from a number of outlets and sometimes come with a microfiber cloth.

You can instead of purchasing a solution spray make your own. To prepare your own cleaning solution you’ll have to mix a uniform amount of distilled water and white vinegar, or an equal amount of distilled water and mix it with a high proportion isopropyl alcohol.

The product I’m listing here is called Screen mom Screen Cleaner.

Step 1: To play it safe shutdown your laptop, remove the power plug and also detach the battery if you can.

Step 2: Spray the cleaning solution onto the microfiber cloth, and not directly on the screen because you can potentially damage the internal components. Make the cloth damp enough but not soaking wet.

Step 3: Softly start rubbing the cloth over the gunk. Avoid heavy pressures as it can damage the screen and go in small circles to prevent scratches.

Step 4: Make sure the fluid doesn’t drip on the screen or the keyboard. And repeat the process until the screen is clean and clear.

Step 5: Once done before shutting the lid or powering the laptop, wait for the screen to dry out completely.


Now you will have a clear image of how and through using which technique you can clean a matte laptop screen. If it’s just normal dust it can be pretty easily cleaned with a microfiber cloth.

For more nastier screens it is optimal to use a more professional approach. You can use any of the last two methods to clean uglier screens. Do remember to clean off your screen beforehand using a cleaner product on the screen. This can help you protect the screen from accumulating dust and debris further.