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In this article, I will tell you about How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually?

Laptops serve all the great in these times, though if you ever face the nightmare of having your laptop’s battery not charging or become dead while you have pending work. Or worse losing your laptop’s power cord.

You could be facing a myriad of issues, so you will have to check the battery or even charge laptop battery manually. Even though you might be able to afford a replacement cord or fix the insignificant problem, it can take some time to resolve or order the new part. 

It can be a perilous situation losing access to your laptop filled with your professional or personal files. Fortunately, there are some hacks available that can save your day and maybe able to help you charge your laptop’s battery not so conventional way. 

Problems leading you here 

You may be wondering, how or why the laptop would stop charging. There are potentially many reasons for a battery to not take charge like:

  • The battery life can be over
  • The charger can be faulty 
  • The charging cord or the port on a laptop can be loose
  • The internal power connectors can be damaged 
  • The wall socket can be dead

Make sure you review all the mentioned possibilities to be able to find the right solution for your specific problem. 

Let’s dive deeper into the options available with us for charging the laptop manually. 

How to Charge Laptop with USB – C

The USB charging is the first thing people look for when looking for alternative solutions to charge a battery outside the laptop. Regrettably, the USB port is the other way around with devices being charged from the laptop such as a mobile phone or copying information from and to the connected devices

Though, the advancing technology in recent years has changed things dramatically. The advent of USB Type C has made possible alternative ways to charge a laptop.

What you’ll need for this method to work is a USB-C type charger cord, which is nowadays accessible to everyone or one can easily buy one cheaply in the market. Though the most important thing to note here is to make sure your laptop has a USB-C port and can charge from it. The newer Dell XPS 13, 13” MacBook Pro and Asus Chromebook Flip C302 and almost all the new coming laptops offer USB-C charging capabilities. 

Use a Universal Power Adapter 

The universal power adapter can do the trick for you if the previous option of USB is off the table. Before you go further two things to note here. Though a universal power adapter isn’t exactly a makeshift laptop charger solution, you need to be careful as it can be dangerous.

The manufacturer built the battery to go with its custom adapter, so using a third-party solution going around can be a safety risk either for the laptop or you as well. 

Also, the thing here is universal adapters aren’t exactly universal, therefore you need to ensure the adapter you are opting for works fine with the laptop you have. Universal adapters provide substitute ways to charge a laptop, however, they only support specific models. 

There are models built for Dell laptops, Chromebooks, and HP laptops, but you won’t be able to find specific models built for your laptop model. Even if you find one, you also need to read reviews and make sure customers are not experiencing any glitches after some usage or altogether not working. 

Use an Air Adapter 

Some modern laptop models can charge through connection with universal chargers built for use in the car or on an airplane. Though with this solution to work you’ll have to be running your car or in an airplane to use it. Just like when you charge a laptop with the USB cord, here you’ll need to ensure the universal adapter you use works with your laptop. 

As any nonstandard charging solution, you’ll have to make sure the car charger you opt for works as promised. Almost all car chargers are designed to work with your power cord, so you have to find the right one that charges your laptop without a power cord.  

External Battery Charger 

From the laptop manufacturers website, you can find and buy an external battery charger. You can also opt for third-party chargers, but you need to make sure the charger you choose works fine with your laptop because batteries are manufactured distinctly for different machines. 

Ensure to check the connectors of both the external battery and match them with the connectors of the battery.

Sometimes you can find a universal connector but that is difficult to find and be able to use it with your laptop batteries. Therefore, it is advisable to check the external charger’s specifications for a perfect fit with your laptop’s battery. 

AC Adapter hookup 

Look for an AC adapter hookup on your laptop’s battery. Some laptops come with this amazing feature on their batteries, which will solve the problem for you altogether.

You won’t need to buy an additional connector or a battery with such a connection. You can just easily plug in the charger to the adapter port of your battery and it will start charging manually. 

External Battery Pack (Power bank)

Certainly, with modern laptops, you can opt to charge the battery with a power bank. The laptops which support the USB Type C charging port can be utilized to charge the battery with a battery pack or simply a power bank.

The older laptops which only have inbuilt power jack won’t be able to take advantage of this rather new specification that supports remote and hassle-free charging. 

Buy new battery 

If all the options are exhausted, you can opt for buying an extra battery from the laptop manufacturer online or offline. Keep in mind you need to buy a battery with the adapter port similar to the current battery in your laptop. Check for the cells and other specifications before you place an order.

So, when you get your new battery for the laptop, you could easily charge it externally through the AC adapter port. 

Guidelines for Charging Your Laptop Battery 

Cover the Battery – prevent heating up 

The majority of batteries nowadays are Lithium that can be potentially hazardous while handling outside the laptop. Cover up the battery properly while you try to juice it up manually for using. 

Sunlight exposure is hazardous 

While charging the battery with any of the above-mentioned methods or even with a solar panel. Keep the battery away from direct sunlight as it can make things messy for you. Safety should be the first thing to prevail even during the hacks. 

Don’t mix up wires 

While preparing the necessary arrangements to keep in mind to take extra care of the wires. Don’t mix up wires as it can lead to dangerous outcomes, Lithium batteries are more prone to explode if connected wrongly. 

MacBook Battery Calibration 

Calibration is a technique to get the most out of your MacBook battery. Over time the battery can’t figure out how much juice is left in the battery and gives signs of strange behavior. For this to be resolved following the steps below: 

Step 1: Plug in the power adapter. After the charging completes and the adapter light turns from orange (charging) to green (fully charged). 

Step 2: For at least 2 hours leave the adapter plugged in, even after the light turns green. 

Step 3: Disconnect the power adapter. 

Step 4: Discharge the battery completely. Let it run down and turn off by itself. Either by using or just by leaving on from the “System Preferences” settings. 

Step 5: After fully discharging wait for another 5 hours while the computer is in the sleep. Let the processor detect absolute zero power. 

Step 6: Reconnect the power adapter to your MacBook, the battery has been re-calibrated. 


The aforementioned hacks might help you solve your battery problems when you want to charge it outside the battery manually. Batteries are rather problematic hardware as they are required constantly on the go and can do downhill with usage. It is always recommended to take care of your battery before it’s too late.