How Much Does 4GB of RAM Cost for a Laptop? | Laptopsgeek

When we use computers, laptop, mobile phone, we talk about their performance by their processor, Ram, and hard drives. These are general terms used for these systems.

Processor took work from the entire machine, and the primary responsibility here is ramming, which makes laptop/computer performance better or slower.

It depends upon your workload, as you are using the system for general use, for gaming, for live streaming, etc.

What is a Ram? The Basics

Ram abbreviated as random access memory, it stores your data and also codes used by your machine. This is the part of the system which allows you to work more faster; these Rams are available with different storage like a hard disk; 1 GB, 2 GB, 3 GB, and onward. But we will talk about the medium size of Ram 4 GB. 4 GB ram is sufficient for your entire work like gaming, video editing, streaming, browsing, etc.

Ram in laptop provides your processor more ability to work faster and manages your working ability.

Ram allows your data to read in the specific time of your working capability like it gives your work in different priorities; smooth running during office work or when you are playing DJ system on the laptop. The primary process will be on top priority, other on second, and respectively the remaining process.

How does Ram work?

Ram uses integrated circuits that store your data regularly, and if power removed the data will lose, this is called Volatile memory.

In simple words, I will give you an example for better understanding.

If you are working and you have more work to be done and the equipment are managed well in your working area, then you can work quickly. And if you have a low space for equipment and more work to be done, then it can bring you in trouble.

Ram device use 8 bit, 16 bit, and 32 bit, a system for processing.

4 GB Storage Ram for laptop

4 GB ram is much enough for your computer and can run all your performance smoothly. As their performance depends upon the generation of the Ram as one of the primary function of high-end laptops.

Different generations In 4 GB Ram

There are different generations in ram in the same size or different size. The first generation of ram is DDR the second one is DDR2, and respectively DDR3, and DDR4. These generations based on the performance of Ram; I will make you clear that why these generations change and how it makes performance better.

The performance of the ram is usually working through the built-in chips and transistors. I am going to explain each generation in their categories.

4 GB (DDR Ram) First generation

DDR ram used for the first generation. It uses the big chips and transistor which runs your data and provides you the results.

4 GB (DDR 2 Ram) Second generation

In the second generation of 4 GB ram the manufacturer smaller the size of chips and transistors, and improve the performance better than the first generation.

4 GB (DDR 3 Ram) Third generation

The third generation chips and electronics become smaller than the second generation and improve the performance better than the second generation.

4 GB (DDR 4 Ram) Fourth generation

The most recent technology being using in the market in the fourth generation and the smallest chips and transistors were built there by the manufacturer. This generation ram widely used by designers in their laptops for optimal performance.

These are the different generations being used by the manufacturer for performing your processing work by the system. There are also physical differences in the ram generation like the different generations have different slots there built in the motherboard of your order.

You can’t put the 3rd generation ram in the motherboard ram slot if that made for the second generation.


4 GB ram is much enough for your laptop use. These days while working in offices, in universities, or for personal use, people use a laptop, not for just these use, today’s people are more addicted to internet browsing, using social media, YouTube, or video editing.

So performing these operations on laptop need more ram space to run your work smoothly.

There are a lot of companies offering you ram in different generations and different sizes with several price range. So buying the best Ram for you is depends upon your brand choice and price range.

Within these brands top ten includes, KINGSTON, CORSAIR, MICRON, CRUCIAL, MUSHKIN, GSKILL, etc. and so on.

How much will 4 GB Ram cost for a laptop?

If you are thinking to improve your laptop performance by upgrading the ram to 4 GB, so it will depend upon your laptop that which Ram will it supported, means which generation, first, second, third, or fourth. So the price will also differ.

If you are thinking to buy ram in the third generation and the size you need of 4 GB, then it can cost between $20 to $30. And if your laptop supports the new 4th generation ram, then 4 GB of 4th generation ram can cost up to $20 to $40.

These are the general information for buying the ram in 4 GB in different generations.


If you want to buy 4 GB of ram for your laptop and you think that how much will it cost? The answer is available in different ranges, means price ranges. There are a lot of companies like KINGSTON, CORSAIR, MICRON, CRUCIAL, MUSHKIN, GSKILL, etc.

These are the top brands of ram manufacturers you can search down their prices as they are in different range, but what you have to do is to look about the ram type that which one will fit in your laptop, and how much will it be compatible for your computer.

These brands in 4 GB ram for your laptop not too much as these ranges start from $10 up to $50.

The main reason for upgrading the Ram is that it will not cost too much, but can also give you satisfactory results. You have to look at your laptop slot that which one will be usable in because they are not changeable between generations.