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In developing era of technology people use personal computers to operate their high processes, these include video editing, streaming, gaming, etc. but all of them face power consumption issue.

Now the Question is How Many Watts Does Gaming Laptop Use?

Compared to a laptop, PC’s consumes electricity more than the refrigerators or freezers, which in results to high electricity bills. So they tend to focus on low power consuming PC.

On the other side companies R&D departments researched to solve the issue and then they conclude to manufacture high-end units to fulfill consumers need in low power, and then they build high-end Laptop. This high-end laptop not only performs excellent but also will lead to low power consumption.

Most of these users are addicted to games; in competition to other software running on the laptop, it uses more power than others. So companies start to manufacture gaming laptop. In today’s world, most of the users are gamers, and they are using a special gaming laptop.

Now there are different categories in gaming laptop providing your CPU’s and GPU’s with low power consumption.

To measure this power consumption of laptop is easy and also to decide that which one is best for your use. So don’t worry and read the article then you will be able to find out a different laptop with a different range of power consumption.

Measuring Laptop Power Consumption

People don’t have time today and want the specific matter to solve in an easy way that they are facing. Measurement of laptop power consumption is not a big deal; you can do it with two or more simple methods that everyone can do in their home or office. But you have to find out measurements for a different laptop you are using. Following are the simple methods.

Using a Laptop Charger to measure power consumption-Watts per hour/day:

This is a simple and easy method that everyone can measure their laptop power consumption.

You have to just look at your laptop charger; there will be a printed sticker on it and also there will be the written; capability of the of laptop power per hour, for example, if there is written 200W on the charger then your laptop can consume 200W per hour and will not beat the limit.

So you can calculate it according to the use of the laptop. If you are using the laptop for 5 hours a day and your laptop is using 200W per hour, then multiply your hours with one-hour consumption and get the results.

Monitor Device for Electricity Usage

Electricity usage monitor device is made for reading the power consumption, like include amperes, watts, frequency and go on, and also there is no need to calculate mathematical figures.

This device is available in the market in different brands with different quality and price range. You can buy one according to your pocket power and your favorite brand.

It works when it is connected to your device, and it can be connected when you put it in your wall socket and connect laptop charger with it. There is a display on the device which shows you the reading of your device.

Be careful of your gaming laptop battery when connecting it to the electricity monitor device. You have to look at your battery charge that it is full or half full; if your battery is 40% charge and you connect it with the device, then it will only give you the result according to 40% results. It will give you the perfect result when the battery is full.

So charge your laptop full and then use the device to show you the perfect result.

When charge your laptop battery full then connect it to the electricity monitor device and start using it for as many hours as you want, and when you finish look at the device it will show you the results; as consumption per hour and all the time.

Calculating from Laptop Specifications

There are two main components of power consumption, CPU and GPU. Most of the companies give you the information on their websites when launching a machine; they listed all the specifications of the device. They wrote the max CPU and GPU power consumption as TDP.

You can calculate the watt power from there, like in most of the gaming laptop CPU is starting from about 40W and GPU from about 70W, so you can add these both and get the major results.

But there are other features of the laptop that consume power;

For example using WIFI, screen resolution, keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc. you can calculate all measurements given here and then decide how much power it will consume. But this is not a too much easy method to find out watts per hour or per day.

Factors to be considered in Power Consumption


There are two types of processors which consume the main power. If you are using AMD processor in your laptop, then it can lead you to more power while using it. People tend to AMD processors as they are low in price fast in performance but can drain more power.

Another one is Intel processor; that is working in your laptop, fast your processes with low power consumption. These are the best in power consumption, but their prices are high in the market.


GPU also drain more power as in gaming laptop when are doing games it uses high graphics resolution for real-time effect. It gives you the real feel while gaming but on the other side it will drain your battery more. GPU is a separate unit built in laptop for high definition graphics.

When GPU starts while gaming it cause heating itself and also force processor, then the fan for cooling starts, as in gaming laptop most of them uses dual fans for cooling, so it drains more and more power.


Measuring the power consumption for a gaming laptop is easy but also lead to difficulties. You can do it in several ways. But after several days of research, it is hard to find the exact watts consumption.

You can find out average watts consumption, and if you are trying to find your laptop watts consumption, then I recommend using the electricity monitoring device that can give you the best and perfect results, while others can bring you in trouble.

Now, if you are thinking to buy a gaming laptop and how much power it will consume then the best way to find out is to go the specific website of different companies and look at the specifications of different gaming laptop to calculate power consumption, and decide the best one to buy it.

My recommendation here is that always decides to buy a gaming laptop for yourself according to your use; that how much time you spend on gaming and then decide so that it will give you a clear picture in your mind.

Stay Blessed.