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How Can I Make a Phone Call from a Laptop?

In early decades people used the telephone for contacting someone, era changed and so the tradition, mobiles phones took the place of telephones mostly, this is just because of the mobile phone size, durability, and ease of use.

Laptops are also a medium, allows you to communicate, and in most cases, devices work as mergers many times. As now people are busy and when someone gets started working on a laptop, then it is hard to leave the continuous work and goes to make a phone call or text message from mobile.

It brings a break between your work, and you can lose your attention to work on a laptop.

Easy Solution- Make Calls and Text form Laptop

To find a solution for this problem that work is done smoothly and not losing attention, you can start calling or texting from your laptop on a separate browser tab or with the application/software installed your laptop/computer.

There are so many ways the internet provides you to call someone on a laptop, but we have researched it for several days to give the best possible options and solution. It will go through a specific order for your better understanding.

Requirements of Laptop for Calling

Using VOIP

Abbreviated as voice over internet protocol; it means that all calls you make from internet services will be in the category of VOIP.

Integrated Laptop/PC for Calling

These are the other means for calling from a laptop with no internet. You have to recognize your phone on your laptop, and then you will be able to use your laptop/computer instead of the phone.

Mostly in today’s era VOIP are using, so we will talk about it for more information. There are basic needs for making calls from a laptop.


The first need is your laptop/computer, your call quality or texting messages will depend upon that which type of processing unit you are using.

  • Internet

Healthy internet speed will give you better performance because you the internet use packets for sending and receiving data, so fast speed can lead to better performance.

  • Earphones/MIC/Headset

You need a headset for making calls through a laptop, and the reason is that different laptop has their own specification and may not give you the extra features of MIC. If it is built in then okay.

How to Make a Phone Call from Laptop?

There are many ways through which you can call anyone in the globe where you want.  The basic are two means;

  • Calling from Laptop to Laptop

In this type of call, you need to identify the target user name; it may be user name or e-mail. It is mostly working in the same application users.

  • Calling from Laptop to Phone

In this situation there is no need for a specific username or email, you can simply make a phone call from your laptop using the target person phone number.

Six Ways to Make a Call from Laptop

There are different means, through which you can make calls, but most of them on the internet is just because of the person needs your attention to the website, and this will keep you to their website, but you won’t be able to find out the best answer.

For this reason, we have researched and found out the six best ways through which you can call the phone from the laptop.

Calling on Apple Laptop

You can make calls from your Apple laptop, as the recent technology being used in IOS8. It brings you the simple option for calling. This device needs to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network and apple id for calling.

 AIRDROID for Android

Apple user becomes happy by getting the calling feature, but on the other hand, Android is also competing, and it will provide you with an application known as AIRDROID. It’s a working phenomenon based on mirror concept. It means that by installing Air droid on your laptop and then sign up, after doing all necessary things you will get a mirror screen of your phone on the laptop screen, and then make calls or text messages.


Google is also giving you the option of calling from laptop to phones. You can call anyone by going to your Gmail account, and there will be on the left bar there will be an icon as phone calls. By clicking that icon you can make calls, it will use your email account to make phone calls. In the United States, you can make unlimited calls to anyone using Google caller.

Using Skype

Skype is the software available for different products; for windows, they give you free .exe file, and in androids, they give you APK fileavailable inGoogle play store to install and use it. Skype is the best software using in the world, and their reason behind their success is it gives you dual modes.

One for calling within the same application user that is free. And on the other hand, you can also make calls to phone numbers by subscribing to their packages. You can buy a package on your need; Skype is offering different programs monthly package, quarterly, or annual package.

Eva Phone

Eva phone is a website for calling phones from the laptop. There is no need of downloading applications or software to install on a laptop or mobile phone.

Simply visit their website and register your username and password to make calls. There is a limited time of phone calls everyday use.

Modem using SIM Cards

There are a lot of modems available in the market in which you can put your SIM for calling -from the laptop. Every company provides their process for calling.

Some of them will provide you with simple usage as go to the specific website and make a call. Others use an application/software to install and then you can use that software for calling phones.


There are three main aspects of your choice.

The Brands: If you believe in brands, the two major brands of today’s market apple and android is giving the features which are same in many features, like apple lead you to your account on each Apple device, and the for android there is air droid software work as the same.

The Browsers: if you are not interested in the company’s downloads installation, then using, so you have the option of Google caller and Eva Phone. The Google chrome uses your email id, while Eva phone use website to register and make calls.

Hybrid Software: Skype is the best option here because here you can make calls within the Application users, as well as by subscribing to packages you can make calls to phones. Skype is also internationally being using for official online meeting, Interviews, etc.

All the above are genuine products and software to be used for calling the phone from a laptop, while other sites or software mostly leads to the fraudulent.

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