How To Fix Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It – 2019 Guide

How to fix laptop cracked screen without replacing it

Nothing is worse than having a laptop which has cracked screen. Yes sometimes you can get in a bit hurry to do work on your laptop, and suddenly you see that laptop screen is damaged. At that time you were thinking about that how to fix in a couple of time. Well, many people ask me about this question that How to Fix Cracked laptop screen without replacing it.

Before talking about the conclusion and the best solution, I have to talk about my journey. Nothing can break me out while seeing that my laptop screen is severely damaged. One day I suddenly sit on my laptop and thus due to this my laptop screen badly cracked. I was thinking about the solutions, and I was in bit confusion that how I can fix my laptop screen without replacing it with the new laptop screen. At that time I don’t have much money to replace that cracked screen because as you know, that it seems very costly to buy a new laptop screen. In that situation, I was also in a bit of stress because I was working on a business project and I am not in a position to trust any laptop repairing retailer.

At that time I was questioning with myself that How to Fix Cracked laptop screen without replacing it. I start finding conclusions on different websites and looking for a perfect solution that can fix my problem. Here I want to share my experience that does not consider those blogs and websites that post wrong or spam methods for attaching laptop screens. Finally, I found the best solution which helps me to fix my laptop cracked screen.

Best Solution For Your Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing

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Expenditure required fixing cracked laptop screen:

  • After reading these solutions do not get in confusion or in a worried state because lots of people use a different set of tools to recover cracked laptop screen. You don’t need to worry about the reliability and safe outcomes after considering this solution. Trust me I am posting this method after testing it with my technicians.
  • Choosing the right working place is the first everything you can do for repairing your laptop cracked screen. It is not appropriate for you to sit anywhere and fix the laptop screen. All you need is to get a straight table where you will place your laptop and other tools for fixing. I recommend you to use a flat table which can easily fit on the surface.
  • Use sharp tools or objects that are available at your home. Personally, I used to have small safety pins to remove the cover of the laptop. You can also go for needles and small common pins.
  • Now you have to use a small container that can easily hold all the little tools like laptop screws which are commonly small in size. You should use a small but deep container which can keep all the little essentials of your laptop.
  • A Nito-tape is essential for fixing laptop cracked screen. There are several tapes available for fixing mirrors, but eventually, before buying Nito-tape, I checked the whole market and did not found the best solution except this Nito-tape.
  • You need to have a small screwdriver to unpack the laptop upper cover. I recommend you to buy that kind of small screwdriver which has a magnetic head. It makes your work more comfortable and less tricky.

Guidance to fix the cracked screen:

Before fixing the laptop screen, you need to consider some essential steps. You have to check several things and measurements of your laptop before fixing it.

  • Check the laptop internal screen attachments carefully.
  • Note down the percentage of screen damage.
  • Correctly monitor the external display of your laptop screen.
  • Check the battery of your laptop before fixing its screen.


Step by Step guide to repairing cracked laptop screen:

  • Before repairing the damages screen of your laptop check the motherboard and its hardware. Check the reasons of because in my life I have seen such kind of people who are replacing their laptop screens and in the end, they concluded that the graphics card of their laptop is damaged. I recommend you to check the hardware and check the graphics card. The procedure of checking graphics card is simple and easy. You just need to take out the graphics card and insert into some other mobile or PC. If the graphics card is working fine, then it is clearly concluded that your laptop screen is damaged. Check for the short keys that are available on the internet to check laptop graphics.
  • Now you have to remove the battery of your laptop. Do consider that your laptop should be charged appropriately. Now you need to examine your laptop screen closely. While examining you will conclude that there are some small sized screws available right in front of the corners of your laptop screen. By using screwdriver pull them off. Now carefully remove the cover of the laptop screen.
  • Now carefully remove the bezel from the laptop screen and check the cracked on the screen. If the cracked part is small, then you don’t need to worry. However, if the crack is large, then it will require some time to fix it properly. Now place any thin object on the laptop screen to fix the crack. Apply a little hand pressure on the object. While applying pressure if you feel that the bezel is free then carefully remove the LED screen with the use of a screwdriver. If your cracked part is big, then you should remove the cracked screen and place a new screen carefully.
  • Now the things are done, and you have to sum up all the things carefully. By using magnetic screwdriver place each screw on its position and fix the laptop screen properly. Now you have a new laptop screen in your hand without going out there. Now you don’t need to think when someone asks you solutions that How to Fix Cracked laptop screen without replacing it. You have just to teach them and overcome their problem.

Final verdict:

In this article, I have explained all the only necessities and procedure in details to fix your laptop cracked screen. Now it’s a time to fix your laptop problem without going out there and spending a lot of money over it. After reading this article about “How to Fix Cracked laptop screen without replacing it” you will get an idea that fixing the laptop screen isn’t a big task.

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