Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones On A Laptop

The short answer is, Yes you can. It assumed that the laptop has a Bluetooth card built-in, which is the case in the majority of today’s laptop systems.

Though you may face a setback in some older model laptops, without the Bluetooth built-in, in that case as well, you don’t need to worry much. There’s an easy workaround using a USB Bluetooth dongle, which we have discussed in depth here. (another posts proposal is here if you want me to do)

Free yourself from the cumbersome wires and move freely. Bluetooth wireless headphones allow you the freedom to work unreservedly and move without the bounds of cables.

How to get your newly bought pair of Bluetooth headphones connected to your laptop? The process to connect your headphones to the computer is pretty simple and straightforward.

Let’s dive in!

How Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones On A Laptop

1: Windows Steps

Step 1: Open the Start menu, and search for Device Manager, open it.

Step 2: Inside Device Manager look for Bluetooth heading, if you see a Bluetooth heading this means your laptop has built-in Bluetooth functionality. Otherwise, your computer doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth.

How Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones On A Laptop

Turn On Bluetooth Device:

Windows laptop

Step 1: Click the Start button, type Bluetooth, and open the Bluetooth settings from the searched list.

Step 2: Press the toggle button to turn on your Bluetooth in case it is off.

Connecting Your New Bluetooth Headphones

Now we move on to the real work of connecting the wireless Bluetooth headphone with the laptop.

Steps to pair your Bluetooth headphones with your Windows laptop.

Step 1: Power up your Bluetooth wireless headphones by holding the power button.

Step 2: Put your Bluetooth headphones in Discovery Mode. This step varies with the headphone types and manufacturers. Like a Lenovo, Bluetooth headphone accepts or declines the pairing calls with a button. You should hold the button for some seconds that will make the LED light blink, which shows the device is now discoverable.  

Note: Make sure you read the instruction/user’s manual for the device you are trying to connect to get the sequence of the right steps.

Step 3: Open the Start menu and click on the Settings icon or search for settings to open it. In the settings, window click on Devices than Bluetooth & other devices.

Step 4: Now you will be in Bluetooth settings, here click on the ‘+’ icon. Add Bluetooth or another device.  

Step 5: Now select the top option Bluetooth. This will search for active Bluetooth devices in the proximity in pairing mode.

Step 6: Select your specific Bluetooth headphones from the list of available devices to connect. This will initiate the pairing process.

Note: Once a headphone is paired with the laptop it will store the pairing information. So it will automatically try to connect to the previously connected laptop on powering.

2: Mac Steps

Step 1: Open the Apple menu, by clicking on the top-left corner Apple logo. In the drop-down list click on About This Mac. A popup window will emerge.

Step 2: In the Overview tab of the About This Mac click on the System Report at the bottom of the window.

Step 3: Find the Hardware section and expand the list by clicking the triangle. You’ll see a list of subcategories.

Step 4: In the expanded list look for the Bluetooth heading. If you don’t find the Bluetooth subheading, this means your laptop doesn’t have a Bluetooth adapter installed by default.

Step 5: You can confirm that the Bluetooth functions are working by clicking the Bluetooth subheading. If it shows the details of Bluetooth information on the right side of the windows pane, this confirms you have built-in Bluetooth.

How Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones On A macbook

Turn On Bluetooth Device:

Mac laptop

Step 1: Click the Apple logo on the top left corner to open the Apple menu and click System Preferences.

Step 2: In the System Preferences window look for the Bluetooth icon and click on it. This will open the Bluetooth settings where you can turn it on.

Pairing on Mac laptops

Step 1: Click the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen to open the Apple menu.  

Step 2: From the menu select System Preferences which will open a window.

Step 3: Now select the Bluetooth icon from the tray of system preferences.

Step 4: Turn on your Bluetooth (in case it is off). This will make your laptop search for active devices in pairing mode.

Step 5: Let your laptop search once you see your Bluetooth headphones in the Devices tray. Select it and wait while the Mac pairs. You should get an alert if the pairing were successful.

3: Ubuntu Steps:

Step 1: Open Terminal by the shortcut Alt+Ctrl+T or from the top left corner menu.

Step 2: Inside the terminal enter, the command sudo lsusb |grep Bluetooth to search for the Bluetooth. When prompted enter the password and Enter to proceed.

Step 3: If the result shows the manufacturer name and other details of the Bluetooth adapter, it means your laptop is equipped with Bluetooth capability. If the result shows a blank line, this means you don’t have the Bluetooth installed.

Now as you have confirmed if your laptop supports the Bluetooth feature. If it does have the capabilities of establishing Bluetooth communication, follow the following guide.

How Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones On A ubuntu

Turn on the Bluetooth

Step 1: Click on the Unity Panel on the right top corner of the window with the Bluetooth icon.

Step 2: This will show a drop-down menu; in this menu, you’ll find Bluetooth options, turn it on.

Pairing on Ubuntu Laptops

Step 1: Click on the Unity Panel with Bluetooth icon or search for Bluetooth settings in Unity Dash.

Step 2: Set the Visible toggle button to On as well. That will let the headphones connect with the laptop.

Step 3: Click on Set Up New Device from the drop-down list. This will make the laptop search for nearby Bluetooth headphones. Set the device type to All types.

Step 4: Wait and let your laptop find your headphones. Once it does click on your headphones name in the Device pane and click Next to proceed.

Step 5: The window will show a success message once the setup successfully pairs with the new headphones. If the pairing fails or requests a password, restart both laptops and headphones.

Step 6: Now go to Sound Settings in the Unity Panel. Choose your newly connected headphones as audio output and input devices. Select the Mode as Telephone Duplex.

I hope with this extensive guide; I was able to answer all your questions regarding ‘Can you use Bluetooth headphones on a laptop?’