10 Best Laptops for IT Professionals

laptops for IT professionals

IT professionals are incredibly tech-savvy. They have to have the best of gears as their profession demands for it. Selecting the right laptop is quite challenging. With so many options available in the market, it gets challenging to make the right choice. No matter what your budget is, you require something durable, light, has proper … Read more

10 Best Touchscreen Laptops Under 1000 [Buying Guide 2020]

Touchscreen Laptops

Touch display or touchscreens have reshaped the entire face of technology. Now, every communication and connective devices are coming with touchscreens. It was Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs, who realized the need and importance of touchscreens. His creative brain assesses the future beforehand and came up with the first-ever touchscreen smartphone iPhone.  You would not see … Read more

10 best laptops for software engineers [Buying Guide 2020]

best laptops for software engineers

Are you searching the internet for the best laptops for software engineers? You are landed on the right spot. Here we are going to provide you with detailed reviews of top products available. Besides, we will also suggest you some essential tips to buy a perfect laptop for software engineers. The laptop that we are … Read more

8 Best Graphics Card under 300 in 2020 |Laptopsgeek

Best Graphics Card under 300

Being students, it’s quite difficult for us to buy an expensive Graphics card, right? And the irony is that we also want high-quality Graphics card so that we don’t get interrupted in the middle of playing our game. So it’s quite of work to decide what do we want because a high-quality Graphics card would … Read more

7 Best laptops For Note Taking In 2021 | Laptopsgeek

Best laptops For Note Taking

You might have thought that there would be the right way of taking notes during a class in your college, or during the business meeting. Yes, there are some ideal ways to do this job quickly and efficiently. Regardless of whether you’re at school or in business’ meetings, taking notes at conferences or classes is … Read more

6 Best laptops for Zwift In 2020 | Laptopsgeek

Best laptops for Zwift

Looking for some cardio at home? In case you don’t like outdoor running or biking and going to the gym is too much for you, you should go for Zwift. Zwift allows you to ride virtual roads, hundreds of kilometers across 5 different worlds. It gives you the power to link your turbo trainer to … Read more

8 Best laptop backpacks for travel 2020 | Laptopsgeek

Best laptop backpacks for travel

Choosing a laptop backpack depends on your needs. Some need it for college, others for work and so on. This article is particularly about the best laptop backpacks for travel. Based on quality, material, style, and warranty, we selected a list for you to pick from. Again, we must remind that you will have to … Read more

7 Best 2 in1 Laptops Under 500 In 2020 | Laptopsgeek

Best 2 in1 Laptops Under 500

Are you looking for a laptop for your business, gaming or multi-media projects? Well, it does not matter, whatever is the purpose behind your quest. There are plenty of reasons to go for 2-in-1 laptops. But the issue is that the laptop market is flooded with so many models at different prices. Deciding the right … Read more

5 Best Chromebooks under 500 In 2020 | Laptopsgeek

Best Chromebooks under 500

I welcome you all to my review of the best Chromebook under 500 dollars. You all would have heard about Chromebooks and how appealing and useful they are. Let me first explain to you how they differ from the other regular laptops. Chromebooks run Google’s Chrome OS operating system. They are lightweight and they are … Read more

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