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Lemme give you a brief introduction of a soundbar, general attributes, and properties, shape and design, the manufacturers of these soundbar and more…

A soundbar is a speaker which are generally used to support the TV volume. By default, the volume of the TV is very slow and can’t be heard in the room if there’s noise outside.

Almost all of the soundbar has multiple connectivity options. Its shape is long, narrow boxes that can be mounted on the wall near the TV set or can be placed with top of the TV table.

Getting a soundbar for your home-theater setup gives you the best audio, it will support your TV and it can also play music when connected to the music source.

Following is the entire list of different soundbar from different manufacturers, read all the of the review and plan to purchase the one that suits your personality the best. Let’s get into it.

1: VIZIO SB3821-C6 (Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer)

I purchased one for my 23 years’ girlfriend for the sake that we could enjoy the movie with the theater sound. You know when we plugged in with our TV, and here the sound comes.

It was really felt that we are watching and listening to a movie sound in cinema. The sound effect is really great and has no noise other than the music you played. All she did in return of the VIZIO, she kissed my hand. Sad though! But it is her love.

As the manufacturer said in the manuals that you will enjoy 100db. of room-filling, crystal clear sound with less than 1% total harmonic distortion, I am proud to say that it is absolutely right. The soundbars designed outshine and the shape is stylish. Quality is excellent. You can purchase it to experience the sound.

On playing the sound, the full room is like producing sounds from every corner that is the beauty of VIZIO soundbar. I connect it to a TV and all the sounds come out from the speaker are great. It is soothing for listing to the sound of the VIZIO soundbar.

I was getting bored with the regular TV series, one should have some music in the meanwhile to refresh his or her mind. The same happened to me. So I connect my phone or some time laptop to the speaker and get the full volume sound. Bass is really working perfectly.

If you have all the nice and good features in a soundbar like this one, one should have expected that it may contain a remote to control all the other features of VIZIO soundbar, like volume up and down, bass high and low and powering on and off.

By the way, my girlfriend is happy, that makes me happy. All I say about the product is that this is a high soundbar from VIZIO. The sound is incredible. The quality is second to none.

There is also a lot of clarity in the sound now. The background music is intense and it definitely draws your attention into whatever you’re watching. It is highly recommended to get at least one from the market to experience the sound of the songs and much more.

All in all, this is an incredible value. Watch the price as it is pretty volatile, and if you find a warehouse deal on Amazon, I say jump on it and grab it. We love watching movies now. This soundbar comes with the hardware which makes it easy to mount it to the wall or cupboard.

  • Sound is Outstanding
  • Reasonable Price
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Interfaces Well with TV
  • Settings Confusing of Remote
  • Could not play without distortion from Pandora on a computer.
  • Trouble getting it to recognize Bluetooth devices.

2: Wohome TV (Sound Bar Wireless Bluetooth and Wired Home)

On purchasing the Wohome TV Sound Bar, I got a lot whole Package which includes one Wohome soundbar Obliviously, one Remote control, one Digital optical cable, one Power adapter, Mount screws, one User’s guide manual, on Stereo, RCA to 3.5mm audio cable, Wall mount template, and two wall mount brackets.

I like that there are a lot of audio inputs available and Wohome has decided to include the necessary cables in the package. The soundbar has an additional audio input and not just one jack. It has a piece of optical audio information, an RCA, and Bluetooth which is great because I want to play media using all three.

Sometimes when I am using a laptop, so it is very easy to go to chrome and play music from the laptop through Bluetooth. While AUX usage when using mobile and your Bluetooth is not compatible to connect through it. It is smart thinking of Wohome to cover all the aspects so everyone can play sounds on the soundbar.

The speaker is rated at 80W, which is enough for an average to big size room and the frequency comeback covers 40HZ-20K HZ which is good enough for mid and high range sounds. Because there are 4 full-range speakers and 2 Tweeters inside it.

The half step of the volume feature is unique and is very amazing. I like it when the volume has multiple semi steps which let you get particular on the meticulous volume you are looking for; I would recommend this for folks who want more than the stock speakers but don’t need an Amp Plus Big speaker combo.

Let me rate the whole Sound Bar features and missing features. The sound it produces is fantastic, the outlook of it is very great, The Package contains all of the necessary tools and features. A stylish and modern look, the weight is somehow average, the connectivity options are excellent.

But Bluetooth is not working fine, the distance which the manufacturer said in the manual is not true, and sometimes it connects multiple time without a distance. If this issue is resolved, then it has become a perfect soundbar.

  • The sound is good
  • The ease of operation
  • The variety of connectivity options
  • The Bluetooth connectivity
  • The sleek look and finish
  • Remote doesn’t work well.
  • Connectivity trouble with Bluetooth.
  • Batteries are not available in the package

3: BYL Sound Bar Wireless

BYL is 40 inches and it adjusts to the TV size precisely. Its structure is likewise exceptionally lovely with stylish front and with strong legs making the setup interesting looking.

I have been searching for a soundbar with extraordinary sound and configuration, yet economical cost. I can swiftly say that the BYL soundbar gave me precisely what I required from all points of view.

This soundbar had a tremendous effect on our TV sound. The voices are clear and the sound is truly soothing to listen. It adds new life to my TV regular shows. I additionally tune in to a great deal of music on YouTube and putting through my mobile phones. It truly breathes life into the music. I listen to classical music and rock.! You should have one at least.

After watching the movie, I connected the BYL soundbar and tested the same scene described above, and the difference was quite noticeable. Feel a lot of difference. The room was filled from the sound of the movie. It is because of the BYL Soundbar. I really adored it. BYL 40 Inch Sound Bar made a big difference in the sound quality of movies and music I listen regularly.

BYL Sound Bar came with a remote. The remote can control everything of your soundbar. Volume up and down to the powering on and off. So this Soundbar contains a basic remote which can cover simple features of capacity and power through it is working fine.

Connectivity is not limited to wire, AUX or jack. The BYL soundbar can give an extra option in which you can connect to the soundbar without a wire or physical device. That option is Bluetooth. You can connect your mobile phone or laptop or even a TV to it. Play music with it and watch movies online. All I can say that the Bluetooth worked fine, with no problems occurring while connecting.

  • Lovely Design
  • Easy Setup with The TV’s Remote
  • Easy Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Remote Control for Easy Control
  • Powerful For Its Size
  • Bluetooth Stop Working
  • Power Button Failed in Remote
  • Price High

4: Yamaha YAS-108 Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofers & Bluetooth

The sound bar is looking small in size but when you hear the sound of this sound bar, it is very louder than the size. That means the bass of Yamaha YAS-108 sound bar is surprisingly powerful for its size.

I heard from the friend out there that he has ordered other brands soundbar for testing and connected it to the TV, but none of them make him happy and satisfied. He complained that the TV sound is even better than those other soundbars.

I suggested the Yamaha YAS-108 soundbar, they purchased only for the testing and checking purpose, and you know he is now the big fan of YAS-108 soundbar and is impressed from the sound of it.

You got dual built-in subwoofers in YAS-108. The sound of each is perfect and it becomes more perfect when both are enabled at once. You don’t require to move the subwoofers because they are inside of the device. All of the setups are in one block. The sound of this soothes to listen to it. It is much enjoyable to listen to and watch TV shows.

The voice is very clear and feels real. Watch football or a cricket match with the listing to the commentary on this. You will feel that you and the commentator are talking to each other. Enjoy TV shows, matches, and entertainment with the voice of the actors without the fear of the background noise.

Bluetooth, AUX, and HDMI arcs are built-in features of the Yamaha YAS-108. Connect your TV or laptop to it through HDMI, connect mobile and tablets to the YAS-108 through Bluetooth and you can also connect PC or mobile through the AUX supporting cable. It supports all the connectivity edges for every device out there.

Connect your PC or tablet and stream for the online music on Spotify or sound cloud. Listen to your favorite songs. Bluetooth connectivity makes it easier for you to connect different devices from the distance.

Get the app for Apple and Android from the App Store and Play Store and control your Yamaha YAS-108 from there, very easily & efficiently. You can change your input to the YAS-108 from the HDMI to the Bluetooth or analog. Mute the sound and increase, decrease accordingly.

The YAS-108 comes with built-in subwoofers; it also has an output that lets to connect an optional powered subwoofer if you prefer. By adding another subwoofer, provides you even clearer, deeper, and more impactful bass to enrich your listening capability.

  • Slim, thin, compact sound bar
  • Modern shape and decent designed
  • HDMI connectivity and DTS Virtual.X.
  • Add more subwoofers and enhance the bass
  • The sound quality is good, clean and clear
  • difficult to use
  • The remote control is not very dependable
  • Lack of Technical team, no one is helping

5: Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar, works with Alexa

The Bose is very cool, the sound is clear and it soothes to listen to the sound. The quality is solid as expected. I am not an audiophile, but I really like this product.

The lower size and lower weight make it a good shape speaker. The size is thin and compact. It can sit in front of the screen and will not interfere with viewing which was a concern as I had with larger soundbars as I wanted to place it on the stand in front of the TV at the same level, and the difference is enormous. Simply I like the way it looks and designs.

Controlling of the Bose SoundTouch is easy and simple. With the Alexa app, it is very simple to order the music everywhere you want. Alexa, play some dance music in the Living Room. Alexa, turn up the volume in the Kitchen. Alexa, pause the Office. Alexa, next track in the Bedroom. Control your new Bose SoundTouch in the way you’ve never experienced.

Whenever you’re using it, it will feel like you are using the latest technology. Because the device is up-to-date with the latest and emerging technologies. The woofers 300 were much needed to complete this amazing system.

I managed to connect it via HDMI ARC, which is the “preferred” way Bose says to connect it- but only newer/some TVs have that option apparently, and the optical audio out to the soundbar was the other option. Both HDMI and optical cables were included, as were power cables.

The list of inputs and outputs. It has one HDMI output with Audio Return Channel (ARC) & one HDMI input. One optical digital audio connection. Also, it has 1 Ethernet port for Sound Touch and software updates via a network and has a single micro-USB connection.

Bluetooth Connectivity, HDMI ARC support input, and the woofers are basic features of Bose speaker. Connect multiple devices in different ways as mentioned in the above lines.

Overall, I would say that the sound quality is fantastic, great sound effect, bass module is good, the speaker will let you feel that the sound is coming out of the walls and bouncing in the room, the 3 virtually invisible woofers and numerous connectivity options make this a perfect system for the home theater.

  • Great sound and excellent quality
  • Beautiful shape, nice design.
  • 4K and HDCP 2.2 support.
  • Very easy-to-use
  • Immersive sound with adjustable bass and good clarity in the highs
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Connectivity issue with few devices
  • ARC doesn’t connect to Samsung TV
  • Price’s hikes


6: Sonos Playbar – (Sound Bar for TV to Wirelessly Stream)

I have a 32″ SAMSUNG TV. The TV size is good enough, and the video quality is excellent. This thinks me that why can’t just I bought a soundbar for the quality sound and dialogues. So that I can get a piece of great music while watching movies on my TV. Sono Soundbar never disappointed me.

I found the perfect soundbar for my TV. For the songs, I integrated the soundbar with the Sono app. Millions of free songs from Spotify, SoundCloud, etc. Controlling and Set up of the Soundbar is super easy with the app.

The App has a lot of great features. You can turn on the night mode to listen to music in your room only. I have tried the night time mode that turns down the loud parts of a movie down, so you don’t disrupt the neighborhood. It’s easy to set this using the Sonos app.

Another great feature is to clear out the sound of the dialog from the background music while watching an action movie. The dialog sound becomes enhanced in clarity as you enabled this option from the app.

Alexa integration makes it a perfect soundbar. You can play music without any effort to touch anything, just say Alexa, play a country song, or play the next song in the main hall, or play the next song in the office. Similarly, you can say to Alexa to stop music when you get bored.

The Sonos Soundbar can be placed on the top of the furniture in front of the TV, or it can be mounted on the wall. Orientation and placement are up to you, but I recommend it to place it in the position so that you can hear the sound perfectly in every corner of the room.

I paired it with a Sonos subwoofer which I highly recommend and now there are nights where I never turn the TV on, but just listen to albums I loved from my past and new music.

  • Soundbar is terrific
  • Quality sound, excellent audio
  • Night mode; adjusting sound automatically
  • Dialog enhancement; clearer sound of the dialog
  • Alexa or amazon echo integration
  • High price, produces hi-quality sound
  • The conversation is inaudible while action scenes are very loud
  • The app isn’t working sometimes
  • Comparatively, the price is high
  • Not work through an amplifier
  • Connectivity issue with the Chromecast

7: 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar with Built-in Dual Subwoofer

I purchased this soundbar due to my regular usage of the TV for watching talk shows and films, during the moment when I get bored, I just tune in to music from Spotify. For the TV the sound I didn’t connect any speakers to it, the sound is fair enough but for the music, it doesn’t have a bass. After I bought it, I feel that now everything is fixed.

Wohome provided a powerful bass with a built-in dual 3-inch subwoofer. The sound coming out from the Wohome soundbar is very loud, filling up the entire room. Also, Physical appearance looks great. It is designed nicely and the shape of it is decent. The whole soundbar has a dimension of 38 x 3 x 4 inches, with a total weight of 5.50 pounds. I’d say that it will surely enhance your sounding experience. Try it.

At first, I didn’t consider that louder and clearer sound is so much important for the regular TV, or listing to music from Spotify. At one time, I just searched for the soundbar, to give a try if it will be a good experience or not. I searched a little because I wasn’t expected to buy any speakers.

I then found the Wohome soundbar, the price was very low. So I say to myself, why didn’t I really try this bad boy, because if the sound experience of it is not good, no problem because it will not be a great loss due to its low price.

I got the speaker and mount it to the wall. The sound it produces was just soothing to listen to it all day and night. For the regular TV shows and series, the dialogs were clear, the background music was soft to hear. When I turn to the music, the fun has begun. The bass of it is very powerful. This little soundbar exceeded my expectations. Experienced was good and I will give it a five stars rating.

The features like Bluetooth and optical along with the audio cables and remote control give me a chance to love the Wohome more and more.

The setup from the start to the end is very easy, easy to understand and presets for Music and TV.

I have tried this Wohome soundbar with Spotify, with action and horror movies, and with a few games. The sound is great with each and everything. I use it in a room that is about 14ft by 22ft and it is just perfect.

Well, enough bass for the good reverberating in horror or action movies throughout bangs and other big stuff. Like some other guys I also a bad experience with the optical cable, the length of it is very short and unreachable to the destination. But on the price like this much low, I will buy a new one which may have a bigger length than this.

I like the box when I got it from Amazon. The box has this stuff inside; A Wohome soundbar and a Remote control for controlling things from your couch, a Digital optical cable, an AUX with a power adapter for the speakers, a user’s guide manual, it also has screws and anchors if you need to mount it to the wall.

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Comes with mounting screws and anchors
  • Multiple connections methods like optical and AUX and Bluetooth
  • Four sound modes, For movies, music, news, and default
  • Very affordable, lowest price
  • Box contains Remote control but no batteries for it
  • The remote control doesn’t work from other directions except in front of it
  • Volume is set to maximum by default when turning it on

8: TaoTronics 36-Inch 4 Speakers Strong Bass Sound Bar

I bought this three months ago from Amazon, Open the box and found this small in size Soundbar. I have high expectations from it regarding its size and of course the quality of sound. Because generally, if you think that if the size is bigger, the sound will be louder.

I mount it on the wall next to my TV. Although mounting it on the wall as easy as the soundbar size is the tiny size and very light in weight and mount it with two screws. No problem with the mounting process.

All the setup was normal like Bose, as I’ve used earlier. I was kind of want another Bose soundbar, but the pocket man doesn’t support me in this opinion. That is why I bought a TaoTronics Soundbar with modest prices and comparatively very low in price to the Bose soundbar.

After all the setting and other stuff, I turn on the TV and listen to the sound comes through this tiny small soundbar. I was really amazed at how this little boy producing so much loudness. That concept of mine, small size – low sound quality & big size – high loudness and sound quality go wrong on that day.

The box has a TaoTronics Sound Bar that looks small and tiny in size, remote control for the lazy people like me, an optical cable for connectivity with TV, and an RCA cable for the audio signals transformation.

TaoTronics soundbar offers various approaches to associate with your TV set. You may use red-black-white audio cables with RCA plugs, fiber-optic audio cable, or, or even a Bluetooth. All of the methods of connecting is super easy, you don’t need to be a technical boy.

You should go for the connection that efficient, reliable and simple as well as your TV offers that. Some older TV sets may not have Bluetooth capability so use other options of connections.

I don’t have any technical or other issues while using this soundbar. But my friend had one. He e-mailed the seller, Sunvalley Group, via Amazon for tech support. And said, it is a great company for customer focus and service.

Further, he said that the company CCC treated me like a significant consumer. I was astounded at this extraordinary facility as one can expect from a gigantic firm selling a refined electronics like this soundbar. I think the customer care center cannot be improved more than this one.

I had never heard the brand name of ToaTronics previously, but I will definitely be looking into all of their products now!

  • More connectivity options
  • Easy setup wirelessly and with wire
  • Mount on a wall is easy
  • Small and decent size
  • Very good performance for the price
  • Dual-threat controls with the gift to operate by touch or remote
  • Better-than-expected remote control
  • Bass is not effective as Bose
  • Suitable only for small rooms and apartments
  • Not attractive visually
  • No user’s guide manual in the box
  • Can’t decode or downmix multichannel audio

9: Goo Dee 22-Inch Speaker for TV Soundbar 2.0

I required a speaker that would give a decent sound to films in a condo with adjacent neighbors in the mind. A sub-woofer just would not work since it would irritate and disturb our neighbors. But this set of the speaker is just perfect for scenarios like this one.

It gives an astounding sound with the sub-woofers. You will appreciate a film and a soundtrack for the sound of it. Sometimes you may get the feeling of what is being viewed on the screen with perfect audio.

If you are not watching programs on TV, or the programs running on the TV might not interested. Turn off the TV and turn on the music. Connect your mobile phones and connect it with the soundbar, get the music in the perfect audio sound in your room.

The size is not very big or small. It is perfect for bedrooms and small living rooms. Mine one is perfectly adjusted with my TV set on the furniture.

The bass is powerful, the sound is clear in the dialog and louder in the action movies scenes.

You can make your home a theater with the installation of the GooDee soundbar. By installation I mean you can mount it on the wall with anchors or screws or you can put it on the furniture of the TV.

I got the whole box with all of the stuff inside it. A 2.0 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar, a Remote Control, an RCA Cable, and a User Manual.

Multiple connectivity options. Connect your TV with the GooDee soundbar through optical or RCA cable, if you’re feasible with the Bluetooth, turn it on and connect it.

I am not an audiophile but I connect and integrated it easily with my TV. All the setup is generally super easy. I had this soundbar in my apartment as well as in my home in the garden. I will suggest anyone who is reading this review can take 1 GooDee soundbar for trial purposes. If it’s not worth it, return it to the seller.

  • Easy setup
  • Remote for easy control
  • Good Design
  • Wireless you can carry it for outdoor parties
  • The intensity of the sound and quality is good
  • Multiple Connectivity options
  • Power Backup
  • Operating is easy
  • Easy to carry
  • Works with Newer or older model TV’s/Phones
  • Cannot connect multiple devices at the same time
  • Not much bass
  • Quality of music not that good
  • Didn’t have good experience using the remote control

10: BlitzWolf Smart Soundbar for TV 36 Inch

BlitzWolf smart soundbar produces a good and clear sound. Comparatively, it is a much better choice than choosing the default local speaker of your TV.

The loudness in the music and the clarity of dialogs during the action movies worth the price of the speaker. Voices come across clean and crystal clear.

I searched for the soundbar, all the other speaker has subwoofers. Knowing the fact that this soundbar did not come with a subwoofer so a lack of bass is to be expected. However, the sound clarity fulfills that spot and overall the volume is great, so I didn’t feel anything missing. All good so far.

I discovered with time, there are many different modes like you can set the EQ mode; in EQ mode the sound of the soundbar becomes modest to the middle of the high and low volume.

By enabling the EQ mode, you’re not going to disturb anyone in your apartment.

By default, mode not be producing a good sound. I jump up and down between default mode, EQ or Sports. The sport mode is giving me high volume and bass.

The second feature I like the most in this soundbar is that the speaker can stand by automatically as you turn off the TV. When you turn on your TV again the speaker becomes enabled and produces hi-quality sound. Basically, my speakers are working with TV status.

When I get this soundbar to my place no one noticed that. When we gather up for a football match, they all start to comment that how the TV sound is so loud and clearer. So the size of the soundbar is very small compared to others.  

There are multiple ways to connect your new BlitzWolf soundbar with your TV. You can connect it either with AUX chord, or an HDMI. Sometimes I feel that the sound quality is little best when I connect through the AUX chord.

An HDMI connection has the advantage of controlling the speaker volume with the controlling of the TV’s volume from the TV remote. So I recommend connecting through HDMI. It is totally up to you, do whatever suits you.

I have also linked my mobile phone via Bluetooth to the BlitzWolf smart soundbar so that I could snoop to music on Spotify. The sound of the music is very delightful and very soft to hear it continuously.

Overall, I’d recommend this soundbar to all the people who are using their TV speakers. Try one time, it is soothing to listing to the sound of this soundbar. Though, if you want bass, then you should look for one with a subwoofer.

The package I got from the Amazon has the BlitzWolf smart soundbar and all other cables and chords. It has an audio cable, optical cable, power cable, remote control, and user’s instructional manual.

  • Great surround sound
  • Offers a variety of modes to choose from (e.g. news, sports, movie, etc.
  • Good-looking design
  • Comes with 6 full range speakers
  • 6 different ways of easy connection- Coaxial, 3.5mm AUX, Optical, Bluetooth, HDMI, and USB easy to set up
  • Great value for the price and affordable price
  • Comes with automatic on/off function
  • It has a low bass because of the small size
  • Remote is not working until you stand straight to the device
  • The Bluetooth cuts off when only you’re a few steps away