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You want the best motherboard for i7 9700k. Selecting the ideal motherboard for your i7 9700k isn’t a straightforward task. It involves navigating a spectrum of options, each with its unique blend of pricing and features. Within this blog, we’ve scrutinized motherboards from various manufacturers, aiming to help you make an informed choice.


  • GIGABYTE Z590 AORUS Master
  • MSI MAG Z690 Tomahawk
  • GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS Master
  • MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Motherboard
  • ASUS Prime Z390
  • ASUS ROG Maximus Z690
  • GIGABYTE Aorus Ultra
  • MSI MPG Z490
  • EVGA Z390




The Aorus Master. Z590 AORUS MASTER motherboard is using the 12 phases IR digital power design which includes both digital PWM controller and Power stage Mosft. These digital powers controllers are producing 40 Ampere of current from each phase, and it produces almost 480A of power in total.

The RGB FUSION 2.0 and Multi-Zone Light Show Design: the feature is offering more brightness to your motherboard. The multi-Zone design of the light show has a different remarkable presentation and aesthetically it is looking very cool.

When the multi-zone Light show design combines with the RGB Fusion 2.0 application, you can get full and complete control over your motherboards’ LEDs.

It comes with the 802.11ac Wireless, and a Powered network, the GPN which stands for Gamer Private Network; Combining these two makes your WTFast. With the features like these, you can easily take control of your power gaming PC and its network.

Let me tell you that WTFast is a gamer private network; which tremendously enhances and increases your internet connection from the start node to the end node, so you shouldn’t be worried about networking during games and regular usage.

If you’re a gamer or an overclock user, you might think that the PC would produce heat and thermal energy. YES, that’s true. But they offered many solutions in a different part of the motherboard to this problem.

Fin-array heatsink; This is a Cutting-edge thermal strategy with many of the heatsinks interlinked together to kick out thermal energy and the Direct Touch Heatpipe Technology with heat-baseplates absorbs heat energy from the motherboard.

Fin-array, heat baseplates, and Direct Touch Heatpipe Technologies have solved thermal issues while overclocking and playing games.

But the manufacturers offer other possible solutions too for the same thermal and heat issue. There are GIGABYTE Ultra-Efficient Triple M.2 Thermal Guards; which indeed protect your memory storage device from heat.

When you’re using a PC for normal, regular or gaming purposes you need to get some data from these memory devices, so at that time these slots and memory devices become heat up, and may warm your motherboard.

So to avoid this type of heat and thermal energy, there are Thermal Guards installed which assure the solution to the problem.

Another solution is GIGABYTE offers Smart Fan 5 technology, you may have read out articles over CPU air Cooler. The Fans 5 are working somewhat like that, not precisely but up to some extent, their working and procedure of cooling are similar.

You heard about Smart Fan 5, you must think that it will produce noise. Yup, of course, it is. However, GIGABYTE treated each and every problem with a superb result. You can achieve fan silence with the Fan Stop technology. The noise level will drop down to the minimum possible point.

Dual Channel Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR-4 RAM; Aorus supports DDR4 to 4400MHz and advanced. Aorus Master is proposing a confirmed, verified and recognized platform that confirms appropriate compatibility to 4400MHz and more advanced.

Intel Optane Memory Ready: Optane is the latest technology founded by Intel Corporation. Optane is acting like a normal cache drive storage in your system. It is obvious in the technical area that memory of cache has a direct proportionality to the speed of the system. So it gives you a momentous improvement related to old-style power-driven drives.

Z590 Aorus Master comes with the USB TurboCharger for your mobile phone. The USB charges a smartphone in less than 30 mints. You can recharge both the Android devices and Apple devices by linking the Front USB 3.0 Type-A framework chain to your motherboard.

CEC Ready: Your system must use less power in the idle, sleep, and standby modes. The new CEC technology saves power and importantly saved your internal hardware from damage. GIGABYTE motherboards can accomplish lesser power intake under futile mode and fully conform with the new CEC (California Energy Commission) power consumption requirement.

Another cool feature is the Optimized Memory Installation Reminder; it pops up with a message as a reminder whenever you install two memory components but they are running over a single channel mode. You are advised to remove one of them and optimize your memory as well as your system.

  • Grade “A” CPU overclocking
  • A decent and diversified solution to thermal dissipation
  • Proper voltage regulator cooling and feature set
  • 12-phase CPU VRM
  • Complete software matching set
  • Built-in rear I/O shield
  • Better-quality heatsinks,
  • Lots of Digital LED ways to play with
  • SLI Support
  • Average memory overclocking
  • Power switch on the rear I/O
  • Because of metal backplate design, there is a compatibility issue with some CPU coolers

2. MSI MAG Z690 Tomahawk


MSI MAG Z690 Tomahawk motherboard supports all i9-9900K, i7-9700K, and i5-9600K from the Core series of Intel 9th generation. It supports all other cores laying between the above figures. Though, MSI MAG Z690 favorably supports the greatest varieties from the Intel Core series of 12th Generation.

It supports DDR4 Memory, with the conclusive efficiency up to 4400(OC) MHz There are dual-channel for DDR-4 memory in the MSI, with the two Turbo slots of M2. All of the features combine together to support Intel’s overclocking technology.

The MAG tomahawk is armed with Integrated I/O design: this motherboard has a lot of USB ports and slots for any machine. The UB ports are installed both on the front and the rear of the MSI motherboard. The upkeep of input and output is very helpful for data to transfer among the systems, for the installation of third-party software & game installations and the Pre-installed I/O Protective shielding for useful installation.

There are many sockets in the motherboard, MAG Tomahawk support multi ports like DisplayPort, Golden audio jacks with S/PDIF, PS/2 Combo Port, USB 3.1 Gen2 (Type A+C). Read or write to the USB is efficient and time-saving, as the speed flows in type-C with the 3.1 gen 2 is very fast.

The most unique feature of the MSI MAG is the Magical Light show design. With one click you can get 29 effects. The official news from the website state that they are using 16.8 million colors to produce 29 effects. They called it MYSTIC LIGHT, which means Magical Light. The Mystic light supports both Rainbow LED and RGB strip which is very rare in other competitor’s motherboards.

Think about the color number and the fabricating 29 effects. Won’t it be electrifying to play a high-end game in these setups? YES, sure. A very exciting moment.

Didn’t I forget to mention the new Intel technology of Optane ready? A new technology that embodies or acts like a cache of the system. You may be aware of what is working on the cache. The cache is working with Main memory and store information for a small period and pass the info to CPU for further processing and execution. If you have the main memory for cache, you will get more efficiency and speed to process all the tabs.

As thermal guards were working in the GIGABYTE Master, the same Thermal Enhancement is used here for M.2 devices for the finest performance and avoid heating. Extended Heatsink Design is installed which guarantees some very high-end processors to run at full speed and give the best performance efficiency.

The first lines of the official web say that the military concept for cooling inspires this motherboard. There are some Heavy base-plates installed to absorbs heat from the CPU and kick out to the external environment while you can play the game.

If you’re an audiophile, MSI has a very special offer for you. You can get high-quality audio with the installed Audio Amplifiers on the motherboard. Connect your headphones and just listen to the games and songs. Bring up your voice and communicate with the world through streaming. A clear and readable sound of yours will be reached safely to the one who is listening to you.

Motivated by the martial notion, MAG Z690 TOMAHAWK is furnished with a complete united I/O cover and the leading heatsink design for improved safety and the paramount thermal solution. MAG Z690 dreamily shows tougher, stronger and thicker sense with robustness for gamers to control the game.

  • Dual LAN ports, Dual M.2 slots,
  • Dual Intel Gigabit Ethernet
  • Firm and solid gaming performance
  • Decent specification for single-GPU builds
  • Extremely Low-priced
  • Remarkable on-board connectivity
  • Default thermal restrictions protect measly voltage regulator
  • Pre-installed I/O shield
  • Superior two-DIMM overclock
  • No Gen2 USB 3.1 front-panel header
  • Weaker in applications
  • Better multi-GPU options available elsewhere



It comes with the 802.11ac Wireless, and a Powered network, the GPN which stand for Gamer Private Network; Merging these two makes WTFast. By the structures like these, you can straightforwardly take control of your power gaming PC and their network.

Z490 AORUS Elite motherboard is utilizing the 12 stages IR digital power design which incorporates both advanced PWM controller and PowlRstage Mosft. Both of these advanced digital power controllers are delivering 40 Ampere of current from each stage, and it creates practically 480A of intensity altogether.

This controller offers unrealistic exactness in giving the capacity to the motherboard’s most powered required parts. Due to high-end power to the motherboard, you can get a dependable motherboard with the reliability of the server and optimized memory.

The RGB FUSION 2.0 and Multi-Zone Light Show Design: the feature is offering more brightness to your motherboard. Multi-Zone design of the light show has a different remarkable presentation and aesthetically it is looking very cool and I will say that it is a beautiful sight for the eye to see every time.

Both of the multi-zone Light show design when combined with the RGB Fusion 2.0 application, you can get comprehensive control over your motherboards’ LEDs strip.

The motherboard offered by GIGABYTE in the model of Elite is Ultra Durable and efficient. It is very easy to handle and control the game you are playing through the pre-installed integrated I/O shields. Additionally, there are dual PCIe M.2 slots for the game buffs who are enjoying and needing a high system’s potential during the game.

Fin-array heatsink: This is a Brand-new warm procedure with a significant number of the heatsinks interlinked together to kick out warm air and the Direct Touch Heatpipe Technology with heat baseplates retains heat from the motherboard. Fin-array, heat baseplates, and Direct Touch Heatpipe Technologies have tackled warm issues while overclocking and playing games.

In any case, the makers offer other potential arrangements for a similar thermal & heating issue. There are GIGABYTE Ultra-Efficient Triple M.2 Thermal Guards; which in reality shields your memory gadget from high temperature.

When you’re reading data from the SSD, by reading data I mean when you’re using PC for normal, regular or gaming purposes you need to get some data from these memory devices, so at that time these slots and memory devices becomes heat up, this produces a lot of heat and may warm your motherboard. So to avoid this type of heat and thermal energy, there are Thermal Guards installed which assure the solution to the problem.

Another solution is GIGABYTE offers Smart Fan 5 technology, you may have read out articles over CPU air Cooler. The Fans 5 are working somewhat like that, not exactly but up to some extent there working and procedure of cooling is similar.

Intel Optane Memory Ready: Optane is the most recent innovation established by the Intel company. Optane is acting like a typical reserve cache drive on your PC. It is evident in the technical zone that memory of cache has an immediate proportionality to the speed of the system. So it gives you a pivotal improvement identified with old-style mechanical drives.

Double Channel Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR-4 RAM: Aorus support DDR4 to 4400MHz and progressed. Aorus Elite is proposing an affirmed, checked and perceived platform that affirms proper compatibility to almost 4400MHz and further developed.

CEC Ready; Your machine must use less power in the idle, sleep, and standby modes. The new CEC innovation saves energy and critically keeping your internal hardware in the motherboard from harming. GIGABYTE motherboards can accomplish lesser power intake under idle mode and fully conform with the new CEC (California Energy Commission) consumption requirement.

Z490 Aorus Master accompanies the USB TurboCharger for your cell phone. The USB charges recharge your mobile phone in under 30 mints. You can energize both the Android phone and Apple phone by connecting the Front USB 3.0 Type-A system chain to your motherboard.

Aorus from GIGABYTE also comes with a new easy mode interface: All of the important hardware information is shown on a single page in EASY MODE. The information includes Memory info, Storage, CPU clock, and Fan, etc… Storage Information should include all kinds of storage devices info like SATA, M.2, and PCI-E.

ALC1220-VB Immersive Gaming ViBes – All New Realtek High-End HD Audio Codec: ALC1220 120dB(A) SNR HD Audio with Smart Headphone Amp intensifies the acoustic sound to a high-level as the gamer desired in lots of games. The sound would be vibrant and you can get maximum volume and high-quality sounds through your headphones connected to the PC.

Also, your voice chat during the games and other software is very clear, the person who is hearing your voice can easily differentiate between GO and NO. While streaming to the world, you can get SNR 110/114dB(A).

Another cool feature is the Optimized Memory Installation Reminder; it pops up with a message as a reminder whenever you install two memory components but they are running over a single channel mode. You are advised to remove one of them and optimize your memory as well as your system. Giving you yet another feature of Intuitive Load Line Curve; It will show a load line adjustment setting in an in-built curve graph.

The most excellent features offered by the Z390 AORUS Elite motherboard has a tremendous ability to compete with rivals and win the ground. Some of the discussed features and hardware built-in are given for the sake to remind you that it is the most improved and featured motherboard among all.

  • More USB options
  • Advanced fan technology
  • High price



Z590 UD offers a high-speed Intel Gigabit Local Area Network LAN with Automatic Bandwidth Allocation. The 802.11ac Wireless, and a Powered network, the GPN. The assimilation of these two makes WTFast. When you get WTFast in any motherboard, then you are capable of controlling your game and easily compete your opponent.

The GIGABYTE & Intel wants you to focus on games on an HD screen with the fastest internet speed.

The Intel also offers Realtek 8118 LAN in this manner. It is a high-performance network hardware, usually a small chip. It guarantees that whenever you are playing a game, the network will deliver more speed to the game than other applications running on the PC. Realtek 8118 is responsible for the broadest features and fastest smooth Internet experience.

If you are a game enthusiast, then this motherboard is made especially for you. First, as mentioned. You can get the highest possible fast internet speed, second, you can get high graphics for your gaming experience through the 2-way crossfire multi-Graphics system. Through the 2-way graphics, you can achieve the maximum frame degrees without bargaining on the resolution.

The Graphics you can get from this motherboard is the best and the most stunning among all. Because there 1060 GTX from NVIDIA. The Intel packs up everything for the best possible graphics on this motherboard. It also supports 4K ultra HD. The games in 4K Ultra HD quality will be incredible to play. So exhilarating!

Games must heat up your CPU but Intel got a proper arrangement for this problem. Thermal guards are installed on M.2 slot, Baseplates and Smart Fan 5 with the intelligent Control Fan design.

Thermal guards protect your memory storage from heat up. On the reading and writing process through the memory, these devices and slots become heat-ups. The Thermal guards are on duty and it protects the memory devices.

Baseplates and Smart Fan 5 are working intelligently to kick out the heat as produced by your gaming PC. Baseplates absorb all the heat from the mother and Fan 5 is a Fan that is working smartly to avoid your gaming motherboard from heat.

As the fans must sound up to the noise, but the design of the fan is quite intelligent. This control design of the fan stops the noise and just works for cooling your PC temperature. In the smart Fan design, there are multiple sensors installed, that are working automatically. When the system getting heat, the sensor starts working and cooling the motherboard, when it cools down and the temperatures drop, the sensor automatically stops.

CEC and Optane technologies are new to introduce in the Intel GIGABYTE Motherboards. Optane ready is an innovative technology in which Optane acts as a cache. A cache can store information on a temporary basis. When there are many cache memories then there is a speed up performance. So this technology helps in memory management and CPU fast processing.

Amplifiers are installed for the high capacity sound. You can hear the sound of the games, songs in a very clear form. No noise and distortion will be heard. Only the clear sound will be there to hear. The noise guards ensure you that no noise will be heard during the games and songs.

If you are an audiophile, you can buy this motherboard as the voice VIBs are installed for the clear voice chat, and voice streaming. Your voice will be reached clearly to the destination.

You noticed that only gaming PC provides you the VR Experience. If you are the one who is looking for Gaming Experience through VR, then READY VR is available to shine your night with the best VR experience.

The UD Z590 GIGABYTE supports the RGB Lighting Effect in Full Color. Multiple colors are working behind a single effect. You can personalize your gaming PC to the next level. by selecting the color of your choice to light up the external RGB strip.

I will advise you to customize the entire system, like RAM, should be 32 GB, SSD must be installed. And installed your windows on the SSD memory not on the HDD, because SSD runs and boosts fast comparatively.

  • Excellent price for all included features
  • Supports 8K
  • Many fans, thanks a lot to the 4 case fan connectors.
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports with 1.73Gb/s Wi-Fi
  • DisplayPort 1.4 graphics cards
  • Z390 UD is affordable and low priced comparatively
  • It a Thunderbolt 3 port which is great for gaming and video editors
  • The motherboard doesn’t have integrated Wi-Fi to connect your computer to your wireless network.
  • No extra M.2 slot

5. MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Motherboard

ENHANCED PERFORMANCE; MSI motherboards bring forward all of the most recent and up-to-date solutions for heavy fanatic gamers.

The MSI Z490-A provides you a proficient Central Processing Unit i-e CPU with the most recent & modern technology of memory boost.  You can get the fastest storing, writing and reading with the highest speed of transferring data through USB which is Type-C that is connected to the 3.1 port. You are required to turn on the PC, install the game and play it to win the battlefield.

The best gaming MSI motherboard comes with the support for the 9th and 8th generation Intel Core processor. You can customize it and replace your old generation core with the new one. MSI comes with the support for the latest DDR-4 RAM, through which one can get the speed of 4400 MHz in the main memory processing. DDR4 boosts up the process by minimizing the time of the process in the main memory.

If you don’t know about the installation of PCI-E Steel Armor, let it be known to you now. PCI-E Steel is installed which are protecting and safeguarding the VGA card against bending and EMI.

As gaming needs a fast internet connection. Because in the games, you can voice chat with your friends or enemies, pass text messages, and real-time connection with the gaming server for the levels of games and ultra HD streaming. Whenever you need something, the MSI gaming motherboard will offer it to you.

Similarly, here the MSI gaming motherboard Delivers you a protected, firm and efficient internet connection. The reliability of network connection is in the percentage of 100% and it guarantees your data will be transferred with the highest possible rate.

You are playing games, or using the motherboard for developmental software or using it for the regular multimedia usage. All of them are required fast, secure and reliable internet connection. Though, you don’t need to be worried about your internet connection, because MSI is using the leading and cutting-edge internet connecting technologies.

Turbo M.2 is installed which is Running at the PCI-Express Gen3 x 4. It is thus increasing the performance for NVMe based SSDs. It may deliver you a speed of 32Gb/s by using PCI-Express gen 3 x 4. The SSDs can provide a maximum speed with the highest efficiency.

It is recommended to install your operating system, games and other software on the SSD storage and all other media film, pictures, and songs on the HDD storage. Because booting and the start of a program take a lot of time in the memory to begin. I am sure that you will feel a remarkable difference.

With the help of audio amp and audio Jacks, you can get an Audio Boost in the sound of your game, or multimedia. You can easily differentiate the voices if you are on a conference call or playing a game with multiple players on your side.

The MSI Z490-A is going to reward your ears with a grade-A sound feature. Bring up voice chat during the games like PubG, you can easily transfer your voice to the person and get the voice from the person with the lesser noise in the sound. All of the noise and misrepresentation are removed on the way from the voice you listen to and the voice you are going to deliver without any ambiguity.

MSI Z490-A has come with Intel Turbo USB 3.1 Gen2: Powered by Intel USB 3.1, the USB Turbo ensures you with a never-ending connection as well as with more immovability, stability, and fastest USB speed.

MSI is not going to compromise over the performance of the PC. When the processor and other memory devices heat up, it becomes to slow down like this the physics laws, more heat result in more resistance thus we can get lower current and less power.

The Extended Heatsink Design assures you that your performance will be enhanced every time of the day by cooling the processor and other memory parts in the motherboard. This technology won’t lead your PC to get heat up.

It is very clear that if the system’s temperature is low, the performance will be high and vice versa.

A heavy plated heatsink is used for maximum cooling and great performance. For this purpose, the MSI is using the Extended Heatsink Design to cool down your system to the lowest temperature and get the highest performance from the system.

  • Dual M.2 slots & M.2 heat sink available
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet & Dual LAN ports
  • Superior two-DIMM overclock & Good CPU overclocking
  • Excessive connectivity
  • excellent performance
  • Very low-priced & Z370 chipset included
  • Will not automatically apply all-core boost
  • Average CPU overclock
  • mediocre voltage regulator cooling
  • No SLI support

6. ASUS TUF-Z390 PRO– Gaming I7 Motherboard


Are you in the hunt for a gaming motherboard? If YES is your answer, then follow this article to end. ASUS TUF-Z390 is the right choice for your question.

ASUS PRO has beautifully designed this gaming motherboard with the support for both the 9th and 8th generation Intel Core processors. Install the latest 9th generation processor or the 8th, it will run both of them flawlessly.

Your new gaming TUF motherboard is also working perfectly with the processor of i7-9700k.  

For the best gaming experience, you need a consistent and stable internet wave transferring through your motherboard. ASUS TUF gaming motherboard provides you different featured LAN connections.  

TUF LANGuard and Dual interconnect b/w the MAC (Media Access Controller) PHY (Physical Layer) with the Intel 1219V, Turbo LAN provides you a stable, fast and reliable internet connection passing through your PC.

All of these are supporting a strong inter-connectivity connection and work perfectly to win you a game and play an Ultra High Definition HD movies online.

The Dual Channel Memory Architecture of main memory RAM is supporting the new DDR4 RAM which is indeed running at the highest speed of 2666 MHz’s.  There are two dual DIMM with the supporting of Intel Extreme Memory Profile XMP up to 64GB of maximum storage. Which more than enough. If you installed 32 GB it will be the best option for gaming purposes.

ASUS TUF PRO Gaming motherboard has multiple expansion slots. There is a dual M.2 slot for the Solid-state fastest memory reading. Multiple SSD can be installed from the Bios setting, if you want 2 SSDs on the CPU, you will have to install Hyper M.2 X 16 card into the PCI-e X 16_2 slot. All of the settings are controlled from the BIOS. Similarly, if you want to install 3 SSDs on the CPU, go to the BIOS setting and install a Hyper M.2 X 16 card into the PCI-E_1.

The new ASUS TUF 2019 gaming motherboard is built with the military-shape. ASUS took keen observation for the safety and protection, the quality and ASUS brand ensures you long time reliable motherboard.

The new gaming motherboard from ASUS TUF is supporting Back Input and Output ports; it has 1 DisplayPort, a single HDMI port & Type-A 4 x USB 3.1 with some Audio ports.  It also comes with the pre-installed I/O shield. You can install windows 10 on your new gaming motherboard.

The amazing featured gaming motherboard is very cheap in price. If it is compared with other rivals like GIGABYTE or MSI, you find it very inexpensive with all the features that are offered by the two big rivals.

  • Compacted robustness in key modules
  • Rational basic description
  • Best for daily office work
  • TUF & Robust hardware with high protection mechanisms
  • Support for M.2 storage, SATA and Optane memory management
  • Excellent connectivity
  • CMOS battery placement
  • The boards of Competitor have superior features
  • Testing Configuration and System Benchmark Testing,

7. ASUS Prime Z390 


You are searching for laptop or motherboard having a bundle of tremendous features at a reasonable price. You may have visited some of the blogs out there for the same purpose.

This blog provides you a simple and technical explanation in a much easier way. So, stick up for a brief intro, simple knowledge about ASUS Prime Z390 gaming board, and technical features with the hardware explanation.

The ASUS Prime Z390 is built especially for a high-end gaming system. If you are a gamer and looking for a motherboard having all the great and amazing features as the pro gamers have in their system. Then go through the following information I have provided on this blog.

The size of the prime gaming motherboard is ATX. There are three main colors used during the design of this gaming motherboard. The While, Black, and Silver. The ASUS Prime Motherboard contains a white rear panel cover with the integration of the heatsink chipset.

The heatsink chipset will cool your new gaming motherboard during the high temps. It is a general talk, whenever your system heats up due to the heavy process during playing games, development and multiprocessing, the performance becomes decreases.

If you don’t know the reason why it happens, you should read the Ohms law. In which it is simply stated that; the enhancement in current makes the resistance low – also the increase in resistance makes the current and the power low. The resistance in this is converted into heat energy.

It is now recognized that achieving overclocking is not thinkable without effectual cooling. There are multiple headers on your gaming motherboard that are dynamically connected to the three heating thermal sensors. Whenever the temperature goes high, these thermal sensors start their duty to cool the temp and enhance the performance of the system.

Let comes to the memory section of the gaming motherboard. There are four different RAM slots installed in the ASUS Gaming motherboard with the support for DDR – 4. Increases the RAM in your motherboard means a decrease in the processing time. If you installed 4 different sized DDR-4 RAMs with the net capacity of 64GB, 64GB is the last and final capacity of this motherboard to date. You can win the games from your opponent thus win the ground of the game.

As the Intel has released the 9th generation Core processor. Asus Prime is built with support for the latest 9th generation Intel Core processor. It will provide fast and optimized processing.

There are various slots installed on the ASUS PRIME Z390-A gaming motherboard. There are multiple M.2 slots with the support for your Solid static memory, increase your SSD memory directly increases your system efficiency. It is a popular confusion among the people, whether to install their windows and heavy software or games on the SSD or the HDD.

As the people nowadays have both of the memory drives in their system. I believe that if you install your windows on SSD, it will boot fast, processing will be fast and efficient. Also, it will have the potential to run other programs and games fast. And thus the net time of the processing becomes Drop to a minimum.

When you are going to measure the performance, proficiencies, and features of the new gaming ASUS motherboard, for sure I will say that it is an amazingly designed powerful gaming motherboard.

  • OC Profile in BIOS is 5.0 GHz
  • Outstanding performance with a reasonable price
  • Higher memory bandwidth advances the performance of several programs
  • USB 3.1 (Gen 2)
  • Support the Lightning of RGB
  • Excellent software
  • Dual M.2 slots – one with a heat spreader
  • Aura Sync and Turbo Lan not part of Ai Matching set
  • A short number of ports – total 6 I/O panel USB ports
  • Misleading description
  • Not all the features are the latest

8. ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 – (Best Motherboard for I7 9700K)


ROG Maximus having a chip of Z690, which makes it a gaming motherboard. This motherboard has an outstanding performance, with lots of capabilities of processing, and numerous amazing features with the improbable hardware.

Asus gives special attention to build this motherboard for the purpose to make this motherboard on top in the row of gaming motherboards.

The featured gaming ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 motherboard is designed for the latest 9th as well as the 8th generation of the Intel Core Processor. The performance is at the peak when it comes to the Intel Core processor. We know that a chip from Intel can make a big difference in a motherboard.

Similar happened here in the ASUS RAG case. As Z690 is from Intel as well as the Core 8th and 9th generation processor.

If you’re a gamer or an overclock consumer, this motherboard is designed for you. But you might have guessed that the system will at some point generate heat. Yes, off course it will produce heat with the time. However, you don’t need to worry about the problem because the manufacturer of this motherboard took neat care of this problem. Asus has offered many solutions for this motherboard.

You need a better motherboard with the high-quality sound and voice system. Asus RAG MAXIMUS Z690 gaming motherboard gives this feature with the tremendous improvement in voice and sound generating from the system.

You can easily differentiate one sound tune from another sound tune in games. As games have multiple sounds in the background. If you want a voice chat with your friend in the game, your voice will be delivered to the player with no noise and distortion.

Motherboard from the RAG ASUS Maximus has dual M.2 slots. 2 @ x16. From the BIOs settings, you can increase or decrease the capacity of the slots.

The motherboard is refurbished in five ways to the heating solution. The heating of the motherboard makes it difficult to perform well and process fast. Thus many cooling systems are installed in the new ASUS Gaming motherboard to solve the problem.

Some of the thermal sensors are installed for the purpose to detect the temperature of the system. A specific value is set. When the heat grows and the temperature crosses the value, the thermal sensor automatically starts working on the cooling.

In this way, the performance of the system remains consistent without hanging or lifeless of the system. Also, there are FanXpert 4 installed which are working for the same purpose to delivers dynamic system cooling and to achieve high performance.

Multiple spectra of colors are used with the lightning of RGB that generates a lot of different effects on just a single click. In gaming, it is a well-known and highly likable feature. And it also supports the Aura Sync feature.

RAG Gaming motherboard can be modified in its shape. You can modify its exterior with Aura RGB lighting and Aura Sync effects. You also have the option to connect Maximums to a gigantic collection of Aura Sync-capable equipment, The Aura Sync gear includes three main hardware features, number 1 is the graphics cards, second is monitors, and the last one is its peripherals.

Let talk about the Main memory storage and type of RAM installation. This motherboard is supporting storage of the main memory up to 64 – GB with the dual-channel DDR 4 that is positioned live on the sector of single-latch DIMM slots. It can achieve a speed of 4400MHz in frequency. But this is totally dependent upon some factors like BIOS permanency, CPU IMC Strong suit and DRAM chip blueprint on the DIMM.

Another important feature of the gaming motherboard is your internet connection. As ASUS RAG MAXIMUS has a wireless 2×2 MU-MIMO 802.11ac. It will assure a stable, fast, and reliable connection during your war session in the game.

ROG gaming motherboard is the ideal and flawless topic to the land of gamers and overclockers. In simple terms I will say that it is a folder of significant power, clever cooling, and closer memory support –importantly all of the features in one device.

  • Outstanding Overclocking & Brilliant performance
  • It is a package of features
  • Supports all Intel 8th Gen Core processors (Coffee Lake)
  • Asus-exclusive extra-value features
  • Cooling Consistency
  • Class-leading efficiency
  • Eye-catching design
  • Competitors provide more connectivity options
  • Price in relation with features are high

9. GIGABYTE Aorus Ultra

Most of the motherboard made by the competitors are dual M.2 slots but the GIGABYTE Aorus Ultra comes with the Triple PCIe Gen3 x4 M.2. This is showing that Gigabyte Aorus is much focusing on the providing of M.2 technology to those who are gamers and overclock users to increase their machines’ potential.

The plus point is that there are triple NVMe M.2 PCI express Solid static disks. Gen 3 x 4 NVM express affects the total performance to higher points.

Z390 Aorus ultra gaming motherboard also provides multiple slots to support both types of storage drives. HDD from SATA has a slot for more memory and SSD slot with the high-performance memory.

Windows 10 is supported by your new Aorus ultra motherboard. It is recommended to install your all software along with the windows on SSD storage. Because this storage is powerful in the area of processing and memory management. Reading to and writing from SSD storage is much easy than Magnetic Hard drive storage.

If you are using your machine too much, or the weather in your area is hot. It is guaranteed that your CPU will get hot. On heating of CPU, the performance becomes low. We have to cool down our machine to work again. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait up for the machine to cool down itself.

The Z390 Aorus Gaming Ultra motherboard has a lot of options to resolve the matter. Thermal Guards are installed for the highest cooling system. GIGABYTE Ultra Effectual M.2 thermal guards have the responsibility to reduce the temperature during the reading and writing process from the M.2 slots through the SSD. In conclusion, it helps in the thermal dissipation process.

GIGABYTE Aorus Ultra gaming motherboard also offers more options for the thermal dissipation process. The list of Advanced Thermal Design includes; Multi-cut heatsink, Direct touch heat pipe, Thick thermal Pad, Smart Fan 5 with Fan Stop technology.

Let’s explore the above list is a brief discussion. First, Multi-cut heat sink Advanced Thermal Design can gradually reduce the temperature by dissipating thermal heat from the system. It can improve overall performance. The design of the multi-cut heatsink is dazzling physically.

Second, Direct touch heat pipes connect MOSEF with the heatsink. When the MOSEF got heat, in the meantime heat is transferred to the heatsink, and dissipation of the thermal process took place.

Thick Thermal Pad is a 1.5mm thicker pad. It is used for better transfer of heat energy from the other components to a heatsink. Similarly, thermal dissipation occurs again to reduce the whole temperature.

Smart Fan 5 assures you that the performance of your system will not be compromised, this is done by cooling the temperature down. Through smart Fan 5 different thermal sensor has been installed in the motherboard of Aorus Ultra.

With Smart Fan 5 technology additional hybrid fan headers are installed, which is supporting both the Voltage mode & PWM. The smart fan 5 working strategy is announced to make your gaming motherboard cool.

As the Fans will produce noise too, by the FAN stop system you can achieve silence and the stop fan feature. The Fan stop technology is working together with a thermal sensor when the temperature drops down to a specific figure the Fan stop start working automatically. By the way, you can personalize the specific value from the settings.

As we see the Aorus Ultra Gaming motherboard working hard to achieve control over thermal heat-ups. All the technologies of the Advance thermal System ensure for the gamers and clock users to use the system as much as you need. It will not be going to hang or stop immediately due to heating. To sum up, the Advance Thermal System controls the temperature hikes in the Aorus Ultra motherboard.

Aorus Ultra Gaming Motherboard Support DDR-4 RAM, with speed up to 4400MHz and more. This was given on the official website that this much speed has been tested and proven. The manufacturers guarantee that ensures appropriate compatibility to the mentioned frequency of 4400MHZ.

For the best gaming experience, you need a clear, much enhanced and high-quality volumes during the gameplay. GIGABYTE focused on this feature of voice with intense attention. They have installed ALC1220-VB Immersive Gaming ViBes with the new Realtek High-end High definition Audio Codec.

When you use high-quality headphones, the amplifier automatically enhances the Volume by neglecting other noise and distortion from it. You only heard the pure volume of the game while no other noise has been furbished out from it.

You can voice chat during the playing session with a high-quality. The destination listening person can hear the clear, clean, and neat sound of yours. VB series gives you the option to stream your voice during a conference call, or multiple players gaming system with a clear note. The user at the destination will clearly differentiate between the similar words you pronounced.

Some other technologies have also been installed in your Gaming motherboard. CEC and Optane ready 2019. The Optane ensures you with fast processing while it is acting as a memory cache for your mother. Cache store information for a temporary basis in the main memory during the execution of a process in the CPU.

RGB Fusion 2.0 and Multi-Zone Light Show Design technologies focusing on the enhancement of lightning in the LEDs. They offer multiple millions of colors for the beautiful effects on just a single click. This is indeed a great feature for the pro gamers and prosumers.

A restyled RGB Fusion 2.0 application with the complete RGB backing, the user gains a full access device on the LEDs which are structured on your Aorus Ultra Gaming Motherboard.

Another offer from the GIGABYTE includes EASY MODE handling. In easy mode, you can navigate through the software which is in the queue of high priority. That is; Storage, CPU clock, Memory, and Fan.

To close the article, I will confess that there are several other features for which I don’t enough space to write it down in front of you, like Wireless connectivity, WTFast, etc…

  • Provides Wireless connectivity
  • Great design and an excellent package of features
  • Handgrips systematic overclocking with no trouble
  • Perfectly working of XMP
  • Onboard sound is great
  • BIOS not cool as rivals but it gets the job done thou
  • Impoverished settlement of ATX12V connectors
  • Spared on SATA cables
  • No Thunderbolt 3 connector

10. MSI MPG Z490 – Best Gaming Motherboard For I9 9700k


MSI regularly produce a wide with some good quality varieties strong gaming motherboard that has the support of Intel Core Processor of the 8th and 9th generation with an Intel Z390 gaming chip alongside. Intel and MSI both are well-reputed industrialists in the market.

This particular best gaming motherboard has been developed by both the constructors. You can only imagine how much this motherboard worth in the case of features and performance in the field of gaming zone.

The advanced gaming motherboard has also supported DDR-4 Memory which has the frequency up to 4400 MHZ. The gaming motherboard also supports RAM memory up to 64 GB of storage.

By increasing the Main memory can reduce the overall processing time by the divide and conquer technique. It is recommended to install a minimum of 32 GB RAM for the high-end gaming experience.

The new gaming MSI MPG motherboard is motivated by the supercars styles. That is why the latest Carbon iteration by the MSI MPG is much outstanding than the previous one. Play your game in a much fashionable style.

Control over the colors combination through a great feature offered by the MSI. By customization, you can select a versatile color combination for the animating effects in your games. Mystic Light which means magic light is a combination of 16.8 million color customization with the 29 effects on just one click. Choose multiple colors from the menu to combine them into your favorite mood.

Another good news for the gamers is that MSI MPG has now supported both RAINBOW and RGB LED strip with the latest technology called MYSTIC LIGHT EXTENSION.

By cooling your CPU makes the performance better. The balanced power design from MSI with the combination of heavy heatsink makes it possible to cool the motherboard.

Additionally, there are various fan headers also installed which assure you to gain a full grip on the temperature and thermal dissipation. All of these components work together to increase the performance of your system and thus controls over the heat.

Multiple ports are installed for reading and writing data easily. Many ports like M.2 and PCI-e are there for SSD mounting. There are also ports available for SATA Magnetic Hard Drive. There are more numerous ports available for other features like HDMI, USB, and DisplayPort. All the available ports ensure that you can easily transfer data among different components and machines.

Reading and writing your data into or from the USB now has the highest speed ever. The transfer rate of data may reach up to 10GB/s as the news comes out from the official website. MSI boosts the transfer rate from one device to another through a USB or External memory drive.

Windows 10 can be installed on your gaming motherboard for the best gaming results. If you install it over your SSD memory, you will feel a real difference in performance with much less time in processing. As reading and writing into/from the SSD is taking much less time than other hard magnetic memory.

MSI has wonderful sound quality that compels you for a game to play. You can listen to the sound with the most amazing quality. Also, stream your voice chat with other players in the world in a clear and neat sound. High-quality voice and sound sensors are installed to enhance your gaming experience to the next level. Using high-quality can make a real difference.

If you are going to chat with the world, or want to play online, you need a stable, reliable and fast internet. The motherboard supports numerous technologies to ensure a reliable internet connection.

The software, apps, and programs developed by the MSI technical team offer a lot of features in your hand. Practice these apps to get the most out of the MSI gaming motherboard and it is sure that you will win the game easily. These tools will provide you a reliable and extreme performance when you are playing a game.  From the BIOS setting, it is made very handy to change settings of the system in no time with no trouble.

  • Excellent VRM
  • Default thermal limits protect undersized voltage regulator
  • Crossfire Compatible
  • Dual LAN ports
  • Superior two-DIMM overclock
  • Looks like a high-end board
  • Impressive on-board connectivity
  • Dual M.2 slots
  • No Integrated WI-FI
  • Middling CPU overclock
  • Average memory and storage performance
  • Not SLI Compatible

11. EVGA Z390

The EVGA Z390 has a great sound quality because this motherboard is coming with a creative’s sound core 3D audio. 3D audio can produce a sound of high-fidelity and you will explore your listening experience to the next level.

Also, the sound you listen to can be pure and all the noise as well distortion will be completely out from it. Also, you don’t install the extra sound card on your motherboard. Enjoy your regular usage or gaming experience with this 3D Audio feature.

Internet connectivity is essential for every person nowadays. Luckily, EVGA Z390 offers a package for connectivity. The Internet can be accessed by connecting from Ethernet or create a connection from WI-FI. Both ways are possible to connect at one time. It is believed that you will get the fastest, stable and much reliable connection.

A reasonable price with a featured motherboard is recommended for gamers. Explore the listening power through a 3D card with a stable and faster connectivity option. It is recommended for regular users of games.

  • stability for i7-8700K at 5.0 GHz is amazing
  • Cool built-up design
  • Easy to navigate
  • Physically good looking motherboard
  • Dual BIOs with CMOS is helpful for risky overclocks.
  • Absences of Wi-Fi Board
  • Overclocking could be better


In this list, we’ve highlighted 11 best motherboards for i7 9700k. These motherboards come from reputable manufacturers like ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE, and EVGA, offering a range of features to cater to various needs and preferences.

Whether you’re looking for top-tier overclocking capabilities, robust power delivery, connectivity options, or budget-friendly choices, there’s a motherboard on this list to suit your requirements. The choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and budget constraints, but rest assured that these motherboards can help you harness the full potential of your i7-9700K CPU.