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Finding the Best CPU Cooler for Core i9-9900K isn’t that difficult as most people consider it too. All you need to know is a place where to look for liquid coolers, one that will provide you with genuine liquid coolers.

Well, we have been coming across a lot of people who have always been worried when it comes to replacing their liquid cooling solutions for their computers. So, we took it upon ourselves and did a little digging.

10 Best Liquid CPU Cooler for Core i9 9900K In 2022

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As a result, we found the top 10 Best liquid CPU coolers for Core i9 9900K, ones that will work amazingly well for all your requirements. We have provided you with all the major details you need in this regard down below.

So, for more information regarding these liquid coolers, continue reading.

1: Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R

When it comes to keeping your CPU’s cooling system in check, this product Cooler Master is one of a few that is best at doing its job. The MasterLiquid ML360R adds 33 percent more radiator surface area for even more cooling prowess and makes sure your CPU never heats up and remains at a consistent temperature at all times.

The best part about this cooling system is that it supports most of the CPUs. Whether you have an AMD processor or an Intel one, ensuring your system remains at its best temperature isn’t going to be a problem anymore.

The MasterLiquid ML360R comes in an amazing package that brings you with tons of tools including different sorts of accessories and mounting hardware. Along with the usual backplate, the package includes threaded offsets and bolts, a syringe of Cooler Master thermal compound, an RGB lighting control module and a USB connectivity cable that will allow you to control your RGB lighting within the UI state.

The sleek, rounded Cooler Master pump housing provides an almost-discreet level of RGB lighting by today’s standards, with the chosen lighting pattern illuminated through the Cooler Master hexagonal logo and around the edges of the rounded cover dome. You can remove the cover if required and you can orient it accordingly to match it with your specific installation.

The ML360R has an integrated single-piece copper baseplate with fine linear grain milling so that it can be easily attached to the surface of the CPU’s already installed heat spreader.

The MasterLiquid ML360R comes in competition against 360 AIO and it is safe to say that it provides the user with optimal performance. The main thing that impressed us the most was the fact that it is so economical and still the thermal load performance delta works just too good.

The overall design of this device is also pretty good, and RGB lighting provides the users with all the tech aesthetics one can need. One thing that we need to mention here is that if you are not a fan of lighting, you can still easily configure it according to your requirements without having to use the lights.

However, the only thing that may have bugged the users a bit was the plethora of cables you need to set up and manage the lighting with the included controller.

The connectors were a bit lose and one needed to tie up the cables in order to maintain the weight between the heat spreader and the cooler. All in all, the only anxiety that most of the users got was because of too many cables but once you set it up perfectly, you are good to go with your device.

  • It offers the excellent cooling ability
  • The comes in a very sleek design, and the aesthetics are to die for
  • It is reasonably priced
  • There are just too many cables

2: Thermaltake Floe Triple Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition

People usually prefer bigger when it comes to cool systems but not when it comes to names. That’s what we think about our next recommendation. Even though the product itself works amazingly well but if you ever ask a friend or family member of yours to get you a Thermaltake Floe Ring RGB 360 TT Premium Edition, do you think they’ll remember the name?

We are sure they won’t. If you’re lucky, they might get you any other variation of liquid CPU cooler with the word “Floe,” or “Ring,” or “360” in it. And we literally have no idea what the company was thinking when they named this CPU cooler. Anyhow, let’s get on to the more pressing topics, shall we?

The product is now being abbreviated as Floe Ring 360 TTPE also known as Thermaltake’s big RGB cooler. The product certainly provides is with a lot to talk about and we are here to make sure that we cover all the necessary topics so that you would know if it is worth buying for you or not. The product is RGB features cooler and if you don’t like that, you can just easily turn it off, no biggy!

Since fan connectors are proprietary, we only included the three that interface the PC in the specs. Those are a 3-pin connector for the pump, a 9-pin internal USB header interface with outputs for two controller hubs, and a 3.5” FDD power cable connection. Thermaltake also includes a 5.25” FDD to 3.5” FDD adapter cable for buyers who don’t know what the smaller standard looks like.

The package includes three special 9-pin fans, the radiator, a five device controller hub, AMD rectangular spaced mounts and mounting brackets for Intel square-ILM interface, lock ring to hold the brackets onto the head unit, standoffs to support all those brackets, fan and case mounting screws with washers and the above mentioned adapter cables.

The best part about this cooler is that the controller hub supports up to 5 drives and that includes RGB control for both fans and pumps. It also comes with a set of switches that allows the user to set a device ID from 1-16 on the controller hub. Once you have completed the entire installation process, the cooler looks great with your CPU with a solid color pattern of RGB that you can control and identify yourself.

The cooler comes with the feature of cooling to noise ratio. It works great with AMD and Intel CPU’s and provides the best cooling solution we could have asked for. However, the price is a bit higher as compared to the other cooling systems available in the market but all in all, if you have the pocket and your budget allows you to go a bit overboard, this would be a great pick that will last you for a very long time.

  • It offers an excellent cooling solution
  • It doesn’t make any noise
  • It comes with configurable LED controls
  • It is expensive

3: NZXT Kraken X72 CPU Liquid Cooler (Best Liquid CPU Cooler For I9 9900K)

Looking for a super cooler that will be able to compete with your 360mm radiator mounts? If so, then NZXT Kraken X72 CPU Liquid Cooler is all that you have been looking for.

This is a new cooler in the market that is known to be compatible with CAM software. This software is the best one in the market right now because it allows you to customize, program and monitor your cooling system all in one place for your CPU. This cooling solution comes with a nice radiator along with three 120mm PWM fans that ensure the performance of this cooler is up to the mark.

Another thing that we would like to highlight about this cooler that most of the users really look for is that it operates in complete silence and it also comes with the best-LED lighting system implementation that you will find in the industry.

You know we are right when we say that in the world of technology, nothing ever stops developing. These days you can pick a gazillion different heat-pipe based coolers, where many are shaped, formed and priced the same.

The problem that we have faced with so many coolers is mostly because of the missing reservoirs. Most of the coolers work initially well in all sorts of conditions but they do fail a bit when pressure is too much.

In order to compensate for this issue, most of the companies ask you to increase the RPM but that does end up making the product a bit noisy.

In order to tackle this issue, NZXT launched their liquid coolers so that they can provide the users with optimal performance without making any noise in the process. The X72 comes with an updated design from its predecessor and it offers amazing results. It has an integrated cooling block and regulated control for pump and fans that is almost similar to its predecessor.

The best part about this product is its 360mm radiator that provides the product with a lot of cooling surfaces. This cooler will be a treat to your sight and it doesn’t take a lot of effort when it comes to installation. The X72 offers you an amazing performance capability and it is compatible with the CAM software that just makes this cooler all the more worth it.

Even though the better heat pipe systems are good but when it comes to optimized performance, you need a liquid cooling system that is not just easy to install but will also last you for a very long time. We have seen and tested a lot of liquid coolers but it is safe to say, the best cooling systems that we ever came across were from the Kraken Series.

  • It is easy to install
  • It is compatible with the CAM software
  • It offers amazing performance
  • It is a bit expensive as compared to its predecessor

4: CORSAIR Hydro Series H150i PRO

The new Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro is an AIO Liquid Cooler that Corsair has recently injected into their channel. It comes with a tiny bit of RGB and the cooler promises to deliver ultra-silent performance with more than enough cooling capacity.

The H150i Pro is one of the best cooling solutions that you will find in the market and that is mainly because it comes with a 360mm radiator along with three adequate corresponding fans that ensure the cooler works perfectly.

By now, you must have been wondering what “I” is for in the name of this cooler. Well, let us explain that to you.

It means that this cooler is compatible with the “LINK” software that will allow you to customize, program and monitor this all-in-one liquid cooling solution for your processor. The cooler is armed with two Magnetic Levitation PWM based fans that ensure the cooler works perfectly well with the radiator.

Another thing that is worth mentioning about this cooler is that the LINK software will also allow the user to operate the LED lights according to their preference very easily. The unit is capable of offering good performance but not something optimal in the beginning since the key is to ensure lower noise levels during the operationalization. 

This cooler offers you an option of 0-DBA mode. It allows you to keep the fans turned off as long as the cooler remains under the temperature of 40-degrees. The H150i PRO is compatible with Corsair’s LINK software. You hook up the LCS unit towards a USB port and then the software allows you to program, customize and monitor this easy to install liquid cooling solution.

If we compare it to its predecessor, two major things have changed and that includes the fans and the styling. For fans, the company has chosen the new and far better ML line which comes with lesser friction and provides a more consistent level of RPM and when it comes to the styling, Corsair has surely improved the aesthetics of this product.

The installation is like a breeze especially because of its mounting system. The unit comes factory filled with a coolant in the loop. All you have to do is install the backplate with the standoff screws, position it and you are good to go. The price introduced by Corsair for this cooling solution is nothing unreasonable so if you are looking for a CPU cooler that is terrific in performance and it is also economical, the H150i PRO has pretty much got you covered.

It is a cooler series that is easy on the eyes, has very subtle RGB lighting with control and comes with relatively tool-free installation. With the launch of this product, one thing is clear is that the company is now trying to target the audiophile market. The performance of H150i Pro is pretty nominal but the fact that this cooler offers total silence just makes it all the more worth it.

  • It is easy to install
  • It comes with ML line fans
  • The price is pretty economical
  • It makes a bit of a noise in the beginning

5: DEEPCOOL Captain 360EX

Do you want to know why Deepcool was founded? It was founded because the people who initiated the company had the vision of providing worldwide customers with the best performance and humanized thermal solutions.

Originally, the company produced server coolers and desktop coolers for ODM partners but after a few years, the company decided to step into the world of CPU coolers and since then, they have provided their huge clientele with some great products.

Right now, Deepcool has expanded its business so much because of the rapid progress that you can now purchase laptop coolers and all types of other cooling solutions and peripherals from them as well.

The product that we have recommended you from this company is their renowned Captain 360EX all-in-one cooler that has set new benchmarks when it comes to AIOs. And not just that, this particular model also comes with a 3600mm radiator for top tier performance.

When it comes to the overall performance of any cooler that you buy, anyone can say that price can be a major determining factor in that regard. The Deepcool Gamer Storm Captain 360 is an amazingly stylish cooler that offers you an amazing performance at a great price. When it comes to the style of this cooler, we would say the red and black theme has been well-executed it just adds up to its grace.

Deepcool has always received positive reviews from its customers globally and many magazines, newspapers have also featured this company for being one of the best tech producers out there. And with the launch of Deepcool Gamer Storm Captain 360, the company doesn’t disappoint us at all.

The performance may not be record-breaking but it is still pretty solid. We would say that we were expecting something a bit more given its amazing radiator size but the Deepcool Gamer Storm Captain 360 provides us with an optimized performance anyhow.

This cooler is also pretty easy to install like all the other liquid coolers available in the market. the build quality is also extremely solid and it comes in great packaging as well. Its features include fan blades, 360mm radiator, FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearings), a PWM fan hub along with a unique pump. Overall, this is a pretty solid-liquid cooler that stands out from its competition. 

Last but not the least; we thought that it was worth mentioning about the company that they have expanded their distribution network over 60-countries worldwide. Accessing their products has never been this easy. Those people who have been using Deepcool for sometimes now know that they can easily buy their CPU and laptop coolers from retail stores and online very conveniently.

  • It has an excellent design
  • The cooler itself provides optimal performance
  • The radiator is pretty big for a cooler of its caliber
  • The performance lacks a bit

6: EVGA CLC 120 Liquid/Water CPU Cooler

The EVGA CLC 120 is another liquid water cooler that feels on to our bench while we were on to our quest of finding the best liquid coolers for Core i9-9900k.

The cooler is priced at $90 which makes it highly competitive against other RGB-illuminated coolers. When EVGA launched the CLC120, it chose a tough market to experiment with its low cast liquid cooler but since we have always experienced how price can never determine performance, let’s see what this cooler has in store for us.

When we talk about CLC 120’s features, we would just say that it is extremely simple in all aspects. It’s an Asetek Gen5 pump, features the same copper cold plate with the same micro-fin density as we’ve seen in the past, and uses the usual propylene glycol mixture of coolant.

The fan is different, axing the cowling in favor of… something – we suspect noise, though it seems more like a mistake. Testing did validate that performance is the same with and without that casing, granted, but it’s just an odd move.

What we analyzed that the only thing different with this cooler was its fan and we can definitely say that you will find better liquid coolers from Corsair and NZXT. But, EVGA has been trying for a very long time to manufacture something that will end up to be a mixture of both of these brand’s products.

This cooler comes with a radiator of 120mm whereas the fan’s RPM measures at 2500 at the top range. Another thing that is worth mentioning about this cooler is its price. You will not find a cooler like this one under the same price range even if you throttle through the entire industry. The price range is highly affordable and it works great for those who do not have an issue with a little bit of fan noise.

The cooler is also pretty easy to install and it doesn’t take a lot of human effort. You can install it without the use of any tools. The cooler does its job really well and keeps you CPU cooled down even at high-performance ratios. You can easily find this cooler in the market or online and given its price, we have to tell you beforehand that it is easily sold out.

So, if you are looking for a CPU cooler that is highly affordable, provides you with enigmatic performance and it is also a sight to behold, we have to say that EVGA CLC 120 is a product that you should highly consider buying. It comes with company warranty so it also offers you with a safety net that if the product breaks down, you can get it replaced.

  • It is highly durable
  • It comes with a warranty claim
  • The design is extremely compact
  • The performance does lack a bit

7: Thermaltake Water 3.0 AIO Liquid Cooling System 

For any of you who have been using Thermaltake lately, you know exactly what they have been up to and how they have been stepping up their game in the world of liquid cooling systems.

The product that we have recommended you, Water 3.0 AIO Liquid Cooling System, Thermaltake put their best foot forward in chassis design, and along with removable bays, a fan hub, great wire management, they also showed us one of the most water cooling ready cases on the market.

Thermaltake is known for keeping things extremely serious when it comes to staying on top of liquid coolers that have integrated AIO systems. In an industry where most of the companies are not going any further than 2440mm radiators, Thermaltake decided to try its hands in the 350mm radiators and bring their customers something they haven’t seen or experienced before.

The assembling of the Water 3.0 AIO Liquid Cooling System is pretty easy. You are given complete instructions that are quite easy to follow. All you have to do is install the baseplate on the CPU correctly and you are good to go. Another thing that is worth adding here is that you do not need too many tools to install this on your computer. Just one screwdriver will do the trick perfectly.

The cooler works pretty great when it comes to Core i9-9900K. There is zero to no noise and you can easily handle all the difficult tasks on it easily. It seems to be a good performer when it comes to liquid cooler and it also adds an aesthetic appeal to your computer. The RGB lighting just adds to its grace and the color of this liquid cooler is compatible with any kind of CPU that you may have.

If we talk about the thermal performance, we have to say that we saw some great difference between the stock temperatures when compared to the Intel stock cooler. We understand that is hardly a comparison but we had to mention it so you guys know what kind of performance you will be missing on by using a stock cooler.

When it comes down to thermal performance once the CPU was overclocked, we saw a max temperature of 79.25C which at first looks high. But when we looked at the VCore Voltage that was supplied to the cooler, the temperature looked better.

We would say that Water 3.0 AIO Liquid Cooling System did a pretty amazing job by keeping the Core i9-9900K at a maximum temperature of 60C. We were quite satisfied with its performance and we highly recommend this cooler for the respective CPU. Our final thoughts regarding this cooler will be that if you are looking for a liquid cooler that will allow you to play with a high level of voltages, then you know where to find Water 3.0 AIO Liquid Cooling System.

  • It offers an impressive temperature control performance
  • It provides an exceptional overclocking potential
  • It comes with amazing aesthetics
  • We didn’t find any con about this product

8: CORSAIR HYDRO Series H100i PRO RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

Another product that we would like to recommend when it comes to liquid CPU coolers for Core i9-9900K is a product from Corsair. Their Hydro Series H100i Pro RGB Liquid Cooler is something that is worth trying and comes with some amazing features that you are not going to find anywhere else.

We have added this product to our list of recommendations because we want companies to understand that the first and foremost thing we expect from a liquid cooler is its fast pace and amazing performance capability.

Many companies have now started focusing on adding more and more features to their coolers but one thing they usually miss that a liquid cooler is supposed to keep the temperature from rising of a CPU and that is where Corsair has been able to mark its territory.

When we talk about Corsair H100i PRO RGB, it seems that the company was finally able to get things right with this liquid cooler regarding its software control, fans and some additional features that are meant to keep the users happy and satisfied. Even though this liquid cooler isn’t something greatest and best in the market, it is by far the most compatible CPU cooler we have found for Core i9-9900K.

The company has pretty much improved its architecture for this liquid cooler and it offers great potential for all those looking for some solid-liquid cooling solutions.

The first thing that we would like to mention about Corsair H100i PRO RGB is that it comes with a 5-year warranty that just automatically makes it top the charts as compared to all the liquid coolers you will find anywhere. The cold plate of this liquid cooler is made up of copper and the radiator is made up of aluminum, both of them make a pretty good combination for a cooling solution.

Dimensionally, the H100i PRO RGB has a radiator that is 276mm long, 120mm wide and is 27mm thick.

The fans which cool the radiator are Magnetic Levitation fans which are 120mm in size, and we get two of them. These fans are 120mm by 120mm and are 25mm thick, and are PWM controllable. The speed of the fans can range from 400 RPM on the low-end, and go as fast as 2400 RPM when letting loose.

Cost is another big factor when it comes to buying computer parts and the price of this liquid cooler is quite enticing. The installation is a bit difficult but, all in all, the Corsair H100i PRO RGB is worth trying your luck on to. It will provide you with an efficient cooling system in a very economical price range.

  • It offers amazing thermal performance
  • It is highly affordable
  • You can easily refill it and expand it according to your requirement
  • The installation of this liquid cooler is a bit tricky


Corsair is hot off its announcement of the new Platinum line of coolers in the H100i RGB (240 AIO) and H115i RGB (280 AIO) lines. Corsair has illuminated the big H115i RGB Platinum model with full-coverage RGB accents in a pair of 140mm LED fans and bright backlighting for the CPU block faceplate. A larger radiator should automatically result in a higher performing liquid cooler, right?

With so much attention focused on customized lighting options, the H115i RGB Platinum with its 280 radiators (27% larger than typical 240 AIO’s) barely keeps up with some of the smaller 240 AIO’s currently available on the market today – including one from Corsair itself.

Corsair appeals to the masses by offering support for all current AMD and Intel desktop CPU sockets, including the Threadripper platform. The pump itself is technically PWM capable, but you can only control the pump speed via the included micro-USB to 9-pin motherboard header (sorry, there isn’t an adapter for USB type-A). 

A large 280 radiator cooling field needs proper airflow to achieve thermal dissipation Zen. Corsair ships a duo of ML140 PRO RGB LED fans to do the job. They use a 4-pin connector for lighting control, but the plugs are more proprietary and do not interconnect well with the normal RGB 4-pin cables found on many motherboards and other coolers. It seems Corsair would like to nudge you to use its ecosystem of lighting and fan control devices.

Installing the Corsair H115i RGB Platinum is rather straightforward, assuming your PC chassis supports a 2x140mm radiator. An RGB pigtail provides lighting connectivity between the pump housing and fans, while also providing PWM control using a 2-way splitter. The fans can be controlled by motherboard fan headers or a standalone fan controller instead. 

Corsair’s iCUE software controls the RGB lighting effects, fan speeds, pump RPM, firmware updates, and peripheral and accessory customization. We used iCUE to update the H115i RGB Platinum’s firmware upon software install and device recognition. This resulted in a slightly increased pump RPM with the Extreme profile setting, which is where it remained throughout testing.

The Corsair H115i RGB Platinum sells under 200 which is the same as the Deep Cool Gamer Storm Castle 280 RGB. Both the Corsair H100i Pro and the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240R RGB are less than 150$, which is why our chart ultimately leans towards the smaller performance-bound 240 AIO coolers.  

With its larger size and RGB fans, Corsair’s H115i RGB Platinum is bigger, bolder, and brighter than its predecessors. Combining higher-than-average noise with average cooling capacity kept it from being the best.

  • It offers great RGB lighting functionality
  • It is straightforward to install
  • It supports almost all AMD and Intel sockets
  • It is a bit expensive

 10: Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme S 240mm Aluminum Radiator AIO Liquid Cooling System

Thermaltake has been around for over 15 years and is a company that has dabbled into many different corners of the computer market. You can find anything from coolers, cases, power supplies, mice, keyboards, headsets, and so much more. Today we’re going to take a look at a more recent re-release of an AIO cooler called the Water 3.0 Extreme S.

So what’s so different about the Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme S (CLW0224-B) vs. the original Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme (CLW0224) that came out over a year and a half ago? Well, honestly not a whole lot.

The 240mm radiator, block, pump, and fans are all identical to the original version. However, since the release of the original Water 3.0 Extreme, Thermaltake has listened to the enthusiast crowd and has changed up how the Extreme S works.

Previously you would have to install software for fan control; however, you no longer need to perform this tedious task of installing more bloat on your system.

Thermaltake has now included a 4-pin fan header splitter so you can just directly connect your fans to a single fan header, instead of connecting everything to the connections on the pump. Quite frankly, this is a very good thing and it also helps lower the price of the unit!

This cooler is an Asetek built system, with a little Thermaltake touch, so we expect to see numbers reasonably similar to other Asetek systems, like the Corsair H105. Also, as I’ve found with many Asetek built systems, installation should be a breeze with this kit.

The pricing on the Water 3.0 Extreme S (CLW0224-B) is priced very aggressively, as you can find it on Amazon. The original Water 3.0 Extreme (CLW0224) can also be found on Amazon, should you want the original version instead. Despite the rather lower price point, you still find an industry-standard 3-year warranty on the TT Water 3.0 Extreme S.

Thermaltake does a nice job with their packaging, making sure you know exactly what you’re getting. The Water 3.0 Extreme S absolutely continues on with that trend and provides you with a very nice looking packaging. The actual rigidity of the packaging is quite nice, too.

Thermaltake’s goal behind the Water 3.0 Extreme S (CLW0224-B) was to bring back a kit that they had good success with and modify it slightly. The introduction of the 4-pin header splitter is definitely a nice added touch because I too would rather not install extra software if I can avoid it. That’s just another element in the cooling loop that can go wrong.

This unit is priced out quite competitively and comes backed by a 3-year warranty. Every cooler does have its pros and cons, and it is tough to come up with any cons for the Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme S.

  • It is a simple yet presentable design
  • It comes with fantastic quality fans
  • It comes in a very competitive price range
  • It offers amazing performance

So, these are the best liquid CPU coolers we found on the internet for Core i9-9900K. if you think we may have left any products out of this list, do let us know in the comments below.