5 Best laptops for Skyrim in 2022

Skyrim is a popular and famous video game among all the die-hard fans that launched in 2011, and it is a high-quality video game. Being a high-quality game, a high-quality laptop to play is required as well. And without research, you cannot find the best option available if you are in search of the best laptops for Skyrim.

This article is the perfect place to find the laptop you are looking for.

All those gamers who are super enthusiasts about playing the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim would understand the pain if they do not have p potent hardware to play Skyrim. While in the middle of the battlefield and trying to save yourself, but if the hardware does not support you, you will not enjoy the game. Therefore, you will have to research a lot to find the best laptops for Skyrim.

However, you no longer have to think about the best option available because Skyrim enthusiasts have got you.

We have put together a list of the best laptop for Skyrim so that you don’t have to research a lot. The list will help you with the features and specifications of the laptops.

Most professional games can recommend to you some tremendous medium-ranged laptops that work perfectly for playing Skyrim. Now, you can hop on to the list of laptops below to check their specifications and other details.

best laptops for Skyrim

5 Best laptops for Skyrim in 2022

  1. Acer Predator Helios 300
  2. Omen by HP 1200
  3. Microsoft Surface Laptop
  4. Asus ROG Atrix Scar II
  5. Dell Gaming Laptop G5587-5859BLK-PUS G5

1. Acer Predator Helios 300 (Best laptop for skyrim)

Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop PC, 15.6
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Acer Predator is the front-line weapon for playing Skyrim. If you need a laptop that not only has robust hardware but which is also great for playing, the Acer Predator is the one for you. With the core i7 processing and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 GPU, you have the leverage this laptop with high performance and no more waiting or lagging while playing the game.

The Acer laptop also has the option of a manual GPU option, which is a plus point. There is an addition of the blue-black light, which is a fantastic feature and adds a plus point to the features and graphics.

While playing the game, you will not like the delay or the blurry screen, and the Acer predator knows what you are looking for. You will not face any delay in the game, and the graphics are exceptional as well.

From the last model, Acer has a lot better battery life. The battery life is a constant issue with the Acer laptops, but with the Acer Predator, there is an improvement of battery life up to 25 percent. The keyboard may be a bit noisy but do not lower down your gaming experience.

The sound system is also exceptional to provide you with the virtual gaming experience and the vibe of the battlefield. However, the speakers need to get a little better to offer you the best sound and the environment you need for gaming.

The right and the left key on the mouse is missing, which may be a problem for most gamers to adjust to it. But the corners of the touchpad are clickable and provide the same purpose as the mouse keys.

The screen is the asset of the Acer Predator is the screen which is brighter and excellent for gaming purposes. However, while sitting under direct sunlight can create an issue with the screen and the graphics.

The best of the Acer Predator is the super-fast connectivity, and the virtual surround sound system of this laptop is the plus point. Your eyes will love the blue blacklight and incredible graphics.

The response time, brightness, graphics, processing speed, and size of the screen works incredibly for gaming. You will love gaming on this Acer Predator.


Screen Size15.6 inches
Screen Resolution1920 x 1080
Processor4.5 GHz Core i7 Family
Hard Drive256GB Flash Memory Solid State
DisplayLED-backlit IPS
Battery Life6 hours

2. Omen by HP 1200

If you are a true enthusiast of Skyrim, you would want to have a laptop that is not only high processing and robust graphics.

This laptop by HP is the favorite for the people who love playing Skyrim. The 15.6 inches screen size and the amazing screen resolution is a plus one of this Omen laptop by HP.

With the affordable price and the incredible configuration, the Omen laptop is hands down the best option that you can pick.

You can also find the 1 TB flash memory that is even better and perfect for affordable prices. Two things make this laptop unexceptionally perfect and extraordinary.

One is the RAM and the hard drive that is perfect for gaming and an even better choice with the price point. The fast SSD and all the other amazing features will satisfy the gamer in you.

What do you think about the speakers and the sound experience? Well, the speakers are up to the mark as well that will provide you the perfect experience. The excellent audio is the ideal choice for the ultimate gaming experience. However, the camera is of average quality and not the best, but who wants a camera for gaming.

The processor is working great, and there are no delays in the game, this laptop is a favorite. This laptop has a great battery life, and the graphic is fantastic. The fan is a bit loud, even if the computer is not at maximum capacity.

Omen by HP is a laptop that is super sleek, easy to carry, and perfect for daily use as well. The SSD, hard drive, and RAM may seem a lot for everyday use by exceptional for gaming.

There are connection ports on the sides of the laptop, and the keyboard is perfect for gamers with perfectly spaced keys, secure and comfortable using.

You also need to know that the keyboard and the touchpad are not enabled at once. The screen needs some fixing as well.

With all the plus points of the screen, graphics, memory, sleek, and easy-to-carry design makes this laptop an exceptional laptop. The Omen by HP is the best design laptop you will find.


Screen Size15.6 inches
Max Screen Resolution1920 x 1080
Processor4.1 GHz Core i7 Family
Hard Drive1TB Flash Memory Solid State
GPUNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (8GB)
Battery LifeUp to 5 hours

3. Microsoft Surface Laptop

The Microsoft Surface laptop is the best multi-purpose laptop. You may not find this laptop used by the professional Skyrim gamers but by the people who need to function differently on the laptop than just playing games.

While you are a student and need to complete the assignments along with some free time to play games, this Microsoft surface laptop is perfect for some multi-purpose functioning.

Microsoft Surface is an incredible laptop that has a high-quality screen resolution and graphics that are perfect for gaming. You will also love the portable, lightweight, easy-to-carry design that will let you carry the laptop anywhere you want. You will like the lightweight 2.8 pounds laptop.

You will find the built laptop super reliable and perfect for everyday use. With the sleep style and sturdy built, the Microsoft laptop is created to ensure its durability and enhanced use of it.

You will also find this laptop has a vibrant graphics set that will provide you with a smooth, breezy, dynamic, and colorful display.

The laptop has a keyboard that is designed while keeping the gamers and regular users in mind. The keys are spaced perfectly to ensure you do not have difficulty while typing. Moreover, the touchpad also provides tremendous and incredible functioning. The high-speed processor of the Microsoft Surface is the highlight as well that will ensure no delays in working.

However, there is a lack of USB port C, which would have made a difference. Other than that, you will find the battery life almost perfect to use. The SSD is a bit slow, as well. While you will get the windows 10 S with this laptop, you can also get the windows 10Pro by purchasing it after the free trial.

Microsoft Surface is one of the leading competitors for the best laptops for high-quality games. You will like the processing speed and robust functioning as well.

This laptop does not require you to put a lot of effort into setting up. Moreover, the configuration of this laptop is amazing, as well. However, the screen size is not the best and could have been better.

The touchpad and keypad are great, responsive, and work perfectly. You can find out the port on the sides of the laptop.

One other highlight is the accurate face recognition feature, which is an incredible addition for laptops in this price range. You will also love the sound quality and the speakers that are decent to use.

All in all, this laptop is excellent for everyday use and works great for gaming as well. It is a multi-purpose laptop that has several perfect aspects that the users love, including the high resolution, portability, long battery life, and super sleek design.


Size of Screen13.5 inches
Screen resolution2256×1504
Processor4 GHz Intel core i7
Hard Drive512GB Flash Memory
GPUIntel Iris + Graphics 640
Battery Life14.5 hours

4. Asus ROG Atrix Scar II

We have another stunner on the list. Now, we are talking about the Asus ROG laptop that claims to have excellent graphics, which is true to every core. You will not only love the design of it, but you will also enjoy playing on this laptop.

This Asus laptop is perfectly designed for people who are looking for a laptop that is mid-range and perfect for playing Skyrim and other games. The fantastic graphics and the playing experience will leave you happy and stunned. This laptop is ideal if you are playing games on it for hours.

If we consider the Asus laptops with the other gaming laptops, you will find it light. However, it is still on the heavier side if you compare it to the laptops available in the market.

The sound and the speaker system is impressive, as well. You will love the crisp and clear sound that is missing in most gaming laptops. However, gamers still like to wear headphones while playing to enhance their focus and concentration.

The layout of the laptop may be a bit out of proportion and requires a little time to get used to playing on this laptop. Moreover, there is one major flaw in this laptop.

The placement of the camera is at the right side of the screen makes the recording a bit difficult and streames whether you are playing or not. Also, if you are one of those gamers who love to stream and record themselves while they are using new strategies on the game, with this Asus laptop, rethink this approach.

While you use the laptop, you will notice that the keys on the computer are incredibly quiet and do not take away your focus from the game. You will also love the spacing and the size of the keys that are perfect and do not bother while you are playing or typing.

The touchpad of the Asus laptop is also an exception like the keypad. You will love the super responsive nature and intuitive quality.

You will also find a lot of port A USB ports that are optimal for the gamers, and they love Asus for the exceptional amount of USB ports. However, the laptop is not the best for heat control. It heats up fast if compared to the other laptops on the list, and the coil wine will also sound unpleasant after some time.

All the gamers who are aggressive and use the laptop a lot longer may have come across the coil wine issue.

All in all, this laptop provides a great experience to gamers, but this is not the best laptop for Skyrim. You will love the screen, the features, the crisp and bright outlook. But if you get the laptop, spend a reasonable amount of time manually downloading all the software and getting the laptop to work properly.

This laptop is an excellent option for gamers who need a gaming laptop at an affordable price and with exceptional graphics. 

Asus is a great laptop, with a few flaws, this laptop is an amazing pick that too at an affordable price.

If we have had to list down the pros, the bright and crisp screen remains the number one thing that the users enjoy.

Along with that, the USB ports, sound system, and touchpad are other incredible features that paint a significant impact on this laptop. However, the heating issue and the webcam positioning put the laptop off from the favorite list.


Size of Screen17.3 inches
Screen Resolution1920 x 1080
Processor3.9 GHz Core i7
Hard Drive512GB Flash Memory
Battery Life1.2 hours
DisplayIPS Type

5. Dell Gaming Laptop G5587-5859BLK-PUS G5

This Dell laptop for gaming is the one with the word gaming in it, proving Dell’s serious attempt towards creating a laptop that is for the gamers only.

This laptop has the perfect processor, and the price range of it is exceptional as well. At a minimal price, Dell is providing a high-quality laptop that is perfect for gamers to play Fortnite, Skyrim, and other high-quality games. The quality of the laptop may not be the best, but the graphics and the screen are incredible.

If we talk about the features, we need to consider the keyboard as the number one feature to consider. While typing, you will not find this laptop super loud and tacky. It has a well-adjusted laptop with keys that are spaced correctly.

Next is the graphics which we have already stated as excellent. However, to enhance the quality, also plug the laptop in and turn the battery on. You must be wondering how the battery will make a difference. The battery is somehow connected to the GPU, and for better graphics, you have to connect the laptop to the charging system.

Most users may not be happy with the configuration. That does not mean that this laptop is any less. The easy up-gradation helps you with the easy updating of the software, and the setting can be made a lot better with the up-gradation.

Now, coming towards what is not the best on this laptop. The first thing is the display, even if the graphics are great, the display is not exceptional.

This Dell gaming laptop has the issue of heating up, which the users do not like. The fans that are under the laptop are too loud and take away the focus from the game and bring down the excitement of the game.

But even though this laptop is not the best, the processing speed is something that you will love, and the touchpad is fantastic as well. You will find the touchpad super responsive and intuitive.

The sound system the gaming laptop has is loud and clear, but the sound of the fan is the setback that you will not like, and it will affect the overall virtual experience of the game.

You will also find the HDMI port, which is a plus point. Also, the design is stylish, sleek, and perfect for a gaming laptop.

You will also find the ports on the sides of the laptop, but the ports of Dell laptops are outdated, and if there were a modification, the posts would be a lot more beneficial. You will also find that there is a media card reader, which is 2 in 1, and the laptops have the battery fast charging feature. However, we cannot vouch for the battery to last long.

All in all, this is a lightweight and easily portable laptop that you can carry around without any issue and play games wherever you want.

If you are comparing it with the competitors, you may feel this is an average laptop, but for the price point, this laptop has quite a lot to offer.

The laptop has an exterior of plastic and has ordinary battery life. If you are on a budget of $700, this is an excellent laptop for you.


Screen Size15.6 inches
Max Screen Resolution1920 x 1080
Processor3.9 GHz Core i5 Family
Hard Drive128GB Solid State Drive (Boot)+ 1 TB 5400 RPM Hard drive
GPUGeForce GTX 1060 GPU
Battery Life4 hours
DisplayAnti Glare, LED Backlit


All in all, the above laptops are the best laptops for Skyrim you will find, and the professional Skyrim gamers pick these laptops. You can pick out the one based on your budget and also based on your requirements.

Most of the laptops are incredible for their design and high processing speed. You will love playing without delays and the prompt to save you on the battlefield. High-quality games like Skyrim require high-quality computers and laptops to play on.

If it is an ordinary laptop, you will not find the charm while playing your favorite game. So, while you are trying to get the best laptop available, make sure you take the advice of the professional gamers to tell you about the best laptops available in the market.

The Acer predator is an incredible pick for gaming. Or if you are looking for a multitasking laptop on which you can do your regular work along with the gaming, the Microsoft surface can be a fantastic option as well.

In our opinion, the Acer Predator laptop is hands down the best option, and you should get your hands on it if you are looking for a gaming laptop.

Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop PC, 15.6' Full HD...
Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop PC, 15.6" Full HD...
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Graphics with 6GB of dedicated GDDR6 VRAM