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6 Best Laptops For Seniors And Elder People 2020 | Laptopsgeek

No matter how you spent your previous life you have the authority to enjoy every day of life. Many of you seniors have the dreams to get travel overall the world or watch movies at late nights.

Here I will discuss the different Best Laptops for seniors that will help you to buy the laptop that can fulfill all your needs. Your needs may be browsing the internet, watching movies, sharing different content on social media, etc.

During the job duties, it was hard to do, but now you have the chance.

When you are traveling there are different means through which you can contact and share moments with your family, with your friends or colleagues. Also, you want to watch movies or seasons on a beautiful screen, these all can fulfill by different means, but the laptop is a good way to use.

best laptops for seniors

You can get benefit by reading this article and also you will be able to know about the configurations and specifications of the laptop. Every laptop is having the main components for processing that is processor and ram.

Apart from the performance laptops are having an extra unit for graphics that are known as GPU. Also, you have to keep an eye on the storage, the display resolution, and battery life.

List Of 6 Best Laptops For Seniors and Elders In 2019

1: ASUS Vivo Book Pro 17 (Best Laptops For Seniors)

Display – 17.3 Inches FHD with 72% NTSC

Asus manufacturers used the full high definition display of 17.3 inches. They also used the NTSC as 72%.

NTSC is the color standard that shows you how many colors will screen shows you every inch. So this laptop can display you the accuracy of the true colors while watching movies, viewing photos, or doing graphical operations.

Processor – Intel Core i7-8565U (8th Generation)

The processing component in this laptop is Intel latest 8th generation, the model Intel i7-8565U. This processor can boost up the frequency performance up to 4.0GHz.

Intel i7-8565U is the perfect processor used in this Asus laptop, and it will give the faster performance with extra featuring of low power consumption.

Ram – 16 GB DDR4

Ram in this Asus laptop with the processor combination is having the 16GB capacity. And that is from the DDR4 family.

DDR4 family is having fast calculations than the previous version as DDR3. Ram used to keeping your processing data calculations and making available to the processing unit for getting output.


The graphics card unit in this Asus is from NVIDIA the well-known graphics manufacturers, and the model is GEFORCE GTX 1050. The capacity of this GPU is 4GB.

This GPU will help you to show more nice visuals on your display. It uses a dedicated system that won’t conflict with your processing unit.

Storage – Hybrid Drives (256 GB SSD + 1TB HDD)

The data storage capacity in this laptop based on hybrid drives. One of the components is from the latest generation SSD with 256 GB capacity, and the other one is the traditional drive for storage used for decades as a hard disk drive, and the capacity is 1TB.

SSD connected to your laptop motherboard through a single chip in results that can load in seconds and faster than HDD. Also, this storage will lead your laptop to low power consumption.

HDD is the drive used in a laptop and this works through a rotating built-in the disk in the hard drive. Comparing with SSD, this is having a lot of capacity to store data.

Operating System – Window 10

This ASUS based on the Microsoft window 10 operating system. Microsoft window will give you the extra features by accessing many of the software throughout the world.

As you are seniors then you may also relate to the Microsoft operating system in your office, then this is the opportunity to do more efficient operations through window 10.

Asus has already paid to the Microsoft for the registered version of the window 10.

Battery – Fast Charging Capability

This Asus has a fast-charging capability so that you can charge your laptop 60% in 49 minutes.

Being a senior, you may have no too much time to charge a laptop in the home and then bring outside to work. So this will help you to avoid time wastage.

Fingerprint Scanner

This laptop is also having the fingerprint scanner so no one can access your laptop with your permission.

The fingerprint scanner is the best protected and secured way to keep your data safe on your laptop.

  • Dual USB Ports, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.
  • Fingerprint scanner for security.
  • Dual storage Drives.
  • Fast Charging Capability.
  • Ergonomic Backlit keyboard with numbers.
  • Update the Necessary Drivers.

2: Apple MacBook Air

Display – 13 Inches HD

Apple MacBook Air has a 13 inches great high definition display. Apple has the brand name and is well known for its highly satisfying products.

So you don’t have to worry about the display performance, as Apple gives you the products as all in all.

Processor – Intel Core i7 (2.2 GHz)

This MacBook equipped with the Intel processor and the model is core i7. This processor can work faster up to 2.2 GHz.

This processor uses dual cores to process your data. These dual cores are enough in this Apple latest generation to give you efficient results.

Ram – 8GB

This MacBook also has enough ram capacity of  8GB. In the apple device, 8GB ram capacity is a lot of space to save your calculation for processing data.

GPU – Intel HD Graphics 6000

The GPU in this MacBook is from Intel HD graphics 6000. This made especially for professional users.

These graphics will help you to give a lot of graphical work like video editing, photo editing, watching videos, or doing other graphical tasks.

Storage – 128 GB SSD Fast Data Processing with Low Voltage

On the storage side, this MacBook has 128 GB SSD. SSD manufactured for fast data processing with low voltage.

It saves your time and battery power. The phenomenon behind this is that it is operational through a single chip to the motherboard.

If this storage is not enough for you, then Apple also gives you the option of I cloud storage to sync your data online.

Operating System – Mac Based

The operating system of almost all the devices based on Mac. Mac is having fast performance and also built-in virus protection.

Battery – 12 Hours Extended Charge Capacity

The battery life of the MacBook air can lead you to work all day without connecting charger. This can work for 12 hours of extended charge capacity.

For seniors, this is a good option that you can travel this laptop with you everywhere for a day.

  • USB 3.0 Ports.
  • Thunderbolt ports.
  • Extended Battery Life.
  • An Expensive Laptop.

3: Acer Aspire E Laptop

Display – 15.6 Inches FHD IPS Widescreen

The display screen in the Acer aspires E is 15.6 inches in size and equipped as full HD IPS. This is a high definition widescreen. And the IPS feature adds extra color accuracy and better viewing angles.

Being a senior you may face problems in deep colors, and then this screen will show you true and accurate colors.

Processor – Intel Core i5-8250U

The processor is from Intel Core i5 family, and the model is i5-8250U. It can work on boost up frequency up to 3.4GHz.

This processor is having four cores for processing data and based on the 64-bit system. The voltage of this processor is TDP 15W.

Ram – 8 GB Dual Channel Memory

The ram capacity in this laptop I 8GB, and it uses dual channels to process the data.

The previous versions of the ram use 64-bit channels to move data into the processor. But the dual-channel memory benefits you in running the data with dual channels that make as 64+64 for faster performance.


In this laptop, Acer uses the GEFORCE MX 150 graphics. The reason is that in previous versions they face a lot of issues. Like getting temperature increase, low performance, etc.

So here they solved the issue and got the latest and better GPU to work fluently and without inconvenience.

Storage – 256 GB SSD

The data storage capacity in this laptop is 256GB, and it stores your data in SSD. SSD is having the fast transfer speed and low power consumption in a computer that’s why most of the manufacturers use SSD as storage drives.

Operating System – Windows 10 Home

The operating system in this laptop is Microsoft Windows 10 Home. The operating system based on 64 bits.

Microsoft gives you to window 10 home with some innovative features. The revamped start menu and battery saver is basic new features. Also, this window will allow you to update your system on time.

Battery – 15 Hours

Acer production in the case of Aspire E is having an extended and much enough battery life. If you are having regular use of the laptop, then it will lead you up to 15 hours.

If you are running the heavy software and operations, then it will probably work up to 10 to 12 hours without a charger.

  • Latest 8th Generation CPU.
  • FHD IPS widescreen.
  • Dual channel Ram Memory.
  • Comprehensive Battery Life.
  • Reasonable Price.
  • No Touchscreen.

4: New Lenovo Yoga 730

Display – 15.6 Inches FHD IPS Multi-Touchscreen

This Lenovo laptop is having full HD IPS display having a size of 15.6 inches. Also, this is available for you with a touchscreen capability.

The full high definition will help you to show more accurate colors, and the IPS used for wide viewing angles. The touchscreen is an extra feature in this laptop that you can use it without a keyboard.

Processor – Intel Core i5-8250U (8th Generation)

The processor on this laptop is from the Intel i5 family. And the model is an i5-8250U processor. This processor uses quad cores to process your data.

This processor specially made for ultra-low voltage consumption and also having the ability to process faster as compare to previous versions.

Ram – 8 GB DDR4

The ram storage capacity in this laptop is 8 GB, and the family is DDR4. It includes the built-in qualities of easy multi-tasking. This ram also has a substantially high bandwidth speed to run your process smoothly.

GPU – Intel 620 UHD Graphics

The graphics card unit on this laptop is Intel 620 UHD. These are the integrated graphics, and the use of these graphics is mostly in ultra-low voltage laptop.

Integrated graphics are working through the laptop’s own processor and ram. This collection is beneficial in low voltage laptops.

Storage – 256 GB PCI-E SSD

The storage for data on this laptop is 256 GB as PCI-E SSD. PCI-E SSD is the high-speed expansion card that connects your computer to its peripherals.

This drive is capable of transferring data faster and saves it protected. Also, it keeps your battery power.

Operating System – Window 10

This laptop based on a Microsoft window operating system. Through which you can install and run many of the applications smoothly.

The plus point here is that Lenovo has already paid to Microsoft. And you don’t have to worry about windows registration.

Battery – 8 Hours Life Span

The life span of this battery is 8 hours. The reason behind this phenomenon is the collection of software and hardware built in the laptop.

Fingerprint Scanner – Full Proof Security

The fingerprint for full proof security in this laptop built. Also, it won’t allow anyone to access your computer.

Convertible – 2 IN 1

You can use this laptop in any angle or position you want. Also, you can work on it at 360 degrees. The touch screen is available to work on if you don’t want to use the keyboard.

  • Ultra-low Voltage CPU.
  • Touchscreen FHD IPS Display.
  • HD Webcam.
  • Long Lasting Battery Life.
  • Finger Print Scanner.
  • Backlit Keyboard.
  • No built-in CD/DVD Drive.

5: Apple MacBook Pro

Display – 13 Inches Retina with IPS technology

The Apple MacBook Pro equipped with the 13 Inches retina FHD IPS display. The retina is a brand name used by apple for its high-quality presentations.

FHD is giving a full resolution on this display is 2560 X 1600. And also the IPS is giving you more accurate viewing angles.

Processor – Intel Core i5 (Dual-Core)

Apple used the Intel Core i5 processor in the MacBook Pro and based on the dual cores. It means that your process is running through dual cores to work faster and also save time.

The Intel processor has a competitive advantage by the qualitative performance with low power consumption. In MacBook Pro, the performance is all in all at the side of the processor.

Ram – 8 GB Multi-Tasking Reliability

The ram capacity in MacBook Pro is 8 GB. With the i5 dual-core processor this is the nice combination and will work faster. Apple MacBook just made for multitasking with fluent punctuality.

GPU – Intel Iris Plus Graphics 620

The graphics card unit in this laptop is from the Intel Iris family, and the model is Intel iris graphics 620. These are the integrated graphics. It didn’t use a separate coprocessor. Instead, it uses your laptop’s own processor and ram. But the results in the case of MacBook are satisfactory.

Operating System – Mac Based

The operating system in the MacBook Pro is Mac-based. This work faster and especially made for the hardware combination to work efficiently. The extra feature is that no virus can treat you if you have a Mac operating system.

Battery – 10 Hours

The battery life of the MacBook Pro is delighted. You can work a long day for 10 hours with this laptop. The battery made long-lasting because there are direct effects on the cell due to the hardware and software.

  • Longer Efficiency.
  • Retina IPS Display.
  • Thunderbolt Ports.
  • Lightest and Slim Laptop.
  • Long Lasting Battery.
  • An Expensive Device.

6: Microsoft Surface Laptop


Display – 13.5 Inches HD Edge to Edge

The screen in this laptop is 13.5 inches in size. And this is a high definition display. The resolutions are 2256X1504 Pixels.

These pixels are much enough to display your high definition content. This is the sharp, vibrant color edge to edge display.

Processor – Intel Core i5 (7th Generation)

Microsoft equipped this surface laptop with the Intel Core i5 processor. This processor is from the seventh generation of Intel. And this processor has the boost frequency up to 3.1GHz.

If you look at the performance, so you don’t worry to buy a high-end laptop or desktop, this is from the medium range but can work just perfect.

Ram – 8 GB

The ram storage in the surface laptop is 8 GB. And this is enough storage to calculate data and make it available to the processor. Ram allows the data to the processor. And with the combination of the i5 processor, this is enough.

GPU – Intel HD Graphics 620

The graphics card unit used in the Microsoft Surface is integrated, and the model is Intel HD graphics 620. Integrated graphics work through your laptop’s own processor and ram. These graphics are much enough for most of the graphical software or running high definition videos.

Storage – 256 GB SSD

The data storage capacity in this surface laptop is 256 GB, and the drive based on SSD. SSD has a low ability, but it works faster than traditional hard disk drives. It also consumes low battery power.

Operating System – Microsoft Windows S

This laptop has a specially created window operating system known as Window S. this window S made mainly for extreme performance and security. You can download and install the Microsoft verified apps from the Microsoft store.

Battery – 14.5 Hours Life Span

The life span of the battery in this surface laptop is on video playback is 14.5 hours. While running heavy software or games, this can lead you from 10 to 12 hours.

Casing – Aluminum Exterior

The laptop protected from external damage by aluminum exteriors. It not just protects your computer from damages but also will give a light-weight portable device.

  • Edge to Edge Display.
  • Luxurious Fabric Covered Keyboard.
  • Lightweight and Slim Laptop.
  • Aluminum Exterior Casing.
  • Long Battery Life Up to 14.5 Hours.
  • Need to update the necessary updates.


After researching for the Best Laptop for seniors, it takes too much time of mine. Because seniors don’t want to be confused about their shopping. They need to buy a product which is satisfactory and can fulfill their needs. So I have listed and explained the above laptops.

It includes two types of the laptop; some are those from the medium range. It means that the computer with no most recent technology but the computer with a tremendous feature and reasonable prices. On the other hand, there is a high-end laptop that is having the high and latest configurations, and also their prices are high in range.

Now the choice is yours, if you want to buy a laptop at reasonable prices and a good processing laptop then go for the medium range. In that case, you may select the best laptop from the Core i5 family. The brand depends on you, that which brand you like or which one can fulfill your needs.

On the other side, there is a high-end laptop that is from the i7 family and available in different brands. If you have the pocket power, then select a product of your choice configurations and buy. That will work conveniently.

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