4 Best Laptops for Girls And Women in 2022 | Laptopsgeek

Looking for the best laptops for Girls or women? You have come to the right place.

The market is packed with every kind of laptop but finding the one that fits girls’ needs is not easy.

Girls habitually look for a laptop that is best-looking, slim, and stylish. Although there is a stark difference in their preferences when choosing a gadget by a girl vs a boy. However, it should meet, certain requirements like durability, portability, and most important performance. Here you are going to get exposed to the 8 best girly laptops.

I know well that girls want laptops that perform to the mark in this fast-paced world.


Today girls are not just interested in colored or pink laptops but would like minimalist devices, as long as it looks elegant enough and works when it is needed. Demanding elegantly designed laptops for women.

Men are from Mars. Women from Venus. And the laptop manufacturers are aware of that. They tend to design and develop both in a specified and concerted fashion.

In the laptop industry, the big names have been associating and tailoring their products in line with the girl’s demands. We have the best laptops for girls listed here for you.

1: Apple MacBook Air (Best Laptops For Girls)

A beautiful, crisp display, good performance, and modern ports rejuvenate a classic image of Apple. This Apple MacBook Air is indeed one of the best laptops for girls. It is sleek, slim and a high-performance laptop. The MacBook metal and black-glass design are still gorgeous.


Designed from Apple’s own 100 percent recycled aluminum, the machine looks and feels astonishing. Coming in traditional Silver, Space Gray and Gold hue. Though this is an expensive girly laptop, surely worth the dollars!

The new aluminum wedge-shaped MacBook Air is shrunk in both width and length. And tapers off to 0.16 inches at its thinnest point, weighing only 2.7 pounds. The reduced size and weight don’t mean there’s a cut to features. You still get a 13.3-inch display and comes with faster hardware, including an 8th-generation fan-less dual-core processor and 8GB of RAM, which can be upgraded to 16GB. Well, this is not your thing in case if you are searching for the laptop with 32GB RAM.

With 2 USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports and a headphone socket. And you can use either one of the USB-C ports for charging, which makes the Air a far more user-friendly and flexible device.


Retina display with 4 million pixels jam-packed in just 13” of the display, the results are jaw-dropping. The screen has been the major and most welcoming improvement, although the shrinking compared to previous models, the screen size remains the same at 13.3 inches. Achieved by reduced bezels around the screen, which makes the screen more prominent when in use.

Incorporating the Retina display, with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. This results in a pixel density of 227 pixels per inch (PPI), this is the first Air to have the most revered Retina display since it was introduced in MacBook Pro 2012.  

Keyboard, Touchpad and Touch ID

The Air has a redesigned third-generation butterfly keyboard, which Apple claims provides four times more key stability than standard laptop keyboards while offering greater comfort and responsiveness.

Force Touch trackpad has grown, and is now 20 percent larger than the standard trackpad on previous MacBook Airs, offering more room for gestures and to move the cursor around. Offering a much more comfortable, and quieter, experience.

The MacBook Air also has Touch ID built-in, allowing you to log into the laptop with your fingerprint. It’s a useful, time-saving feature, and genuinely makes logging into the MacBook Air quick and easy.

Green unibody shell

This unibody design has been made from the metal shavings from previously machined devices. Still, there are no blemishes or marks; this is the same premium-looking – and feeling – Air we’re used to, just greener.

The Air unibody shell is cut from a solid block of aluminum, which gives it a sturdy feel despite its thin and light design. It’s an impressive machine to hold, feeling light enough to easily carry around yet strong.

Speakers and Camera

The speakers have been improved also, in spite of their small size have twice the bass of the previous models, and are proficient in giving 25% louder volume. The speakers are clear, with a good range, and they still sound good at high volumes. This kind of sound quality is rare on slim and light laptops.

A 720p FaceTime HD camera and three-microphone collection helps to make video and voice calls look and sound good as well.


The build quality is top-notch, with no noticeable give or flex in any part of the machine. Weighing only 1.2kg is slim enough that you don’t really notice it in a backpack.

The MacBook Air is capable of seeing out a workday without having to be plugged in, lasting about ten hours between charges. While Apple rates the Air’s battery is capable of 12 hours of local video playback or 12 hours of wireless web use, the high-resolution Retina display does cause the battery life to drain slightly faster than previous models.

During testing, the Air lasted 10 hours and 30 minutes. Not quite the 12 hours Apple managed in its own tests, but it’s still a very decent amount of time for a slim and light machine.


With 8th generation i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, HD Graphics from Intel, running the latest OS from Apple, the macOS Mojave, it is one of the top choices of girls in this age of technology. This 1.6GHz, dual-core Intel Core i5 can Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz, with 4MB L3 cache, and is perfectly fine for most day-to-day tasks.

The Apple T2 security chip works alongside the main processor to enhance the performance of the machine, it manages your fingerprints when using Touch ID, specializes in HEVC video transcoding, as well as an SSD controller with on-the-fly data encryption for “industry-leading security.” It also helps with the stereo spacing effects of the speakers, as well as having an always-on ‘Hey Siri’ feature – a first for a MacBook Air that allows you to use your voice to control the laptop.

While the Benchmark results show that the Air lags a bit behind the MacBook Pro in performance, it is still more powerful than the 2017 12-inch MacBook by a hair and perfects to perform regular-load tasks.

  • Thin and light design
  • Stunning Retina display.
  • Extraordinary battery life.
  • Touch ID without the Touch Bar
  • Eco-friendly aluminum chassis
  • Booming audio
  • Limited ports.
  • Expensive starting price


2: HP Spectre 13 (Laptop for 10-Year-Old Daughter)

The HP Spectre is one of the thinnest, most powerful, and best-looking ultraportable laptops in the market. Spectre was at a time the thinnest laptop in the world, which isn’t the case anymore, but the laptop is easily portable and gorgeous to look at, the best combination a girl’s laptop should have. With powerful 7th-generation Intel Core I CPUs that seem to defy expectations of how much power you can get from a system just 0.41-inches thick.


Spectre’s slim, of 0.41-inch-thick build grabs a lot of attention, the combination of copper and charcoal (HP calls it “ash silver”) go together perfectly. And the HP’s minimalist premium logo is sleek and subtle while still projecting a sense of class.

Measuring 12.8 x 9.03 x 0.41 inches and weighing 2.45 pounds, the Spectre makes systems that would normally be considered slim seem fat.


Spectre’s 13-inch display is a bold, bright, and beautiful display. Great contrast with the full HD screen. Its brightness is one of the best in its class.


In an attempt to keep this super-thin laptop from getting sweltering hot, HP designed a “hyperbaric” cooling chamber, where fans create a pocket, suck in cool air from the vent on the bottom, and release hot air from the vent on the machine’s back. Unfortunately, if you do multitasking and productivity work, the bottom of the laptop gets uncomfortably warm.

Keyboard and Touchpad

For a super-thin laptop, the Spectre hasn’t lost its focus on typing comfort. The backlit keyboard is one of the best to use.   

The smooth, one-piece, glass touchpad has evolved from the glitches of jumpiness previously reported in the original Spectre to an accurate one.

Battery Life

Spectre’s super-thin design leaves little space for the batteries. Even though HP did some innovative engineering to split the batteries into four sections, the laptop battery lasts around 6-8 hours with constant surfing over Wi-fi.


HP is not willing to compromise on the performance of the device. Unlike competitors in super-thin laptops, Spectre houses an Intel Core I U-series CPU. And performs way better than others like Acer Swift 7. This performance advantage can really make a difference for people who need to multitask or do a bit of light video editing.

  • Gorgeous design,
  • splendid color scheme
  • Super thin
  • Bright Screen
  • 3 USB-C ports (2 with Thunderbolt 3)
  • Average battery life

3: Huawei Mate Book X Pro (Professional Women Laptop / Laptop for blogging)

Mate Book X Pro stands out as a cutting-edge, premium machine. The Mate Book X Pro model pairs an 8th-gen Intel Core processor with Nvidia MX 150 graphics and a larger 13.9-inch screen. It has a larger display area with thinner bezels with a 91 percent screen-to-body ratio, a more attractive keyboard, and an onboard USB-A port, as well as two USB-C ports, one of which supports Thunderbolt 3.

The system is just 0.57 inches thick and weighs a hair under three pounds at 2.9 pounds. A prime choice for a girl, easy to carry, and impressive elegance combined in the Mate Book, perfected with the powerful hardware worthy of the “Pro” designation to serve in work environments.


The display is certainly the highlighting feature of the Mate Book. It’s a 13.9-inch screen and offers 3,000 × 2,000 resolution in a 3:2 aspect ratio, which means the display is closer to square than most. Meaning you can view more of a web page or document at once than you’d normally expect.

The Huawei has something else on its sleeves as well: the brightest display you’d have ever seen in a windows machine. Its retina-scorching brilliance overpowers ambient glare in nearly any situation.

Processor and Storage

With an Intel Core i7-8550U processor and 16GB of memory. That’s powerful hardware worthy of the “Pro” designation, and it pushes Huawei’s thermal design to its limit. In Geekbench 4 tests Huawei’s performance is comparable to similar machines in the market like Asus Zenbook 3 Deluxe.

While housing a 512GB solid-state model produced by Lite-On. Which is pretty quick in even demanding situations.


Slimming down the laptop has forced Huawei to pursue the 57 watt-hour battery. This still gives a competitive endurance to the machine. It gives around 9-10 hours of battery life on web browsing over Wi-fi.

That’s better than other competitors in the market like Asus Zenbook 3 Deluxe. Few laptops last longer away from a socket, but the Huawei Mate Book X Pro makes a good showing. This laptop should last through an eight-hour workday with a little fuel still in the tank.

Camera and keyboard

Well, there’s just one peculiarity, the camera is on the keyboard. Strange!

Nestled between the F6 and F7 keys is an extra key labeled with a camera icon. Press it, and the integrated webcam flips up. This is Huawei’s way of dealing with the fact that the display bezels are too thin to fit a camera.

The unusual location does serve as an inherent privacy feature, it’s otherwise not a very good idea. The camera angle isn’t suitable for a video call, while typing during a video conference gives everyone else a close-up of your knuckles. This isn’t the very desired feature of the otherwise Pro featured machine.

Fortunately, the keyboard is awesome. here’s plenty of key travel, which means that despite a vague bottoming action, touch-typing at speed is a breeze. the keyboard backlight is standard and works well. The touchpad is also good. Windows Precision Touchpad gestures are fully supported, and the smooth surface makes activating them easy. Left and right mouse buttons are integrated into the touchpad surface.

  • Elegant yet functional design
  • Amazing keyboard, great touchpad
  • Bright, high-contrast excellent display
  • Great speakers for the size
  • Solid battery life
  • Still offers a port variety
  • Weird webcam location


4: Acer Swift 7 (Best Laptops For Girls)

Acer bags the throne for the world’s thinnest clamshell laptop while offering a vibrant display, comfortable keyboard, and 4G LTE capability. Measuring just 0.35 inches thick is the world’s slimmest clamshell laptop.

Acer managed to squeeze the gorgeous, 14-inch display; a comfortable, full-size keyboard; and 4G LTE connectivity into that tiny frame. And despite having a thinner battery, the notebook works for over 9 hours.

The gorgeous sleek design with a gold inner surface and a matte black aluminum exterior combine to exude a modernistic sense of flair. The sheer weight of only 2.6 pounds combined with the streamlined style makes it a compelling choice for a girl, where style exudes itself with crisp visuals.


Swift 7’s design is a marvel. Made with CNC aluminum, the laptop is not only sleek but also significant. The seamless structure makes you admire the exterior.   

Acer is clearly winning the fight for the thinnest notebook. Weighing 2.6 pounds and measuring 12.9 x 9.3 x 0.35 inches, the Swift 7 makes the HP Spectre 13 (2.4 pounds, 12 x 8.8 x 0.4 inches), look thick. Though, when we come to the weight, the Swift weighs a little more than the competitors, falling the middleweight.

The notebook looks like a single piece of metal, with the fan-less design it’s almost a masterpiece. The hinges allow it to lie flat at a 180-degree angle. the bottom edges of the system thicken with a very delicate carving. While the interior is also fascinating, made with luxury gold or black aluminum which feels cool to touch.  


Swift’s slenderness and grace don’t just end at the design. The 13.3-inch IPS panel is

0.8 inches thick, and it’s topped with a 0.02-inch-thick pane of Corning Gorilla Glass. The bezel vanishing trend has made Acer shrink its top and sides by 0.38 and 0.36 inches.

The Swift 7’s 1920 x 1080 screen is bright and bursting with color. The details are crisp sharp and evident on this screen. Its display can reproduce a whopping 143 percent of the sRGB color gamut. Which is way better than the premium-laptops average.

Keyboard, Touchpad, and Fingerprint Scanner

The island-style keyboard creates a bouncy typing experience. Though one would not expect the ease in typing with this thin slate laptop, the experience is altogether amazing. The white backlighting makes typing in the dark pretty easy, since it sufficiently illuminates the text on the keys.

The Precision Touchpad, a 4.8 x 2.5-inch pad is pretty big and made of Gorilla Glass. It provides a pretty open space to perform Windows multitouch gestures, with an accurate response. The touchpad is fixed, so no physical clicking.

On the left side of the keyboard is the Fingerprint scanner. This provides the pro-security feature, allows you to unlock your laptop using Windows Hello.


The Y-series chips are designed by Intel to accommodate fan-less designs, but as a tradeoff lags behind in power to the U-series chips. The 7th Gen Intel Core i7-7Y75 Processor performs efficiently in regular streaming, browsing, and in little workloads. The deficiency shows on the Geekbench 4 tests which measure the overall CPU performance, the machine ranks below the premium laptop average at just 6,011.

Armed with an integrated Intel HD Graphics 615 GPU, Swift 7 delivered 31 frames per second which are pretty good for the size of the laptop, still short of the Spectre 13’s 57 fps or the Mate Book’s 117 fps.


Ever been on a business trip, or vacation when you needed to send an important email, and the internet connection was extremely fluctuating or nonexistent? Acer has got your back with the Nano-SIM slot so that the machine can have a 4G LTE. And if you happen to have no Nano SIM, you can use the laptop’s embedded eSIM technology to get service via software.

Battery Life

As one would expect with these thinner dimensions the battery would suffer. Although, the world’s thinnest laptop lasts more than 9 hours on the battery over web surfing on Wi-fi. The Swift 7 exceeds the premium-laptop average of 8:41.  


Having no fan is not a problem here. With the ultra-low-power processor, the Swift 7 doesn’t mostly get hot. Moreover, after 15 minutes of streaming a full-screen HD video, the laptop was well within our 95-degree-Fahrenheit comfort threshold.


Swift 7 has an up-the-nose webcam below the screen, formally known as “nose cam”. It lacks the strategic angle of a webcam. The torso cam cuts the face out of the picture.  

  • Incredibly thin (worlds slimmest)
  • Attractive design
  • Bright, vivid display
  • Solid battery life
  • Surprisingly comfortable keyboard
  • Not as fast as other ultra-portables
  • Quiet speakers