8 Best Laptops for Dolphin Emulator in 2022

The speed of advancement in technology and machinery is at an all-time high since 1940. However, over the last two decades, the speedometer of advancement in technology nearly broke.

We moved forward as no generation has ever in the history of humanity. Humans made discoveries after discoveries, and the majority of them were successful. That is why we haven’t stopped yet. We still are on our way to even higher levels of success. Technology and machines have surrounded us so well that it’s hard to escape now.

Some minimal examples are smartphones, google, smart maps, Bluetooth, or printing (all kinds included). Is it possible to live as we are now without even one of the mentioned examples? We think not.

Another example that we are going to talk about here is the laptop but in a different sense. Laptops were first invented in 1981. Computers with separate hardware were already present at that time.

However, in later years, laptops started becoming more popular. The question is, why? Because the advanced and were provided the same features as a computer with an additional factor of high portability. This is why we see laptops more commonly than a PC now. Be it work, entertainment, production, or even a massive task like gaming has shifted to laptops.

It is also understandable that no matter how much we advance in technology, we do miss the simpler times. Simpler times when there was more time to ourselves than our work. Simpler times when we had less complicated but fun video games. That is why sometimes we want to relive that moment.

Well, technology has a solution to take you back in time, too virtually. A Dolphin emulator is an invention that will help you play all your childhood games on your advanced devices. You can install it and start playing your favorite games. As mentioned, laptops are the most common device nowadays. That is why we have a list of the best laptop for Dolphin Emulator.

8 Best Laptops for Dolphin Emulator

Best Laptops for Dolphin Emulator

1. HP Envy – 17t 10th Gen Laptop 

HP is never behind anyone. They are always giving fierce competition to their competitors. HP producing bad products is rare. Yes, there might be one or two shortcomings, but other exceptional features still cover them.

The laptop we have here, HP Envy 17, is one of the best laptops produced by HP yet. Envy 17 is a large work laptop. Heavy work means you can also run games on it. You can easily download the Dolphin Emulator and let the fun begin.

It is entirely silver, and the design is also straightforward. It may not look like a funky laptop, but it opens the door to great fun. The keyboard is also silver, like the whole laptop. The laptop has got a 86 percent screen-to-body ratio.

It has a full-size keyboard, which is also backlit. In addition to it, separate keys for mic mute and camera shutter are also provided.

The screen is an IPS multi-touch screen with 300 nits of brightness as per HP. You can upgrade to an Ultra HD 4k screen too, but that is going to cost you extra. However, this one will also provide the perfect gaming experience.

It only has a single USB-C type port but three USB-A type ports along with an HDMI, SD card reader port, and mic/headphone jack. The battery life like this is tough to find. On Amazon, you are also provided a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The link is provided below.


ProcessorIntel Core i7-10510U
Storage256GB SATA SSD + 1TB HDD
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce MX250 2GB GDDR5
Screen Size17.3 inches
DisplayFull HD
Processor Speed2.10 GHz

2. Dell G7 Laptop

Dell is nowhere behind in its laptop game. They produce top-quality laptops back to back. One of their popularity reasons is affordability as well. Dell gives its customers quality, which isn’t heavy on pocket.

This gaming laptop here is just one example of quality provided with affordability. The Dell G7 is an upgraded version of the Dell G5 with changes like being lighter and full metal etc. As it is a gaming laptop, you can easily install Dolphin Emulator and enjoy all your games.

The design of the laptop is also something to enjoy while gaming. For example, its rear vent with blue lighting will make any gamer fall in love with it. Rubber feet below might seem like a bummer, but they’re for the customer’s benefit.

These feet don’t let your laptop heat up with all the hot air inside. When you open the lid, you will see a cold black aluminum surface. You can comfortably rest your palm here.

It has three USB 3.1 ports along with other ports like thunderbolt three-port and headphone jack etc. The display of the G7 will keep the gamer in you alive while gaming. That’s how good its brightness is. However, it only reproduces 62 percent sRGB color gamut, which is below average for gaming laptops. But at this price, it is quite okay. Speakers in G7 should be much appreciated. They can quickly fill a room with loud and clear sounds.

The keyboard here is full-sized in island style. The touch is big and smooth. All multi-touch features can be performed with it nicely. Now lastly, G7 is not only an excellent laptop for gaming but could be your perfect partner in multitasking too.


ProcessorIntel Core i7-8750H
Storage256GB SSD + 1TB HDD
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
Screen Size15.6 inches
DisplayFull HD
Processor Speed2.20 GHz

3. ASUS ROG Strix Scar III G531GW

Asus is a brand that can offer you a variety of laptops in almost every price range. This is why they have gaming laptops like this one in an affordable range. Strix Scar III has features that can rarely be offered at this price.

Its design is somewhat “sharp,” which is what most passionate gamers would like. The hood is gray with a faux-aluminum brushed design. One brushed part is diagonal, while the other is straight. There is a ROG logo on the lid, which is RGB lit.

The copper vents at the rear protrude outwards. In between these vents, there are additional ports. The most exciting part of design-wise is the bar, which is wrapped around the chassis and is RGB lit. With an open lid, you can see a black and gray deck, unlike the lid. This deck is made up of carbon fiber. You can also see the very much visible orange ROG keystone on the right side of the deck.

For a good-sized gaming laptop, it is lighter than its competitors. The keyboard is of a decent size as well. There are media dedicated keys just above the keyboard, and Numpad can be enabled on the touchpad. Keys are very smooth to use, and the bounce is of the appropriate amount.

The touchpad is large and also significant for Windows 10 gestures. It has four USB ports, with three being Type-A ports and one being Type-C ports. Other ports are also included, like a headphone jack and HDMI 2.0B.

The “shadow drive,” which has an orange ROG stone on it, can carry custom information. To activate it, you need to have an Asus account. The display is excellent with its brightness and vibrant colors. It has a refresh rate of 240-Hz while the response time is just three milliseconds! You can find Strix Scar III speakers on both sides, with the sound quality being pretty good.


ProcessorIntel i7-9750H
Storage1TB HDD
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070
Screen Size15.6 inches
DisplayFull HD
Processor Speed2.6GHz

4. MSI GF65 Thin Gaming Laptop

MSI has been famous for its laptops in the gaming world for a long time now. They have been producing top-tier gaming laptops.

Most people’s first choice in the gaming world is MSI. With this laptop, they have opened their laptops to a new audience. Why? Because this one is affordable for a gaming laptop yet, it has all the features which a gamer would require. This is a gaming laptop for a beginner, which is an update of the previous model, GF63.

A first look at GF65 might make you think it’s a work laptop for its minimalistic design. The surfaces are sleek and smooth, which isn’t generally familiar in gaming laptops. The lid has a brushed aluminum design.

Note that a flat top is also found in other thin gaming laptops. The chassis is overall good except for the fact that it needs a little more rigidity, considering it’s mainly made for gamers.

Multiple ports include different USB ports, HDMI ports, and headphone jack, etc. All of the ports are either on the left or the right side. Numpad is not included in the keyboard; however, there still are the full-size arrow keys. The keys are overall light but not that shallow, which is a good thing for typing.

The touchpad is not so high. It feels spongey, and dragging is a bit more of work. The contrast and brightness of GF65 have improved as compared to previous models. Backlight bleeding is also controlled to a great extent. This is not one of the most powerful laptops, but it sure can handle many games, including your Dolphin emulator.


ProcessorIntel i7-9750H
Storage1TB HDD
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB
Screen Size15.6 inches
DisplayFull HD
Processor Speed2.6GHz

5. Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop

Now we have an Acer laptop on our list. Top-quality laptops have always been their thing. They also started producing gaming laptops under the sub-brand Predator.

Acer Predator Helios is one of the top-notch gaming laptops. With this model of a gaming laptop, Acer has changed the traditional black and red look of gaming laptops.

Helios 300 has a black and blue theme with the chassis made of aluminum and plastic. The keyboard deck is of aluminum, which gives it a classy look. However, the matte finish picks the fingerprints quite quickly. The blue backlight lits the logo of the Acer predator on the lid.

The overall structure of the laptop is sturdy and durable. Hinges will keep the lid stable during usage, and the lid can be opened with one hand only. It’s a normal-sized laptop, which makes it easy to use and handle.

This laptop has considered the needs of gamers; all the ports included, which are required by them. All the ports are included at either the right or left side of the laptop. Ventilation is also on both sides as well as at the back of the laptop. While using an external mouse, warm air might disturb your hand. Some wires might also get in your way due to the ports being in front of the sides.

The laptop is not great with security options as it doesn’t have a fingerprint lock system. Helios 300 comes with a full-size keyboard, which isn’t common in laptops of this size. The primary keys are of perfect size but with a small distance among them.

However, the keys don’t make noise even if typed on fast. The touchpad is also large and smooth. It shows accuracy with the multi-touch and at the corners as well. With this powerful laptop, you will not face any performance issues.


ProcessorIntel i7-9750H
Storage512 GB HDD
Graphics CardGeForce GTX 1660 Ti
Screen Size15.6 inches
DisplayFull HD
Processor Speed4.5 GHz

6. Lenovo Ideapad L340 Gaming Laptop

How could Lenovo stay behind on the best laptops? That is why we are having included the Lenovo Ideapad L340, which would be perfect for the Dolphin emulator. With all its features, it is an extremely affordable gaming laptop.

Many of the gaming laptops which are considered affordable will be a bit expensive in front of L340. The whole chassis of L340 is made up of plastic, while after finishing, it is given a smooth surface.

This surface provides somewhat a look of brushed metal. It has a full-size screen that is surrounded only by a minimal amount of lid. You can open the lid comfortably all to 180 degrees. One drawback of its case is that fingerprints can quickly leave their mark on it. It is also one of the lightest gaming laptops you’ll find in the market. Like the previous laptop, L340 also has a black and white theme.

There are many ports on the laptop needed by a gamer; however, it doesn’t include a thunderbolt port and memory card, reader.

The bottom of the computer can be accessed by loosening the screws. This way, you can clean the fans easily and also replace the SSD.

The laptop has a full-sized keyboard. Keys have a short travel distance, but they are easy to type on. The up and down keys are tiny, which could be a problem. The whole keyboard is backlit with blue light, which can be adjusted in two levels.

The touchpad is very smooth, but it isn’t easy to use. The buttons require force, and navigation can be hard. The display is exceptional. It has excellent brightness and is matte, which makes it easier to use outdoors. L340 is sure a potent laptop and will be great for the Dolphin emulator. However, they mostly put in the entry-level category of gaming laptops.


ProcessorIntel Core i5-9300H
Storage512 GB SSD
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
Screen Size15.6 inches
DisplayFull HD
Processor Speed2.4 GHz

7. ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop FX705DY-EH53

For the majority’s convenience, we have included some of the most affordable laptops in this list too. Asus TUF is one of those. In pricing, it is giving a competition to the previous gaming laptop on our list.

Unlike the previous TUF gaming laptop, its design is much better. The overall look gives you the impression that the computer could easily be used in a fight. The lid is smooth made up of gray metal with an Asus logo in the center.

However, when the lid opened, you will see a plastic deck. TUF logo is there at the bottom right corner of the deck. The contours on the deck, around the keyboard, will give you the perfect gamer enthusiasm.

However, there are just too many patterns on this laptop, which will only be liked by a few. Even the power button is in the shape of a parallelogram. There is no USB Type-C port, a bummer, but Ethernet and HDMI input have been provided. A Kensington lock is also there on the right side of the laptop.

The big size screen and the full-size keyboard are something to appreciate in this budget. The colors on the screen are vibrant, and there is a 144-Hz refresh rate. These two together will make any of your game experiences very enjoyable and smooth.

Its display covers 123 percent of the sRGB color gamut, which is above the average of what is expected from low-budget gaming laptops. The full-size keyboard has just the right amount of distance between the keys. They are backlit, and the bounce will make your typing and gaming experience very fun.

The touchpad below the keyboard is large. It is responsive, smooth, and multi-touch gestures are not difficult on it. Speakers are not the best ones. They can barely fill your room with sound even on max level volume. But that is acceptable in this price range. For a gaming laptop, its battery life is commendable.


ProcessorQuad-core AMD Ryzen 5 3550H
Storage512 GB SSD
Graphics CardAMD Radeon RX 560
Screen Size17.3 inches
DisplayFull HD
Processor Speed3.7 GHz

8. Acer Nitro 5

Lastly, we will add another pocket-friendly yet heavy-duty laptop, Acer Nitro 5. The computer is not for expert gamers but for casual players. Like most gaming laptops, it is a bulky one. The design of Nitro 5 will not be someone’s first choice.

It has the traditional black and orange theme. The exterior is of plastic in matte black color. Unlike other Acer laptops, its logo isn’t silver but reflective black. The deck is also made up of plastic, which is soft enough to rest wrists on.

There are several sports, including Kensington lock, HDMI, different types of USB ports, and much more. A big screen with its sharp colors will reveal the details of every game. The colors on it are significant as the screen reproduces 103 percent of the sRGB gamut.

This is higher than the average. The keyboard backlit with a red light. The keys have a reasonable travel distance between them and a decent bounce. It’s a full-size keyboard. The touchpad is a struggle here. It will be best if you stick with an external mouse.


ProcessorAMD Ryzen 5 2500U Quad-core
Storage1 TB HDD
Graphics CardAMD Radeon RX 560
Screen Size15.6 inches
DisplayFull HD
Processor Speed2 GHz


All the laptops you read about above are very high functioning ones. No matter what brand they are, they will not disappoint you in any manner.

Multitasking, work, or anything at all will be very easy sleazy on these. And when these laptops can handle all this, there’s no chance that the Dolphin emulator will create any problem. The Dolphin emulator and the games from it will run very smoothly on these.

However, if you find these laptops a bit expensive, then you can get any one of these with less configuration available. Ensure you don’t go much lower into pricing and settings as a Dolphin emulator requires a robust system. That is why try to have more budget instead of wasting your money on just any laptop.

You can reminisce about your childhood all you want. What you get with the Dolphin emulator on one of these laptops is the combo of advancement and the simpler times. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these and start living the good old days.