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Just tuned up to DJing?

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In today’s article, I’m going to help you get connected to your music partner right there from your DJ booth. Stick around! You are now going to know everything about The Best Laptops for Serato DJ Software.



If you’re new to DJing and have the fear to face the music; crashes during rocks or in the middle of a bang?  I would suggest you get at least two good audio-producing devices for yourself so that if one doesn’t support you much, the next one is ready to stand by you cordially.

Solely attending tons of workshops, music showcases and learning panels not going to serve you great UNLESS you get accompanied by your DJing laptop while going for the lessons. And Hey! PRACTICE MAKES A BEGINNER PRO– Says the EDITOR


After YO! MAFIA presented tons of tips and tricks for the Serato Dj Software many music lovers wanted to get trained on the app; by the DIY trend. That’s ONLY possible when you have a powerful system besides mixing the music and production of fresh tones; that’s what going to make you stand out on the dancefloor.

Though many considerations have to be taken into account while selecting the best laptop for Serato DJ software; I’ll mention the most preferred ones and then quickly proceed to the review section.

In case if you’re a DJing pro already just skip this section and go for the reviews; Have fun choosing!

PROCESSOR; going to power up the tunes

Go for a laptop that features at least an Intel Core i5 Processor. Anything lesser than that is going to annoy you a lot during your live shows and might even cause a huge drop out in your ratings. Can you risk that? OF COURSE NOT; Processor has to be considered seriously or else all your efforts for being the best DJ in town are going to go to waste.

RAM; who doesn’t love fast load timings?

A laptop having at least 8GB of memory or more would be great. 4GB RAM laptops might serve you bucks but not a long-term solution for your problems and yes not much great at multitasking too. Make the selection wisely!

STORAGE: More GB’s More Apps

A DJ probably has to deal with more than two running applications during mixing and tuning. And for that, you surely need to have a laptop loaded with tons of storage to prevent spending extra dollars on an external hard disk drive. Go for something higher than 500GB or even a solid-state drive of 500 GB is going to rock!

DISPLAY; Be moderate over here

Most DJ’s demand a laptop that is super portable to be carried around anywhere to live shows and stage performances. However, portability has an inverse relationship with screen sizes. You have to choose a midway over here. Go for something that has a decent moderately sized display parallel to a good mobility factor. 15-inch size? PERFECT!


Hp never disappoints its customers when it comes to brilliant display and a super performance from the system. Not only display and execution, but it also has other amazing features too. Let us dig inside and see what it’s here.

PERFORMANCE: Equipped with 8th Generation Intel Core i7 that is super fast with almost zero hiccups. You don’t need to worry about any crash from the system, this processor is going to handle everything by giving you the freedom to enjoy yourself during live shows.

For someone who is just too nervous while being there on the stage, completely focus on your music production this laptop is going to do the rest for you! Talking about the RAM and SSD, about 8GB of RAM with 512GB of storage is a great combination.

I would suggest you keep an external SD card drive stored with you when off to travel journeys in case if you get hired for a project demanding much more than you have ever expected 😀 Who knows about the destiny fellows!

A user-friendly interface offered by Windows 10 that is pre-installed in the system is also a great benefit for all the beginners out there who might have trouble dealing with their laptops for music production.

DISPLAY AND PORTABILITY: I was so impressed when I got to see this model of HP with a friend of mine who was studying accounting. Besides sitting almost 45 degrees in the rotation to her I could clearly see what she was doing on the laptop. ALL CREDITS TO ITS AMAZING VIEWING ANGLES.

A 13.3 inch diagonal Full HD touch display with Corning Gorilla glass technology and yes IPS panel too. Apart from the beautifully crafted display, mobility was also kept into concern, and has HP has fitted all these amazing features just inside size of 4.4 lbs. Easy to carry where ever you want it to be with you.

This is my favorite hybrid laptop- can be converted into a notebook too. Hp is also offering a Stylus Pen along with it hence adding more to the attraction this model has already developed in the hearts of many. Get yours before the stock gets limited!

If this laptop couldn’t match your standards as the best laptop for Serato DJ Software? Check out some more ahead. You are surely going to get impressed.


Any top computer tech-related review just can’t complete without adding up something from the Dell brand. This version from Dell is particularly made for DJs who want to get free from the worries of lags and long load timings from the system.

PERFORMANCE: Featuring the Super speedy latest 7th generation Intel Quad-Core processor that is going to load up the Serato Software in seconds to let you not lose the attention of your audience.

One great thing I have observed in most of the Dell lineup versions is that whatever command you fit in there; Dell considers it a responsibility to be fulfilled in the minimum amount of time. An 8GB RAM and 512GB memory, to let you store tons of editing and production software all in one place.

If at any point you feel the need to upgrade your Serato Software you can do it without any tension of the Low storage warnings from the system. This dell model can withstand tons of updates; smoothly.

HEY; DON’T OVERLOAD. Obviously, it can’t function beyond its capability!

DISPLAY AND PORTABILITY: Dell has maintained a series of innovations in the past too and is now continuing doing that hence creating a great impression on the minds of people who love to go with the trend.

XPS 15 has a decent screen size of 15.6 inches with an Infinity Edge display. The borderless screen panel further widens the viewing capability and hence lets you work with more precision.  Being light and powerful both at the same time, everything packaged together in just a weight of 4 lbs. UNBELIEVABLE!

Final comments would include appreciating its One of a kind design; fitting inside everything and allotting equal priorities to every form factor. Essential Productivity is the reason for this laptop being categorized as the best laptop for serato DJ software. Don’t miss out on this one!

3: Apple MacBook Air- (Best Mac Book for Serato DJ Software)

Catches the eye of almost everyone; all credits to its sleek stylish chassis and beautiful selection of borders and strokes. Well, it’s not just the exterior that’s tempting but the interior has got great rates too. Read on to know what this model holds for you.

PERFORMANCE: The processor you would get in here is a Dual-core 8th generation Intel core i5. I haven’t heard any of my colleagues complaining about lags or slow responses from the system; I mean those who are currently using the Apple products.

The Intel UHD Graphics 617 along with the processor forms a super combo that can be considered a great choice of GPU with the CPU.

Next up, the RAM. 8Gb of ram is what you would get in here. Moderately enough to carry out all your tasks with ease.

The SSD Drive cannot be called highly reliable because over here you are just going to get 256GB.

BUT; Wait a sec. Additional storage on the Cloud by the MAC Operating system is going to fulfill that craving of yours too.

DISPLAY AND PORTABILITY: Apple has manufactured the display panel of this Macbook delicately keeping in mind the essential touch ability too. I can’t just describe enough about the mesmerizing 13.3-inch Retina display with eye care technology inside. You can stare at the screen for a long duration and still won’t feel any twitch in the eyes.

However, don’t attempt to do that with the maximum brightness levels. And yes, the uncompromising mobility factor is worth talking about. With a weight of only 2.75 lbs and a battery life of up to 12 hours. Take this classy laptop with you anywhere; whether it’s about music lessons or just an ordinary show rehearsal. It won’t disappoint you with its most appreciated mobility form factor.

This iconic model is developed using the finest of aluminum to craft its body and hence produce the thinnest and lightest of all thunder striking laptops available in the market. Available in silver, gray and gold to light up your world whatever way you want and more to the personality of you being a musical thriller.

4: Acer Spin 5- with Echo Dot

FOR MY READERS: The Echo dot is a voice-controlled smart speaker that gives you the title of the boss. Yes, you heard it right. Now get access to rule over your laptop, demand your partner to do things for you while you sit back and relax. ECHO DOTS HAVE BEEN SO IN FASHION LATELY THAT THE AVERAGE SALES FOR THE PAST YEAR CAUSED THE PRODUCT TO GO OUT OF STOCK.

PERFORMANCE: Acer spin 5 has the 8th generation Intel core i7; get ready to have a carefree experience from your new music production machine. Not only is capable of running Serato with a great response rate from the system but also capable of loading multiple tuning and mixing applications simultaneously.

Whether you’re in the middle of a gig or beyond the horizons; go farther into the depth of the tune and explore your level of creativity without worrying about your system getting hanged.

Ram, you would get in here is totally reliable. 8gb RAM! However, the storage factor has been a disappointment. I  still hope for Acer to produce an upgradeable version of the laptop with at least 512GB of storage so that they can attract more customers. Well, 256GB along with an external drive can pretty much solve your problems, fellows.

DISPLAY AND PORTABILITY: A 13.3″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) Widescreen LED-backlit IPS Multi-Touch Display is what you are going to get over here. I don’t see the screen as a huge drawback but some users have reported the size to be a bit insufficient for precision working. For the purpose of Serato DJ software, I would rate the display as Moderately Good.

A good attempt to fit inside the cooling technology, hence preventing the laptop to get hot too quickly, but again a major mistake was done in fitting the fans just below the keyboard part making it harder to keep on the lap for long.

In the end, I would say that the Echo dot with Alexa offered in a package with this laptop is an impressive feature that loads of professionals have already appreciated. Go for it if you’re a beginner in DJing; you can, later on, switch to a better one.

5: ASUS ROG GL552VW- with a pinch of everything! [EDITOR’S RECOMMENDATION]

This lineup version from ASUS has been added to this list because it fulfills all the requirements that a DJing laptop demands. Being priced fairly, I consider the gaming capability as a bonus, for a music addict who is into high-end gaming too. Obviously, DJ’s going to have some entertainment time too :D!

PERFORMANCE: 6th generation Intel Core i7 Is the processor responsible for its smart performance. Who even won’t like his laptop to function best in every aspect whether it’s for music production or for the use of video editing. From browsing the internet to playing long hours of Youtube videos for the music sessions, everything is going to occur super fast once you get your hands on this system.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT? This is the only laptop on this list having RAM as high as 16GB. That’s not all! About 1TB of storage is another amazing surprise from this model of ASUS. I can’t resist mentioning the fact that the Storage on the hard disk drive is upgradeable. You can insert a bigger hard drive too in case if you are using this laptop for multi-purposes and not just the Music production.

DISPLAY AND PERFORMANCE: 15.6 inches Matte IPS FHD display with 1920 by 1080 resolution; such an accurate fit for all the requirements needed for the best laptop for Serato DJ Software.

The bright colors and saturated display when gets paired up with the NVIDIA Graphics game card add more to the drama. It allows you to run all your applications in the highest settings with more distinct pixels.

Portability is a thumbs down over here. This beast with the best of specifications has an item weight of 5.6 lbs; not at all easy to carry around. If you are more of a travel Dj person, get yourself something portable instead of this one. However if portability doesn’t matter to you much, THIS IS A SURE TO GO FOR!

A blend of all the perfect specs and form factors, whether it’s about RAM, Solid State drive or the IPS display Panel. Everything inch to inch has been crafted with great attention and care. I guess letting go of this model won’t be fair enough with its extraordinary specifications. What do you think?


So this was all about the best laptop for Serato DJ Software. Now it’s totally up to you which specific feature you want to opt for and which one you want to leave behind on the side because obviously, you can’t expect your machine to be perfect in every aspect while running the music production and tuning software Serato DJ.

To save your precious time, and eliminate the need of you go through plenty of reviews and choose for yourself the appropriate one after that, I have made sure to review the best laptops for Serato DJ Software. If you have come until here you must be having a very clear idea about which one to go for.

I’ll mention my personal favorite from this list, ‘ASUS ROG’ because it’s a complete steal for your money. Also for those who want to invest more in buying the best laptop for Serato DJ Software for themselves can choose to go for, ‘Apple MacBook Pro’. All your choice now!

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Though laptops are never designed for a single purpose, we can surely categorize them according to their performance and capabilities. I’m very sure each of the laptops listed above makes them best for professional use in their own distinct way; the rest is your choice to choose for yourself the one that suits your needs.

I’ll be updating the article in case if I find any other laptop that is more suitable for DJ’s whether professional or beginners and best for Serato DJ Software apart from these.

I hope you find this review beneficial, for any queries drop your comments in the comments box below. I would love to help to choose for you the best laptop for Serato DJ Software; GOOD LUCK!