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Bargaining and business are coming from the past era, and growing up consequently with the passage of time. But as technology developed it contributes to every aspect of business and personal lives.

The main fast-growing invention in the history of technology is the computer. Then it was developed and more portable in the form of a laptop, tablet, and mobile phone.

List Of Best Laptop For Real Estate Agent And Realtors In 2022

It is our need in today’s world and need can’t be ignored, so for real estate agents our team researched the overall market

Best Laptop for Real Estate Agent

for several days, and screened out the Best Laptop for Real Estate Agent.

Now you have to focus on the basic features and factors in the laptop I am discussing with you.

First of all you have to look at your need for a laptop that is for the use of a real estate agency, and what is the need in these processes. So here you come to the laptop performance, power life, and storage space.


On the performance side, you have to look at the processing unit and ram. The processing unit is the processor of the laptop and ram is used to calculate and make available the data to process. This is the need you go through on your laptop all day. Like browsing, typing, document reading, etc.

Apart from this, there is a need for the true colors and clarity of display; you can be improved and high quality through the best graphics card unit as GPU.

Storage Space

The storage space is that area where you save your data and files, as well as you also download and install the data in laptop storage. For real estate agents, you need to have enough space to keep data protected and secure.

Power Life

The power life of the laptop shows you the battery performance of the laptop. You have to decide the product with long battery life; because most of the time you were in meetings with the client, and this should be ignored to get interruption sue to charge capacity.

1: Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (Best Portable Laptop For Real Estate Agent)

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Review:

Display – 12.3 Inches FHD Pixel Sense

The display in this laptop is 12.3 inches in size. The technology in this display is Pixel Sense. Pixel sense is used for Microsoft Surface. It allows more than one user at a time to reach the content.

The display resolution in this surface laptop pro 6 is 2736 X 1824. These are the high resolutions used to give you the real feel. And it is a plus point for real estate agents that they will show the contents to their clients and attract them through virtual reality.

Processor – Intel i7-3960X (8th Generation)

The processor equipped in this laptop is from the extreme edition. The model of this processor is i7-3960X and the capacity of turbo boost performance is 3.9 GHz.

This processor uses six cores to process your data. Six cores are more enough for processing and also it will do too many processes in seconds and save your time.

Ram – 16 GB LPDDR3

The ram in this laptop is from LPDDR3, the latest family in ram. Also, the capacity of this ram is 16 GB. With the above processor combination, this ram is satisfactory because it processes the data very fast, and also it needs the calculation in less time to be more convenient.

Storage – 1TB SSD Fast Enough Storage

The Storage capacity is 1 TB in this laptop, and from the solid-state, it becomes more attractive. There are two reasons behind SSD as the best storage. One is that it is connected to the laptop motherboard through a single chip, so it didn’t need too much power.

The second one is that it works faster as compared to hard disk drives. If you have installed the apps in SSD it will load files in seconds and boot.

GPU – Intel UHD Graphics 620

To display the contents in a real graphical feel this laptop uses integrated graphics and the model is Intel UHD 620. Integrated graphics are those which use the laptop’s own processor to work on, in results that show the high quality with low power consumption.

OS – Windows 10 Home

The more convenient operating system for individuals and households. You can work on all of the software for the real estate agency. It uses the latest features and tricks to keep you protected from external threats and also faster performance.

Battery – 13.5 Hours

The battery life in this laptop is also reasonable because you can work for 13.5 hours on a single charge. It will lead you to 15 hours on normal working or video playback

  • USB 3.0 Ports.
  • 2 IN 1 Detachable
  • Micro SD Card Reader.
  • Slim and Smart Portable.
  • Long Battery Life.
  • Touch Screen Display.
  • No Optical Drives.

2: Apple MacBook Pro (Best Laptop For Real Estate Agent)

Display – 13 Inch Brilliant Retina

Apple MacBook is the Best Laptop for real estate agents on the list. The display on this laptop is 13 inches in size. The retina is the marketing name used by Apple for its displays. They focus to give you more pixel density and accurate colors.

In this display, apple use 300 pixels per inch to show the content clear and accurate colors. Also, they use the latest technology for wide viewing angles.

Processor – Intel Core i5 (2.3 GHz)

This laptop is equipped with the seventh generation of Intel processor. The processor model is Intel Core i5. The capacity of this processor to work faster is 2.3 GHz. It uses dual cores to process the data.

Ram – 8 GB

The ram in this MacBook is 8 GB. 8 GB with core i5 is best on the performance basis. It took less time to load the file and boot the system. Also, apple continuously tries to satisfy their customers. So you don’t have to worry about the MacBook performance. And yes it is satisfying.

Storage – 256 GB SSD

The storage space on this laptop is 256 GB SSD. This is enough to install windows and software. If your data is exceeding the limit, there is a secured and protected data saving option in Mac is the cloud storage. You can upload your data through synchronization.

GPU – Intel Iris Plus 640 Graphics

The Graphic card unit in this MacBook is integrated and from Intel Iris plus 640. These graphics are working through the laptop’s own processor. These are designed to consume low power and give you the best results.

OS – Mac Based

The Operating system of this laptop is Mac-based and it is specially designed for fast working speed. Also, this system has built-in virus protection. The Mac operating systems are made for the hardware combination to be more productive.

Battery – 10 Hours

The battery life in this MacBook is about 10 hours on normal processing. The reason behind this long-range battery is the best hardware and software collection used in this laptop.

  • 7th Generation Processor.
  • Ultrafast SSD.
  • Slim and Smart Portable.
  • Lightweight Laptop.
  • Fast Performance.
  • Brilliant Retina Display.
  • Price is high.

3: Huawei Mate Book X  (Ultra-Slim Laptop For Realtors)

Huawei Mate Book X Laptop Review:

Display – 13 Inches QHD 2K (Corning Gorilla Glass + Narrow Bezel)

Huawei mate book is coming 3rd in the list of best laptops for real estate agents. The Display in this Huawei mate book is 13 inches in size and the resolutions are 2k. With too much clear view, the display is spread back to the sides by 88% share to the body.

This display is protected by the technology named corning gorilla glass. The benefit of this glass is that it resists external damages and scratches on the screen.

Processor – Intel Core i7-7500U

This Mate Book is equipped with an Intel processor, model # i7-7500U. This is a dual-core processor. So it processes the data by two cores. The turbo frequency is from 2.70GHz to 3.50GHz.

On the other side of the processor, it consumes low battery power. The TDP is measured 15W by benchmarks.

Ram – 8 GB DDR3 SD

The ram capacity in this laptop is 8 GB, and this is from the DDR3 SD family. This ram is modified for two reasons. One is to upgrade the performance twice than the previous version. the second one is the power consumption to be more productive.

Storage – 512 GB SSD

The storage space in this mate book is SSD-based and the capacity is 512GB. SSD benefits you in fast boot files loading and superior performance. The other is that it consumes low battery power.

GPU – Intel HD Graphics 620

The graphics used in this Huawei mate book is Intel HD graphics 620. This is integrated graphics, it uses the processor to get the graphical outcomes.

OS – Window 10

The operating system in this mate book is Microsoft window 10. This is the registered version of Microsoft window 10. You don’t need to worry about registration, because Huawei has already paid for it. You can access a lot of applications in the Microsoft app store.

Fingerprint Scanner – Secured Log In

The fingerprint scanner is an extra attractive feature used by Huawei to be the secured system. No one can access your laptop without your finger permission. It also saves your time quickly logging on instead of typing passwords.

  • Best Visual Experience.
  • Thin and Lightweight Laptop.
  • 88% Widescreen to Body Ratio.
  • Registered Window 10.
  • Long Battery Life.
  • No DVD Drive.

4: Lenovo Flex 5

Display – 15.6 Inches FHD IPS Touchscreen

The display in this laptop is 15.6 inches in size and the technology used is FHD IPS and touchscreen. FHD is a full high definition that shows you more accurate colors and resolutions. IPS will lead to wide viewing angles. This means if you are looking from every angle, it will look perfect. Also, this is a touchscreen. So you can use it without the keyboard.

Processor – Intel Core i5-8250U (8th Generation)

The processor equipped in this laptop is from the Intel i5 family. The generation is 8th and the model is i5-8250U. It operates normally on 1.6 GHz and boosts up to 3.4 GHz. The TDP measured for this processor is 15W.

Ram – 8 GB DDR4 Multi-Tasking Beneficial

The ram in this laptop is from the DDR4 family, and the capacity is 8 GB. It calculates your data processing faster to make available the data to the processor.

As much as the ram space is extended the laptop will be more productive in multi-tasking. But not only is the ram factor you have to select the best processor with the ram combination.

Storage – 256 GB PCI-E SSD Next Level Technology

The storage capacity in this Lenovo laptop is 256 GB, and that is from PCI-E SSD. A step forward technology level from normal SSD. SSD has more speed than a traditional hard disk drive, while the PCIe SSD is further modified to be more productive in speed and consumption of low battery power.

GPU – Intel UHD Graphics 620 Integrated based Chip

The graphics card unit in this laptop is integrated based, and that is from Intel manufacturers. The GPU model used in this laptop is Intel UHD Graphics 620.

The graphics use the laptop’s own ram and processor to handle the graphical interfaces. It will give you all the results on your display.

OS – Window 10 Home

This Lenovo laptop is based on a Microsoft window operating system. The window is the latest generation of window 10 as a home edition. Windows 10 home gives you the extra features of security and makes life easy. There is a special assistant to answer your question known as Cortana.

Convertible – 2 IN 1 Your Own Way Your Own Choice

You can use this laptop in any position you want. You can use a keyboard for typing or use the touchscreen to be functional. So it simply means that you can use it as a laptop or in tablet mode. This is the best feature in today’s innovative world. It makes your life easier.

Battery – 10 Hours Life Span

The battery life of this laptop is round about 10 hours. On normal operations, it can lead you to more reliability. This is too much life span to use the laptop for a long day.

  • Medium Range Qualitative Laptop.
  • 2 IN 1 Convertible Laptop.
  • Touchscreen.
  • Long Life Battery.
  • Expensive laptop.
  • Loud Fans on high performance.

5: Newest HP SPECTRE x360

Newest HP SPECTRE x360 Review:

Display – 13.3 Inches Diagonal FHD IPS Corning Gorilla Glass Touchscreen

Several technologies in a single display. The display is equipped first of all with the full high definition content. Then it is IPS it allows you to watch your laptop from different angles but the results will be the same as you are looking from the front.

The corning gorilla glass is used for protection. It protects your laptop from external scratches and damages. Also, this is a touch screen, so you can use it without a keyboard.

Processor – Intel Core i7-8550U

HP uses the latest generation processor as the 8th generation. The model is Intel i7-8550U. This processor has the fastest speed and operates your laptop from 1.8 GHz to 4 GHz. This laptop is having turbo boost technology to work on.

Ram – 16 GB DDR4

The ram in this laptop has a 16GB capacity, and that is from the DDR4 family. The ram and processor combination is made significantly for the fastest operations. The ram space in this laptop is much enough and it is the best combination.

Storage – 512 GB PCI-E SSD

The storage space for your data on this laptop is 512 GB from the PCI-E SSD. It is the next level of technology used in PCI-E SSD. It works faster than the normal SSD-based laptops.

If you install windows and other software on your laptop that will load in just seconds and save your time and battery power.

GPU – Intel UHD Graphics 620

The graphical outcomes are done through the integrated graphics of Intel UHD 620. This graphics card work through the laptop processor and ram. This is the plus point because if it has a different processor and ram for graphical outcomes, then it leads your laptop in more battery power consumption.

OS – Window 10

The operating system in this laptop is window 10 based. window 10 is the modified version of window 7 and 8.1. In this window, they make new features and security protection.

The pleasant situation in this laptop is that HP has already paid for the registered version, and don’t need to pay extra money.

Convertible – 2 IN 1

This is a 2 in 1 convertible laptop. So you can this laptop in dual modes. As a laptop with a keyboard or without a keyboard as a tablet. This feature brings more portability in this laptop.

Battery – 14 Hours Life Span

The life span of this laptop on a single charge is about 14 hours. On normal operations, it also leads you to more than 14 hours.

  • Corning Gorilla Glass Touchscreen.
  • 2 IN 1 Convertible Laptop.
  • Slim and Lightweight.
  • High-End Processing Unit.
  • Long Battery Life.
  • Over Heating on Heavy Operations.

6: Dell G5587-7866BLK – PUS G5 15 Gaming Laptop

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Display – 15.6 Inches FHD IPS LED

The display in this Dell G5587 laptop is 15.6 inches in size. This is the full HD IPS LED display. The full HD will show you the content in true colors and the IPS extends its feature to be visible from more wide angles.

Processor – Intel i7-8750H

This Dell G5587 is equipped with an Intel i7-8750H processor. This processor operates on a turbo boost to 3.9 GHz. This is the latest generation and is used as a high-end processor.

Intel design this processor to be more productive in performance and power consumption. the performance is much better than the previous i5 version. also, the power consumption is kept low.

Ram – 16 GB DDR4 SD

The ram in this laptop is SD and from the DDR4 family. This ram has a 16 GB capacity. 16 GB capacity is reasonable in the combination with i7 high-end processor. As the ram has more storage then it does more quickly process and multi-tasking.

Storage – 128 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD Hybrid Drives

The storage space in this laptop is based on hybrid drives. one is the 128 GB SSD and another one is a 1 TB hard disk drive. Our researchers recommend that always you have to install windows and software on the SSD to boot in seconds. while saving the entire data on the hard disk drive.


The graphics card unit in this laptop is NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1050Ti. This is the dedicated graphics card unit. The dedicated graphics card unit uses a separate co-processor to operate the graphical processes.

OS – Window 10 Home

  • Latest Technology Processor.
  • Dual Storage Drives.
  • Dedicated Graphics card.
  • Low Internal Temperature.
  • Thick Screen.
  • Heavy Weight.


The conclusion of the above best laptop for real estate agents and realtors is not a single mind based, but there is a team on the back that comes on the table to decide the best product to include in the list for real estate agents. The above-listed laptops are from different categories, and price ranges.

It contains both high-end laptops and medium-range laptops. High-end laptops are somewhat expensive. While the medium-range laptops are reasonable in price. Now it depends upon you that what type of laptop is your choose and need.