8 Best Laptop For Adobe Illustrator 2022 | Expert Guide

Here I will give you some necessary and critical information regarding the Best Laptop for Adobe Illustrator. There are some laptops available but not every computer can work great for illustration and artwork.

As time pass, everything in the world is connecting with technology and technology gives you pleasing outcomes.

The same is the case with adobe illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is the application manufactured for drawings, artwork, and for illustration.

Before going to discuss the list of laptops, I will explain to adobe illustrator much more, that once you capture the idea, then it is easy to find out the best laptop for adobe illustrator.

The artwork is a unique job to do. It can do only through your spirits; if you don’t have an interest, then it is hard to do. In the early era, it has done on pages, on clothes, on stones, etc.

But when the technological era starts to develop they build a software application for designing work. The first Adobe illustrator was released in 1987, and then they continuously update the version for better results.

From the above statements, you are now clear that illustration is connected with graphical work on a laptop. And for this reason, you have to find out the best laptop for adobe illustration.

List of 8 Best Laptop for Adobe Illustrator 2022

To fulfill your need I have researched these devices and the types of a laptop with different configurations and price ranges. The following are the two types of focused and the best laptops.

Best Laptops for Adobe Illustrator

Mid-range laptops are those laptops that are friendly budgeted and can work reasonably. These include the average performance speed, and their prices start from 500 to 1000 dollars.

The intermediate range doesn’t mean that these are slow laptops, but as the latest technology comes in the market, then it replaces the present that’s why their prices and demand go low.

You can work better with these configurations by running adobe illustrator applications. If you are an artist, graphic designer, cartoon maker, or professional, then you have to keep the focus on the performance and the graphical power of the laptop.

Your need is adobe illustration, for this fulfillment you have to focus on the main factors in a laptop which can increase or decrease your working efficiency. These are the CPU, GPU, Ram, Display, and the Battery Life of the computer. If you choose a great collection, it will lead you to the best outcomes.

High-End Laptop – Best Laptop for Adobe Illustrator

High-end laptops are the latest technology manufactured by different companies. This can work great for you, and also will give you the desired results.

But remember their price ranges will be high. Because the manufacturer uses the latest configurations which will affect the prices, and then it leads to the expensive device.

The companies make the best of a collection of software and hardware in the high-end laptop. And as much as the performance of the computer is excellent, then it will also help you to minimize the risk and give you the best outcomes.

Following are the list of best laptop for adobe illustration, read it first, I have included the features and specifications which will help you more while working on the adobe illustrator.

1: Acer Aspire E 15 

Display – 15.6 Inches Full HD IPS, Better Color Accuracy

Acer Aspire E15 is equipped with a high-definition IPS display. This gives you 1920 x 1080 screen resolutions.

Full HD IPS displays are manufactured for better color accuracy, as well as give you a wider viewing angle. And in adobe illustration most of the time you need the best display to work on to decrease mistakes.

Processor – Intel Core i7-8550U

For processing your data, Acer put down the Intel Core i5-8550U processor on this laptop. This processor is from the 8th generation and has a boost-up frequency up to 4.0GHz.

The quad-core processor means that this processor is equipped with four separated units for processing your data quicker.

Processing data means your workload on the laptop if you have more units to do work on them. Then it will give you good results.

Ram – 8GB Dual Channel Memory

The Ram in this laptop has 8GB memory, and also it’s based on second channels. This works twice the speed of single-channel memory.

In your working laptop, you may not see the physical difference in functioning, but if you look at the benchmarks, you will understand better.

In benchmarks you will be able to see the impacts as this ram will consume little power, and also didn’t overload your system. But gives a data inefficient way to the processor to work on.

GPU – Dedicated Graphics Card (2 GB GDDR5)

Acer equipped this laptop with a dedicated graphics card as 2GB DDR5, which gives you the best result in graphical work on your computer.

The phenomenon behind the dedicated graphics card is that it uses a separated memory built in the graphics to control your work like ram works for the processor. This gives you the best results as high screen resolutions, etc.

If you compare a dedicated graphics card with an integrated graphics card, the dedicated graphics card is much better, because in the integrated graphics card the graphical calculation load is done through laptop ram. And the dedicated GPU has its memory.

Storage – 256 GB SSD Highly Efficient

The storage in this laptop based on SSD and the capacity is 256 GB. SSD is capable of giving you the best result as compared to HDD.

The SSD storage has two sides of competitive advantage; one is that connected through a single chip in results that consume low battery power.

The second one is that it is manufactured to be high efficiency, and having a fast data transfer rate. In adobe illustration, you have to work for long hours, and it should have to do in a small time to achieve your goals.

Operating System – Windows 10 Home

The operating system of this laptop is Microsoft window 10. Windows 10 gives you a more secure and protected system with extra features.

The plus point here is that Acer has already paid to Microsoft for this operating system, so you don’t have to worry about window registration.

Battery Life – 15 Hours Long Lasting Capacity

As this laptop is the high-end device, it gives you the best feature here is that the long-lasting capacity of the battery.

You can work on this laptop for 15 hours. This is because of the 2 built-in lithium batteries, and the best collection of hardware and software.

  • High-End Laptop.
  • Dedicated Graphics card.
  • SSD Storage.
  • Long Lasting Battery Life.
  • Need to update the necessary drivers.

2: Dell G5587 G5 15

Display – Full HD IPS 15.6 Inches

The display in this laptop is 15.6 inches, and with high definition IPS system. The resolutions of this display are 1920 x 1080.

The resolutions and HD IPS is enough to display you the content on the screen excellent. The IPS will give you more precise colors and more pixels.

For Adobe Illustrator, it is a satisfying display to work on for long hours with accuracy.

Processor – Intel Core i5 8300H

The processor used in this laptop is the latest generation launched in 2018. This processor manufactured for fast performance.

This processor has four cores for processing the data. And this processor can clock on from 2.3GHz to 4GHz.

The TDP of this processor at heavy load is 45W while reducing the performance it worked up to 35W. This processor has much power to handle your graphical work in illustration and also gives the best results in gaming.


This laptop is equipped with 16GB of memory of ram. And that is from DDR4 SD Ram. This ram has double power as compared to the previous version.

It not only fast the performance, but also have the capability to consume little power as well as it Battery Life of the computer


The graphics card unit in this laptop is from NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX, and the model is 1060. NVIDIA GPUs are well known for their extreme performance in the graphical world.

GTX 1060 will give you VR while working with adobe illustrator. The laptop is manufactured with the latest technology. Most of these graphics are used in a gaming laptop.

Storage – Hybrid Drive

In this laptop, there is a hybrid drive for your data storage. This is equipped with SSD as 256GB and HDD as 1TB.

The collection made in this laptop according to the processor performance and SDRAM. They can conveniently handle all your operations.

As a graphics professional you have to install a lot of applications, and that’s why you need a lot of storage space. So it will save your entire data safe, secure, and in large amounts.

Operating System – Windows 10 Microsoft Registered

The operating system on this laptop is windows 10, and you don’t have to worry about windows registration. Dell has already paid for it to Microsoft.

The operating system as Windows 10 is because it is the latest in the world. And also you can install almost every type of application in it.

  • Hybrid drives for data storage.
  • Backlit keyboard.
  • NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX graphics.
  • High-End Laptop with high performance.
  • HD IPS Display.
  • A little Bit Heavy.

3: ASUS Vivo Book Pro (Best Laptop for Adobe Illustrator)

Display – 17.3 Inches Full HD Wide-View Display with 72% NTSC Color

ASUS Vivo Book Pro is another great laptop for Adobe Illustrator. The display in this ASUS laptop is 17.3 inches in size. The screen is high definition with 72% of NTSC colors.

NTSC is a color standard, and it is used to rate different displays by the percentage of colors. If a screen has 100% ratings, so it means this display will show you 100% colors.

In the case of the ASUS display, it shows you 72% of the colors. ASUS combined 17 different software and hardware to provide you with the best and bright visuals.

Processor – Intel Core i7-8565U

ASUS equipped this laptop with an Intel processor which model is core i7-8565U. This processor is based on a 64-bit system. Also, this processor uses four cores to process your data.

As a high-end laptop, this is the latest generation and launched in 2018. This processor work from 1.8GHz to 4.0GHz. The TDP of this laptop was measured as 15W.

For adobe illustration, it is the best processor because of two factors. One is a fast processing performance, and the different one is low power consumption.


The graphics card unit in this ASUS is NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1050. This GPU will help you to do your graphical operations conveniently.

Also, it will handle your entire processing unit to show more precise V graphics.

This GPU has built-in qualities to consume low power and keep your laptop at a reasonable temperature.

Storage – Hybrid Drives (256GB SSD + 1TB HDD)

The storage for your data this laptop has hybrid drives. SSD as 256GB and HDD as 1TB. Being a professional of graphical work you are having a lot of data to store in your laptop for recent work, and also for upcoming projects.

So you need to have a lot of space storage to keep your data secure and protected. This laptop is the best option for the hardware used in this.

Operating System – Window 10 Home

The operating system in this ASUS laptop is based on Microsoft Windows 10 home. And this is working through the 64-bit system.

Microsoft Windows is the best option to work on graphics. Because there is heavy software to install on your laptop and this done on windows operating system very easy.

Battery – Fast Charging Technology

The battery charging phenomenon in this laptop is based on fast charging technology. This ASUS is capable of charging 60% in 49 minutes.

Many times you have to travel your laptop, and if it is not charged and the place where you are going may have no charging facility, so it doesn’t need too much time to charge your laptop in your office or home.

Keyboard – Backlit Ergonomic

ASUS equipped this laptop also with an ergonomic backlit keyboard. You know the backlit system well that there is lighting in the background of the keyboard.

Ergonomics are the features used to protect your physical health and body. Being a graphics professional, you have to work for more hours on a laptop while typing.

That may lead you to wrist pain, or other inconveniences so that this laptop won’t harm you physically, and you can work for most of the time.

  • Dual Storage Drives.
  • Fast Charging.
  • It has backlit Ergonomic keyboard.
  • No touch screen.

4: Apple MacBook Pro (Best Mac For Adobe Illustrator)

Display – 15 Inches Retina More Pixels and Color Density

Apple MacBook is the all-time excellent laptop for Adobe Illustrator in this list. This MacBook is equipped with 15.4 inches retina display, to show you more pixels per inch. The retina is the brand name used by Apple for its IPS displays.

Retina displays are capable of showing you the 300 pixels per inch on your screen. These retina displays are having more pixels and color density than the traditional Apple display.

Processor – Intel Core i7

Apple uses the Intel brand processor in this laptop, and the model is a core i7. The capacity of this processor is 2.8 GHz.

This processor has quad cores for processing data. This processor is having built-in speed power and low power consumption quality.

Ram – 16 GB DDR3L

The ram for calculating and processing storage is 16 GB. And this is from DDR3L.

This ram is capable of more fast performance and also built-in quality for low power consumption.

GPU – Dedicated NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 750M + Integrated Intel Iris 5200

The graphics card unit in this processor is a dual-based system. One is the dedicated GPU, and another one is the Integrated GPU.

The dedicated GPU is from NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 750M. The dedicated GPU has a separated capability like processor and ram. This ram has the capacity to do calculations for the processor to process the data.

While integrated GPU uses the laptop ram and processor for graphical outcomes, so this MacBook is having dual GPU’s which gives you the best optional results.

Storage – 512 GB SSD

The space for data storage in this MacBook is 512 GB SSD. SSD is the best option due to its built-in capability.

It’s connected to your laptop through a single chip. So it will give the more fast data transfer speed and also with low power consumption.

If this space is not enough for you, there is another option for you in MacBook. You can upload your data on cloud storage.

Operating System – Mac Operating System

The operating system on this laptop is Mac. Mac has different capabilities like it can do your process fast.

Also, it will give you built-in virus protection to keep your laptop secure.

Webcam – Mac Cam with Facetime

This laptop also has an HD webcam, and the resolutions of this webcam are 720p. An extra feature built by Apple is the face time application.

Through face time app you can use your laptop as your mobile device when you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Battery Life – 8 Hours Long Lasting Capacity

This MacBook has a long-lasting battery. And you can work with this laptop for at least 8 hours by connecting it to the charger.

  • Dual GPU’s.
  • SSD Storage.
  • HD 720p webcam.
  • Face time.
  • Long Lasting Battery.
  • Expensive Laptop.
  • Refurbished Product.


5: MSI GL62M

Display – 15.6 Inches full HD EDP Vivid Color 94% NTSC

The MSI GL62M has a high definition display, having the NTSC standards as 92%. This screen can show you 92% true and precise colors.

This is also having EDP vivid colors and gives you the antiglare features in this display. It will provide you with the full, precise colors in graphical visuals.

Processor – Intel Core i7-7700HQ

The Intel production as core i7-770HQ has a fast performance with low power consumption.

The processor power starts from 2.8GHz to 3.8GHz boost frequency. Also, the plus point is that this is the latest 7th generation.

Ram – 8GB DDR4

The ram storage is this laptop is having 8 GB capacity and the DDR4. DDR4 has more power than previous versions.

Also, it has a built-in capacity to consume low battery power.


The graphics card unit in this MSI laptop is from the well-known graphical units NVIDIA. The model is GEFORCE GTX 1050. This is a dedicated graphics that leads your laptop to higher graphics with a built-in cooling system.

Also, it has low power consumption.

Storage – 256 GB SSD

The data storage drive in this MSI laptop is SSD, and the capacity is 256GB. The benefit of this drive is that it has a fast transfer rate as compared to HDD.

Also, it consumes the low power of the laptop due to single-chip connectivity.

Operating System – Window 10

The operating system of this laptop based on the Microsoft Windows operating system. This is a registered version of the windows.

MSI has already paid for the window version 10, and you don’t have to worry about the registration.

  • 94% NTSC Colors.
  • Antiglare screen.
  • 7th Generation.
  • Steel Series Keyboard.
  • Built-in Cooler Boost.
  • Expensive Laptop.
  • Need to Update Drivers.

6: Microsoft Surface Pro

Display – 12.3 Inches, HD Screen

Best Laptop For Adobe Illustrator

This Microsoft production is having a high definition display of 12.3 Inches. The resolution of this screen is 2736 x 1824 pixels.

This display will help you to explore high definition contents while operating graphical work.

Processor – Intel Core i5 (7th Gen)

The processor built-in this laptop is the 7th generation and the model i5. This processor has the boost up frequency starting with 2.0GHz up to 3.5GHz.

This processor is capable of exceptional performance than previous versions. You can do work on this laptop for more hours and getting useful results.

Ram – SD 8 GB Efficient Outcomes

The ram storage in this surface Pro is SD, and the capacity is 8 GB. This is enough memory to give you able outcomes.

The SD ram is having the extra features of saving power and excellent performance as compared to the previous versions.

GPU – Intel HD Graphics 620

The graphical unit in this laptop is the integrated system to give the best results. The graphics used are from the Intel production, and the model is Intel HD graphics 620.

These graphics will help you to give great graphical results. As adobe illustrator, you have a lot of designing graphical work and the graphics card is the primary necessity.

Storage – 256 GB SSD

The data stored in this Microsoft surface Pro is SSD, and the capacity is 256 GB. This is much enough space to save your data protected and secure.

SSD has two main features. One is a fast speed, and another is low power consumption.

Operating System – Windows 10 Pro

The operating system of this laptop based on windows. And the version of the window installed on this laptop is Windows 10 professional.

This window 10 professionals based on the 64-bit system. This is Microsoft production for professional users.

Battery Life – 13.5 Hours Long Lasting

In the case of battery life, this laptop has the extra capability. It works for 13.5 hours on watching videos.

If you are running heavy graphical work on this laptop, it will lead you to round about 10 to 12 hours.

  • Reasonable Price and Best Performance.
  • Light in Weight Laptop.
  • Registered Window 10 Pro.
  • Long Battery Life.
  • Need to Update Drivers.


As I have discussed the best laptop for Adobe Illustrator with different features and configurations, you have to consider that feature that can affect your operations. As an adobe illustrator, you have to look at the processing power and GPU.

The above-listed laptops are from different price ranges. These are high-end and mid-range laptops. Both categories can fulfill your requirements.

If you have more pocket power then go for the high-end laptop. In that case, it will do your work in small time with fast performance. And if you can’t afford the high end, then mid-range laptops are the best option for you.