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Hey there! Are you searching for the best gaming mouse under 50 USD?

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One can afford to be picky when it comes to the selection of the best mouse for yourself. Though I agree with the fact that the mouse you choose for yourself depends upon your needs and the purpose you are going to indulge this piece.

Talking particularly about gaming mouse, I would definitely judge the selection upon the level of gaming you are into. Either pro or a beginner; the features you are going to expect in your device need to be a match perfecter accordingly.

Another essential thing that matters a lot is your price range! Since you are here looking for the best gaming mouse under 50 USD, I’ll list the most efficient ones that cover this range. So let’s get to the topic without any further ado.

Wait for a sec. Let me tell you that my favorite one on this list of best gaming mouse under 50 USD is number 3rd on this list, i.e., Logitech G300s. Might be thinking WHY IS THAT SO? Dug deep down and you will get to know! HAPPY READING.  


1: Corsair M65 RGB Pro- Cheap gaming mouse under 50 USD

A version from Corsair had to add at number 1 on this list. BUT DO YOU KNOW THE REASON WHY? Hosting a sensitivity level of about 12000 DPI, this mouse is going to pick the click instantaneously and forward your commands in the minimum of time.

Not only this! Pixel precise tracking is another of the fundamental feature I’m surely going to mention over here. Excellent gaming-grade sensor is going to impress you I ASSURE. The advanced weight-tuning system allows you to manage the weight of the device’s components according to your own choice.

Custom RGB Lightening mechanism further enhances the thrill of gaming by displaying a wide range of colors all dependent on what settings you implement for yourself. Figured out from the image what this device might be composed of? All covered around with aluminum frame; the primary cause of its lesser weight.

Outstanding durability with optimal mass distribution is the factors I have found most influencing regarding this mouse. 

  • Excellent durability
  • Superior performance on virtually any surface.
  • You can save a gaming profile directly to your M65 PRO RGB.
  • Custom RGB lighting.
  • Won’t be much compatible for small hands.

2: Cougar Revenger S- High sensitivity gaming mouse under 50 USD

The most efficient feature on this device is its massively appreciated precision and accuracy. I talked about a lot on most of the forum pages that just made me too much curious to review this one. Let’s dig out further!

When combined with Arena Black Gaming Mouse Pad which is also from Cougar, it would function as one perfect match! My gaming skills have been further improved using this device from Cougar because it’s known to remarkably function for the First Person Shooting (FPS) Games.

Apart from being reliable and durable, this device makes no noise at all. You can enjoy the gaming thrill just absorbed into the music and tones offered by the game. Being unusually high for people with medium-sized hands but can also function well when used by gamers with small/large hand size.

Supports all types of grips and gestures, this mouse would be very comfortable to deal with.  I’m strongly under the impression that no mouse can be perfect for everyone. You surely have to compromise on certain of the features and leave behind the others while selecting for yourself the best gaming mouse under 50 USD. 

  • The shape is perfect for hands and grip style.
  • The clicks are as great as expected.
  • Primarily for playing FPS games.
  • The driver is pretty easy to install and set up.
  • Users complain to have software issues.

3: Logitech G300s- Optical gaming mouse under 50 USD

This one from Logitech has got its fame. Composed of nine programmable buttons to increase the device’s functionality to 3x. You make the click here, and it transfers the command over there; literally in seconds.

The symmetrical compact shape feels very comfortable in hands and ensures a perfect grip. From the image connected at this moment; this might seem like a mouse made for large hands but this device, in fact, is perfect for the small hands.

Very easily achieves the responsiveness you desire to be in your system with the help and responsible behavior from the gaming-grade sensors. Most users have complained about its expanded shape which doesn’t seem to be very classical. It might also be uneasy for those old gamers who are used to the classically shaped mouse for gaming purposes.

The device can save three profiles on itself and can also assign colors to the different patterns allotting a different one for each. This feature makes it easy for the user in the identification of different profiles.

You can set up the mouse easily the way you want it to be! Just drag and drop commands to the buttons to establish the setup. With a very easy to use user interface I would suggest you go for it. 

  • Onboard Memory Profiles
  • Optimized for Your Personalization
  • Gaming-Grade Optical Sensor
  • Symmetrical Shape, Ambidextrous Use
  • Its non-classical shape but I don’t find it to be a con for this device.

4: Corsair Harpoon RGB- High performance best gaming mouse

Corsair Harpoon RGB is one another exciting lineup version from the Corsair brand. Though the sensitivity is not found to be much high, on an average 6000 dpi is not going to disappoint you.

Just at a price range of 50 dollars, if you are getting a mouse with such high performance and durability which can endure almost 20 million clicks; you are inevitably going to regret not choosing this one for yourself

Dynamic multicolor backlighting with virtually infinite customization is another extensive feature that you are going to love, over here. Rubber sided grips make it easy for you to hold the mouse into your and play for as long as you want to.

I guarantee you; you won’t feel any uneasiness or tension in your arm, while you surf the internet, work online or keep yourself indulged in photo editing for hours. Lightweight and contoured design supports the quickest of movements. I’m glad this model from Corsair got included in this list because it is available at an unbelievable ideal budget deal. YES, YOU HEARD IT RIGHT!

This best gaming mouse is the cheapest one on this list priced just above 20 USD. Well, for all those looking for a decent, highly capable gaming mouse for yourself. 

  • provides an ultrafast response and reliability over time
  • The Omron switches are rated for 20 million clicks
  • On-the-fly dpi switching
  • enables extensive customization and portability
  • Corsair doesn’t provide any software for Mac but does support Windows. So without software on Mac, the backlit can’t be customized.

5: Razer DeathAdder Elite- Perfect design best gaming mouse

A perfectly designed mouse from the Razer DeathAdder Elite has an ergonomic shape that any user can get adapted to very easily! Whether a pro or a beginner, this device won’t require much of your attention for the extra startup activities such as the software installations, etc.

I have heard a lot about it from gamers of the high-end games such as that of PUBG and FORTNITE, and none was found to show disinterest in the feature connected with the design again. YES! You guessed it right. I’m talking about the comfort experience this mouse provides due to which it’s ratings hit the skyscrapers by the year 2016.

Updates have recently brought to this device, which marks, in particular, the addition of a scroll wheel and few more buttons for multi-tasking. The optical sensor this gaming mouse is supporting reaches to a range as high as 16000 dpi which is amazing.  Talking about the mouse movement speeds, which go up to 450 inches per second with a 99.4% resolution accuracy.

The Razer Chroma customizable lighting is another thrill to the story! Well, that’s the feature found almost in all of the mice I mentioned on this list but the signature lightning settings on this one are an exclusive addition.

7 independently programmable Hyper response buttons make it very easy for you to give prompt commands during gaming and not miss even a single target out on the battlefield. GOOD LUCK WITH THIS BEAST!

  • Ergonomic right-handed design with textured rubber side grips
  • On-the-fly sensitivity adjustment
  • A weight of just 0.21 lbs.
  • Braided fiber cable, Seven foot long.
  • No cons found!

And as RAZER states it’s a bottom line, ‘’ For Gamers. By Gamers. It’s not just a tagline. It’s a mission. It’s exactly what drives Razer to create products that constantly tilt the competition in your favor. From behind the drawing board to the tournament stage, each step is controlled by the undeniable desire for all gamers – to always win.’’ Happy gaming.

6: SteelSeries Rival 110- Multiple grips styled gaming mouse

A universal design, made for men and women of all ages with simples user interface! I’m just so impressed with the classical design that has though updated the features and accelerated the functioning but along with that’ keeping the old age prevail 😀

Talking at first about its appearance, apart from the simple shape this device supports Prism RGB lightning that is just so pleasing to the eyes. This prism RGB lightening further enhanced by the game sense reactive illumination which is just WOW!!

The durability has got a lot of talks, but let me tell you that guaranteed by the brand. 30 million left right click durability is what you get once you start using this device for the high-end gaming. Apart from gaming purposes it can adopt other settings too and fit very easily for browsing, surfing and editing docs activities.

This lightweight 90g efficient device is available at a price range just below 30USD. Well, it needs to be included at the top while composing the list for the best gaming mouse under 30 USD. Be sure to check it out!

  • Engineered with the new truemove1 optical sensor
  • 1 to 1 tracking and guaranteed 30-million click
  • Small Hands, Big Plays
  • Save your performance and lighting settings directly to the mouse
  • Prismsync Enabled*
  • Streamlined, pure performance gaming mouse
  • Not much productive when operated at larger hands.

PRISM SYNC: Extensive feature is giving you the power to level-up the style of your setup. So now, play with your device, switch to different colors using the software settings, and save a separate color combo for each of the profile! HAVE FUN.

7: Rosewill Neon M62- Advanced RGB Gaming mouse

Without any doubt, the appearance of this mouse is going to please you highly. But what’s so special about it? Let’s check out.

let’s firstly taking into discussion the shape and design, offering a very classical easy to use plot which couldn’t much bother you during operation. Such an average size offers high-level compatibility and hence can suit both the small as well as the large hand size. My friend who recently purchased this item was a bit complaining that her hands slip over the surface since its very smooth and glossy.

I don’t take this comment as a con for this item, because once you get used to it and operate it for longer times automatically, you are going to adapt to the situations. Also, at a price range just below 40 USD, you can manage to compromise on some of the lesser extensive features.

Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, plug it in and have fun gaming day and night! To further level up your enjoyment, dynamic RGB effects have been equipped inside along with twelve backlight modes to suit every game, as well as your mood and environment.

Customizable nine button controls have also marked their presence for easy access to commands in the grip of your hand. Without the need to reach over your keyboard for different powers, you can even create a buttons combo and cast spells in seconds.

I’ll suggest you get this one out checked definitely!

  • Symmetrical smooth shape
  • gaming-inspired features
  • Available at an ideal budget
  • Textured grip and colors to match any setup
  • Easy to use interface
  • Impressive RGB Lightening
  • May be a little annoying during the start days of use, but easily adaptable!


So that’s all about the TOP 7 BEST gaming mouse under 50 USD. I hope by now you may be very clear which one to opt for according to the budget you have in mind and your needs/demand. Also, this greatly depends upon the type of work you currently occupied with or the gaming you would be dealing with during competitions.

I have kept in mind all those minute details and compiled the list according to the standards observed for a Beginner, A hobbyist, An enthusiast as well as a PRO. Someone who has just started gaming and just landed on the battlefield could also do great with the models mentioned in this list.

I will be updating the topic in case I get to know any other one that stands best as a gaming mouse except these 7. TILL THEN… best of luck and HAPPY GAMING!