10 Best Browser Based FPS Games In 2020 | Laptopsgeek

The web browser has pretty much taken over from the operating system. Not just in case of the Chrome OS but an average user nowadays spends plenty of hours surfing the internet daily. That is not just stopping there and is increasing day by day.

First-person shooting (FPS) is one of the most famous gaming genres in games nowadays, with a lot of smash hits and impressive new groundbreakers coming every other day with attractive interfaces, gadgets and other cool tricks up their sleeves.

Here we have jotted down the top 10 best browser FPS games, the best and brightest in this genre.

These FPS games have a lot to offer, whether blasting Nazis, killing demons in the space. We’ll be your guide in this whole lot of stuff. Without further ado, let us dive right into it.

1: Rush Team

The Rush team is an objective-based multiplayer and put your first-person shooting abilities to test. It’s a solid game with a conventional shooter proficiency and not the flashy innovative effects nowadays in modern games.

There are a number of modes and maps to choose from and go on face-to-face with other players.

Apart from the case where the room maker selects a certain mode of the game that lets only a particular type of weapon to be used all through the game. On any map, the soldier gets a pistol, an assault rifle, a sniper, a knife, and one grenade.

The different game modes are Deathmatch, Deathmatch Snipe Only, Deathmatch Melee Only, and so on.

Every player either joins Team 1 or Team 2, tries to complete its objectives or knock out the enemy team. While in some modes once a player dies he’s dead for the whole round and has to wait until the round ends to respawn.

2: Bullet Force

Bullet Force is a multiplayer shooting game in the style of Call of Duty, which focuses on multiplayer action instead of the full campaign. For a browser-based free-to-play game, it looks pretty nice, well-made and perfect.

There are a variety of game modes and actions in the game like online mode where you can play against anyone in the world. The different modes are Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Free-for-All, and Gun Game.

You can also have custom matches making it pretty easy to set up matches between other players and yourself with the exact rules as you want.

The game offers gun customization and upgrades through leveling up your gameplay and also with in-app purchases. With all said, Bullet Force is an outstanding free to play first-person shooter game that will undoubtedly impress you with its features.

3: Dead Trigger 2

There are many advanced and desired features in this Zombie apocalypse game. As it’s a zombie-themed first-person shooter game it looks rather original and a natural fit for playing in the browser of your computer screen. Even if you don’t happen to have a touchscreen Chromebook at hand, this game can be managed somewhat on regular computers.

The graphics are good and don’t look bad at all but not that good as we would expect nowadays because this game has been around for a while now. Moving around even with a mouse is fairly easy and unlike other games is automated in walking to an enemy.

At the start of the game, you are given only a wrench and you just have to move up to your enemy and the action will take place automatically. This makes the gameplay quite undemanding and doesn’t require precise movement.

Shooting is also automated once you get a handgun after some time in the gameplay. The automated controls are not precise but all in all, they do make things easy for the player by just aiming reticle at the target zombie.

Dead Trigger 2 is a free-to-play first-person shooter game with tweaking and upgrading options available through microtransactions, acquiring new weapons or power-ups. The game gives an ideal browser experience and of course for zombie fans or horror maniacs.

4: Critical Ops

Critical Ops is another amazing multiplayer first-person shooter game available on the browser window. The graphics of the game are incredible and won’t disappoint you. The gameplay feels realistic with the warm graphics and sound quality of the game. The sound effects give excellent effect and even the bullets fired feel energetic and realistic.

The game is designed in a way to have minimum menu settings, a way to get the player right away into the game as fast as possible. It offers two modes of “Defuse” and “Team Deathmatch” that can be played on a number of maps. The difference in Deathmatch is that a player can respawn and a plain team shootout, while in Defuse mode no player can respawn until the round end and a team has to deploy bombs whereas the other team tries to stop them.

The game has in-game money that the players can use to buy weapon load-outs and take with them to the next round, provided they survive the current round. It’s a fast-paced first-person shooter game that will definitely test your skills and reflexes in this modern terrorist warfare either to fight in a critical strike counter-terrorist operation or as a terrorist causing destruction.  

Critical Ops is a fantastic action game not just because of its gameplay but also due to the content features and amazing graphics making it look just like a sci-fi action game.

5: Global Strike

Global Strike is an action first-person shooter browser game fighting against mutants or humans. The gameplay starts off with you – the player as a police officer.

Though there’s a virus affecting the players and you as well, soon the players will turn into mutants. You have to fight the mutants as long as you yourself don’t become a mutant by the virus affect. Once you become a mutant you will be fighting the unaffected humans.

If you are not still affected by the virus, you can use the weapons available in the game; however, if you turn into mutant you only have melee attacks. By touching a human you can infect him and turn him into a mutant, and the cycle goes on. With in-game coins, you can buy weapons and stay away from mutants trying to eliminate them before you become one of them.

The game doesn’t require plugins to play while running smoothly the game also does not bottleneck your network. Thought the graphics are not what one would call outstanding or on a par with modern FPS games but still the game has a decent feel and style to it, that appeals to gamers searching for classic shooting action.

6: Warmerise: Red vs Blue

Warmerise runs on the Unity web engine and lets you play within a browser window with much better controls and base. You’ll need an account to manage your stats, though you can play as a guest. You can tweak settings in the main menu inside the game and have a look at your weaponry.

Warmerise also offers an in-app purchase system where you can upgrade weapons with either in-game currency or with real-world money.

Though you have to be logged in to buy these upgradations. Inside the options menu, you can choose the graphics and game controls settings appropriately, modify graphics from “Fastest” to “Fantastic” that will accentuate the graphics of the game. Set mouse sensitivity and direction controls to meet your needs and viability.

Now as all the settings are perfect and you are set to go, pick a room with least ping time and the game mode you prefer. The game will download the map and other info, once loaded you can select your team and the primary gun.

The graphics are not that awesome generally but its original art style is attractive and the gameplay is compelling.

The overall response time is fast, respawn and round changes are quick which makes it easy to compete against other players. The game is small and full of competent players, with solid graphics and swift gameplay.

7: Shadowgun Legends

With its unique theme and astounding stories, the Shadowgun Legends is a first-person shooter’s recreational experience. The sci-fi animated world attracts attention and intrigues the player towards its environment. The overall design and look of the game are impressive.

The game has a configuration menu with all the capabilities to change how the game works covering even changing of frame rate up to 60FPS and graphical backdrop from high to low and vice versa.

Inside the game, you have to choose an avatar for your representation, with gender besides full customization options for you. You can design the avatar as you wish and dive into the gameplay. The details will be saved for later usage which you can access by logging in again into the Shadowgun account.

To find your way to the multiplayer feature you have to first go through some story mission chapters that shed light on the overview of the game and some action.

For touchscreen, the game develops an invisible joystick on the screen where you put two thumbs and use them as a controller. The left thumb is for moving the character while the aim is done with the right hand and the shooting is done automatically. You can also configure to change the automatic shooting feature and others in the settings menu.

Unluckily the multiplayer options are locked and will be opened on some specific XPs earned since the player vs. player options are pretty solid. There’s so much to explore around in the games different modes, quests, unlock weaponry and money, gain loot, etc. The purchases available in this game are enormous and you can upgrade the experience if willing to spend some bucks. The game overall feels great and looks amazing, with excellent gaming experience.

8: Quake Live

A highly competitive, energetic and exciting first-person shooter game out there. It is a fast-paced light-weight game available on the Steam engine store. The game offers around 100 game arenas all over the world and more than a dozen game modes to choose from.

The experience of gameplay is alarmingly speedy and precise, and also the Quake knows the player’s credibility while matchmaking from average players to astounding players.

Filled with classic Quake maps, one can hop right into any of the match types, for example, Free-for-all, Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, and Clan Arena. You can also upgrade to premium and pro versions by paying a monthly subscription fee.

The Quake III Arena’s sublimity was transfused in the browser-based Quake Live window, which makes it just amazing. The continuous gunplay and rockets firing ring your ears and make it an immersive experience more intriguing and fun to play.

9: Superhot

With the slogan “Time moves when only you move”, which gives the player an added advantage to assess the moves of enemy and respond fittingly. Superhot is a simple, pure and mindless fun game.

It is a single-player game and you are thrown into an arena without any other players, just you and the enemy combatants. It’s a first-person shooting game with no health bars visible, regenerating health, or extra ammo placed conveniently for your use.

In the arena, it is just you outstripped and outgunned by the red enemy combatant. You shoot, slice the enemy and have to maneuver all through a hailstorm of slow-moving bullets.

Utilizing the available resources you have to finish the enemy and grab their weapons while maneuvering your way through the slow-motion bullets.

10: Wolfenstein 3D

The pioneer of the FPS genre, Wolfenstein 3D is the finest classic atmospheric game. Its termed as the grandfather of modern 3D games. Tracking down the Fuhrer throughout Castle Wolfenstein, slaying all the Nazis on the way for a grand showdown.

It was one of the first-ever first-person shooter game, with hushed German shouts from behind the walls giving a sense of hurtling dogs and Germans towards you. Enemies will follow you through doors with clanking sound of doors and uniform, surely dipping your stomach into the floor. In “I am death incarnate!” mode you’d be facing four times more Nazis in the castle escaping from sure death and the fear caught up to you.

Maps were designed cyclically to make you lose direction, you’d have to open each door to find more enemies or to find a key or switch. You had different map designs at each of the six episodes.

Despite the fact how modern FPS games have advanced and moved on the Wolfenstein 3D has its position and mark on the development of modern games. It was free and one of the landmark games giving you feelings and challenges in a small seamless package.