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1: MasterAir Maker 8 High-End CPU Air Cooler

So I demanded this bad kid for the replacement of a Thermaltake CPU fan that was not cooling my i5-4670k appropriately. MasterAir Maker 8 High-end CPU Air Cooler capable of cooling an i7-9700k. And the cooling is done so quietly that no one even noticed that I’ve installed the CPU cooler.

As a matter of first importance, installation is a lot and very simpler on the off chance that you introduce it while the board is out of the case. Once I was finally able to get it mounted, it lit up and came on when I turned the PC.

The highest I’ve seen my temps go has been while playing around with a 4.5ghz overclock, which went into the low 70’s after a few minutes of prime. I do know that it consumes a lot of electric power than its competitor but the bad boy is working in my CPU.

The structure is flawless and the design is very clean & neat. You have to ensure that it will come in the bigger size than what the picture mirrors, so stay willing for your GPU to be right following to the CPU fan.

For the matter of time and placement, I needed to evacuate my out fan in the back of my PC as there was insufficient space for both. Meanwhile, my RAM has no heatsinks, so no questions there.

The primary thing you ought to do is connect the bracket to your motherboard according to the directions for your CPU. If you’ve effectively mounted your motherboard to your case, you should take it out.

As I referenced that there’s insufficient space for both. Along these lines, Detach the fan from the heat sink.

After you do that, put the X shaped bracket through the gap behind where the heat sink makes contact with the CPU. Test and ensure the X section coordinates with the mount points you affixed to your motherboard.

When you confirm that you have effectively balanced it, place your CPU in the socket (on the off chance that you haven’t as of now) and secure it.

If you used the old version of the MasterAir Maker 8 High-end CPU Air Cooler before, you will be surprised by the evolution of the newly designed model. I like how they changed the mounting system for this compared to the hyper 212 plus.

Being able to easily line this up while screwing it down evenly is so much better since you don’t have to keep the mounting bracket from falling off the little peg in the middle of the plate. I really hated installing that cooler, and I was pleased to see that this one was much easier to install.

The customer service experience is too bad. First, you have to register yourself, I did it but I must say that the User Interface is not smooth and user-friendly.

I once complained about the fan’s light, as lights were quiet down after running of the fans for 3 months. The customer service response is regrettable and I, unfortunately, ended up the conversation with no benefit.

The company seems to be making it very problematic to take Return Materials Authorization. The instructions in the manual suck too. Due to the ambiguous explanation and drawing, I did not realize it needed a bracket behind the motherboard when I was flick through the instructions.

I must admit that the fan is quiet, and silent, being a Silencio fan, and it barely makes any noise under heavy load. I didn’t even notice a lot of times, nor you can’t even tell that it’s on. That is a big plus point in my opinion.

I have to declare that this is a much-improved fan than I expected it to be on this minimum price. If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford liquid cooling, I highly recommend this cooler.

  • Aesthetic Design
  • Versatile that Can Be Used For Many Chipsets
  • Big Heat Sink
  • Fast, Silent And Quiet CPU Fan
  • RGB Lights Flashing
  • Very Cheap Pricewise
  • Air Flow Is Way Easier To Design With A Stand-Up Fan Blowing From Front To Back
  • Big Sized
  • If Your RAM Has Extra Heatsink, It Might Be Hard To Fit
  • RGB Controller Can Only Be Accessed By Opening Case
  • No Preset Thermal Paste
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2: Noctua NH-D15, Premium CPU Cooler Fans:

After plenty of research, I chose a Noctua cooler that would have been the redesign for my PC. Having never bought a Noctua cooler I didn’t have an idea what is in the store that could be expected.

I am very concerned about shopping, in this case also I researched a lot by reading reviews and watching videos. The research I’ve gone through gave me an idea that the top-notch cooler is a start rated cooler. After choosing a company for the CPU cooler, I will have now to decide an ideal model for my CPU’s motherboard to attached it and install it asap.

I visit the official website of Noctua’s and saw the compatibility for my Black Edition motherboard. You can also go to the website and select a cooler that meets your own CPU board. After matching a model in comparison with my board, then I ordered it.

I got this cooler to go with my recently bought i7 PC. I installed this cooler on my ASUS Sabertooth X99 alongside ADATA DDR4-2800 32GB RAM. On the installation process, there is no issue in the fitting. Super easy to install it. Very clear directions for every stage.

The packaging, which I, in general, don’t care about, is a gem. Elegant, everything obviously marked, nothing hard to open.

The customer service at Noctua is topnotch. I messaged them when I was installing my Noctua cooler. They replied within 24hrs and let me know there cooler has no issues with the motherboard I picked. A help team is a real person, not bots. If you ask everything they will answer precisely and will wait until you issued solved.

I heard Noctua did not support oversee customers besides the fact that the company would not be capable to support their customers.

Noctua cooler comes with everything you need. Try not to have two fan connectors on your motherboard? It accompanies a Y-connector. Need it significantly calmer? It accompanies a low-commotion unit.

By the way, at first, when I got the Noctua cooler within a package, I don’t think I had appropriate gratitude for exactly how large this thing is. The packaging from Noctua is top notch. All the components are individually encased and the total contents are surrounded by foam.

I pondered what I had gotten myself into when I opened it up. The packaging from Noctua is the first rate. Every one of the segments is independently covered and all of the stuff is encompassed by foam for the safety purpose.

The seller’s company has taken extraordinary consideration to guarantee your buy lands in a flawless condition. So, you essentially can’t discover an air cooler that puts out this performance at this volume. There is no motivation to utilize whatever else all in all. That is the reason it gets 5 stars.

It is working fine with an excellent memory, similar to the Corsair Dominator arrangement. Even though it’s the most dominant, is it the best.

I would depict Noctua as an organization that is obviously well-run, invests heavily in their item as well as in their customers, and knows precisely how the product can have made that should be liked by our customers.

I’d especially suggest a Noctua cooler. I can’t help thinking that Noctua rehearses complete quality administration, with their devotion to quality items and client administration. It appears that consistently, another huge organization puts benefits over quality, and at last, lose cash, alongside clients.

Obviously, it is a much-needed refresher to see an organization who really puts the client first. When you call, you very quickly get a genuine individual, that you can easily understand because their employer hasn’t moved the support overseas. Noctua, you have gained a lifelong client.

  • Contains two 140mm fans
  • Exceptional cooling performance
  • Good RAM clearance
  • The mounting system is User-friendly
  • Excellent build quality
  • Runs silently
  • Covering Limited area
  • High Price
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I was much confused about getting a cooler fan, as there are two final competitors in my price range as well as in my opinion, number one; The Cryorig H7, and the second one is Master hyper 212, I have searched a lot on the web and saw a huge number of reviews but found nothing special about one on the another, I have then watched several tests on YouTube and decided to get Cryorig H7 tower cooler fan.

Knowing that the price of Cryorig H7 cooler is lil higher than Master Hyper 212. By a lil higher I mean it has a difference of only $5 difference. I think it is nothing if it benefits my CPU with cooling it properly. And finally, my bantering in the middle of Cryorig H7 and Master hyper 212 was over and got Cryorig Cooler.

I Didn’t do any pressure or stress tests, since I don’t load my CPU to an excessive amount, just general use and sometimes plays a game for a smart portion of the time. So in the case that you need a quality cooler within some strict financial limits, this cooler is for you.

This is really an astounding gadget. It cools my PC great, went from 120 degrees F sitting at the work area (no programs open) to 85-90 F while on the work area (over the stock Intel cooler on my 4790k). It came with Thermal paste, new dissipater Cryorig H7 with cooler, 120mm fan, a card to register your product.

The Cryorig H7 is a well-designed sink and pipe dispersal designed to really exhaust the possibilities the heat dissipation and push that heat straightaway up into the fan. The bad guy will never leave your CPU to be heat-up in any way. It has all the proper arrangement; your job is only to mount the cooler fan.

I never saw cooler fans running in a low voice I mean it is very quitter that you’ll not feel any noise. The fan is a good quality fan and is much quieter than many other heatsinks at this price point. I consistently get around 40 c on my famously warm running and FX8350.

When I was coding and sometimes play a game when got bored from programming, the CPU is loaded and under that situation, it will be heating up. But Even under the heaviest of loads, I can hardly distinguish the heat sink fan from any of the others in the case.

Installing this cooler on the CPU board us much easier than anything else. Did I mention that the installation procedure was so easy to pull off I didn’t even break a sweat? Yes, I did mention The guidance and headings are quickly outlined with the pictures and content about how to introduce the cooler h7 Cryorig. Having installed dozens of heat sinks, I can genuinely say this thing must be the most straightforward air cooler I’ve at any point mounted to a CPU.

Installation is genuinely simple. It took me somewhat longer since I would not like to dismantle my PC and set up it back together without any preparation so I needed to work around my different parts. Fits decent and tight as long as you install the backplate effectively. Accompanies warm glue which is a major in addition to.

I’m currently using Cryorig’s H7 and I’m here to state, for such a cheap price, this thing really is well constructed, designed to clear memory heat sinks and is fully capable of mounting in any of the four primary orientations which should be nice for anyone with a funky case or who wants to vent up and not to the back like most case tend to do.

  • The Cryorig is very easy to install.
  • Keeps CPU very cool!
  • Fits very nicely
  • fans are reticent.
  • Manageable price with effective performance
  • Poor customer support
  • No AM4 bracket
  • The computer wouldn’t boot due to CPU Fan Error.
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Why does Cryorig still use metal fan clips when pretty much everyone has moved on from those glorified paper clips.

I have a fast high state PC. i5-4670k, with the 16Gb Ram of RAM I can install anything any low and tier software and games, also performs multitasking, GTX 980 Ti Classified, 750w PSU, solid static Disk (SSD), 2 high-resolution high-quality display HDDs, BDR, DVDR, on a mid-pinnacle, with 2-120mm case fans. This inside a PC work area. When I opened multiple programs and playing a game as well, the CPU becomes heated up. The DeepCool RGB CPU Cooler really works for me at that difficult time on the CPU, fighting with a heat.

The Packaging was decent for the cooler and included each and everything that assist in the mounting process. I mount this CPU cooler, even included a small tube of a thermal compound that I’ve been using on other CPUs as well, so that was a pleasant included reward in the crate.

I myself, being quite a big fan of the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU cooler, I was exceptionally energized when I see this cooler listed available to be purchased on sale at the lowest possible price, so I lifted it up rapidly to try out it on my CPU.

Being that relatively few organizations are publicizing that they work with AM4, this one incorporates everything in the box to mount ideal to your new AMD Ryzen CPUs and APUs, no extra equipment required, so you can get appropriate to cooling your chip with this cooler when you open the box, No doubt. That is actually what this CPU cooler does.

So I really needed to water cool, yet couldn’t without another case. I at that point altered to air coolers. After much perusing all different sites I was pulled in to this one. As I compose this, I am at 36°C. I am more than upbeat at the proficiency I picked up with this cooler.

Value and execution are incredible. I would never recommend this unit to an amateur builder though because the installation process was such a pain in the ass. A slightly different blueprint could have made the install process much easier IMHO. Remember you’ll have significantly less space to work within your frame once you replace the stock cooler with this big beast also.

To be completely plainspoken, I would just prescribe this unit to somebody introducing it in another framework assemble. Introducing this on a motherboard that is now been mounted for the situation is simply inept hard and kind of perplexing.

To be honest, I would only recommend this unit to someone installing it in a new system build. Installing this on a motherboard that’s already been mounted in the case is just stupid hard and kind of frustrating.

The Intel installation requires pushing on plastic pieces to drive a pin through a wedge, and hope that it pushes hard enough to stick through the motherboard. Easier said than done. Next time I’d be sure that the system I bought had a backplate and screws.

Love this cooler. It’s delightful and was a breeze to set up. I presently can’t seem to play any games, as I just barely got my build completed yet I expect everything to remain decent and cool! I additionally got the coordinating deep cool RGB fans. Everything was a breeze to set up and looks lovely!! I couldn’t be more joyful!

  • Stars Awesome little cooler and has beautiful lighting!
  • Looks nice
  • Works well, RGB is great
  • Inexpensive,
  • Syncs with Asus aura
  • Comes with brackets to mount 2nd fan in push-pull,
  • Mounting can be slightly tricky with finding the right bracket.
  • Cheap aluminum
  • Wrong height listed
  • The aluminum isn’t coated black or super thin, so it looks good, just not great.
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5: MSI Cooling Core Frozr XL:

To start with, let me reveal a story about AM4. I experienced difficulty discovering AM4-good CPU coolers, but here I discovered that there are 2 of them, first the MasterLiquid Lite 120 and second is the MSI Core Frozr L., In the same manner, I discovered something from foreign that appeared as easy and solid, it may be simpler to install, but it was a heck of a lot more expensive at the time. Because of the price, I returned to the original MSI Cooling core.

As discussed, I went through the master liquid Lite 120, so when I began to install it, there were no AM4 directions, no AM4 brackets were there to install it so obviously it didn’t have any way of being installed into my system.

So I returned to the previous one and got the MSI Core Frozr L, and it had the fundamental guidelines and parts to install into an AM4 motherboard. Such a hectic journey. But the story meets a clear destination and a happy ending. Thank GOD.

The MSI Cooling Core Frozr L is anything and very easy to install on the system, however it has some feasibly confusing parts. You have a choice that how you can position it so it looks extraordinary from either side with a movable faceplate.

The fan can have a second fan on the opposite side to help power air through the heatsink. I didn’t appreciate connecting the fan to the heatsink, mind you, since it requires fan hooks. Those little wires constantly worry me. All things considered, this was not a problem to introduce, and I completed it decently fast.

The performance is actually fairly impressive. It’s almost silent, getting a little noisy every once in a while when I’m pushing the limits of the CPU (video rendering, video recording, downloading from Steam, streaming to Twitch, music, gaming 80+ Firefox tabs, etc. almost all at once), but once the temperature lowers, it gets quiet again.

Even when it’s noisy, it’s hard to notice. I have to really be listening to it to notice the change. That’s partly because of the padding on the case, mind you. The temperature of my Ryzen 1600X stays at an acceptable low and is consistently low when idle. I have no real proof that it’s the CPU cooler making this possible, but it seems to be doing its job nicely.

Installation was super easy, I went ahead and mounted this on my own system motherboard and I did like the mounting setup for the AM4 socket and luckily the motherboard and the cooler MSI core both have an AM4 setup, so I used that as well.

The Temperature is extremely cool to the point where I thought it was a misapprehension. I am getting 26-28C idle and 48C at full load on stock settings which I do plan on overclocking later. (I also accounted for the 20C offset that AMD has with their 1700x and 1800x CPU and used Ryzen Master to monitor CPU temp as well as HWInfo64).

Why did I choose these fans?

In some cases, the RGB is not important, everything depends on the approach you want in your setup, as, if you are looking for a sober style but that maintains a highly pleasing aesthetic, the fans of this style are an excellent option, obviously not they bring RGB, that’s why they are sober and minimalist, although perhaps the colors are somewhat aggressive for some since they maintain the style or palette of the brand, Black and Red.

  • Installation was very easy
  • It allows for push & pulls config.
  • Great wrapping
  • appearance and aesthetics
  • Economical and reasonably priced
  • Technical support is not good
  • Very large
  • Missing of screws

Some motherboards might have an issue with 4-slot configuration as you don’t have much room to work with if you have high profile heatsink RAM

6: Noctua NH-U12S – Premium CPU Cooler with NF-F12 120mm Fan (Brown):

I was using Master Hyper from the first day since I knew about the cooler and the CPU fans. Master is for sure a hi-profile manufacturer, and I guess it is one of the leading one too. That might not be accurate, but this is what I know about the Master hyper. Long story short, My Master Hyper 212 stop doing the job for which I get it from the company.

In the meantime, there was an exceptional sale on Noctua cooler fans, but I got the Noctua NH-U12S premium cooler in brown color, it was a prominent color in the entire stock at that time.

When I remove Hyper 212 Evo and replaced it with Noctua NH-U12S. I really love it. Because it is very simple to install as the installation of the last Master Hyper 212 Evo. I was also able to use this with no problems with the memory cards as they are high profile. I am using it with the push and pulls configurations as it keeps the temps are from 27 to low 30’s. It is off course very effective.

The design of the Noctua NH-U12S is outstanding in that it is 100% RAM compatible on all platforms and it outshines in being only 158mm tall which is a golden height as nearly all mid tower cases support CPU coolers up to 160 mm in height.

I saw that the cooler really meets the performance which I expected, I will always get another cooler from this one as it is very well in performance as if I compared it with my old hyper 212. By the way, the color which is a brown one looks a little ugly but as far as it performs well and solid, it will not affect me.

When I talked about the fan’s noise, let me tell you there is no noise. Compare to the old one, this one doesn’t produce a sound that will disturb your music or gameplay or even if you are nothing to hear, you will not hear a noise from the Noctua cooler fans. It is very quiet and I like both of this two great feature, number one is the quieter fans, and the second one is the perfect performance.  It is indeed a great CPU cooling unit.

The fan mounting system is simple and effective and because Noctua NF-F12 fans come pre-fitted with anti-vibration rubber you don’t have to worry about vibrations at all. Noctua even includes extra anti-vibration padding should you need it.

Let conclude the above saying in a short paragraph. Performance as compared to its size and price is extremely outstanding. Support pull and push configuration. It also has a very long warranty time, the customer service is not outstanding but it is average and better than Master. I must recommend it just try it once in your life.

  • First-class Build Feature – fins do not curve
  • Hi Cooling Performance
  • Great performance for its size
  • Solid and Effective Mounting Tools
  • Extra Accessory Package – includes extra fan clips and thermal paste
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Push-Pull configuration
  • Tremendous Acoustic Performance
  • May block top expansion slot
  • Multi-colored cables on fan
  • Cost of adding a second NFA15 PWM fan