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Backpacks are a symbol of fashion and style. They are the latest trend that has been seen following by everyone. The lady going to the office, the little small boy for school, a group of young boys for hiking, everyone has a trendy backpack on their back. When it comes to backpacks, the Herschel supply company is the name that strikes the mind first. But they are quite expensive. not anyone can afford it.

But wait!

I have good news for you.

You can get a backpack similar to Herschel at a pocket-friendly price. I have gathered some backpack brands that offer high-quality, durable, and stylish backpacks that you can use to carry your laptop as well. These backpacks are spacious, durable, and comfortable like Herschel.


Now owning a Herschel lookalike backpack is no more a dream.

I have reviewed some amazing and best brands that offer sturdy backpacks. Stick to the article till the end and get insights into some top-notch backpacks like Herschel supply company.

Here you go!

1: Vaschy Unisex Classic Water Resistant School Backpack Fits 14Inch Laptop

If you really want backpacks similar to Herschel, then grab your hands on Vaschy backpacks. They are almost similar.

Vaschy is a popular fashion brand that is known for manufacturing simple, elegant, and decent backpacks that are suitable for all ages.

This item that I am going to discuss is amongst one of the highly demanded laptop backpacks.

It is made up of high-quality water-resistant polyester. But it doesn’t mean that Vaschy’s backpack will be thick and heavyweight.

They are too light, even if you carry it empty you will be doubtful that either there is a bag on your back or not. They are way too light.

Let’s throw some lights on its design. Simplicity is the icon of Vaschy. That’s why their backpacks are quite simple and decent in design. This product has only one main compartment with double-zipper closure along with one exterior zipper pocket followed by a water-bottle pocket on both sides.

So for hiking or any other adventure, you have the freedom to carry at least two water bottles with you.

The best part about its design is, it has small interior pockets and two zipper pockets in the main compartment, where you can place your Smartphone, its charger, your wallet, and even much important stuff. There is no doubt in saying that Vaschy’s backpack is too roomy.

If you want to use your Stylish Vaschy backpack for carrying a laptop then you will be glad to know that it has a padded laptop pocket, where you can keep your laptop or even iPad without any fear of breaking. The padded laptop pocket is designed to fit 14” of the laptop but you can easily keep your 15” laptop fearlessly. Indeed it’s a great option to carry your laptop.

Vaschy has kept a strong focus on its customer’s comfort. Dual padded, ergonomically design and adjustable straps are the proof of it. Padded straps provide optimum comforts for your shoulders.

Above all, you have got unlimited color options. They are available in so many exciting color combinations, such as purple with sky blue, burgundy, yellow, and many more.

As far as the quality of the bag is concerned they are 99.9% close to Herschel supply co. Altogether Vaschy is the right option for you to buy a Herschel lookalike backpack.

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2: JanSport Superbreak Backpack – Classic, Ultralight  

Made up of 100% polyester the JanSport Superbreak backpack is a symbol of style and elegance.

It’s a decent bag that efficiently carries your all stuff.

The fabric of the material is quite durable; it was designed by using 600 Denier fabric which can repel water efficiently.

It does not have a much-complicated design and pockets. JanSport Superbreak backpack has only one main compartment and one exterior zipper pocket.

Since it’s a bag that has been designed for keeping laptops, so there is a padded laptop pocket in the main compartment where you can keep your laptop/iPad without any fear of breaking. The pocket can easily accommodate 15.6” of laptop.

This spacious backpack is quite light in weight and available in more than 30 colors and prints.

Overall, it’s a backpack that has to be in your laptop backpack collection. It doesn’t have too many pockets to confuse you. it’s simple and elegant. Indeed it’s a Herschel lookalike backpack.

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3: Burton Tinder Backpack with Laptop Compartment

Burton Tinder Backpack, Desert Duck Print, One Size
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Rucksack-style backpacks are most popular among hiking freaks. They look classy and stylish and above all, if they have space for your laptop, then they are the must-have item on your camping.

The next backpack on my list is a rucksack style Burton tinder backpack with a laptop compartment.

Burton Tinder is a leading name in sports equipment. They are world champions, innovators, and leaders in sports. Their backpacks are of immense superb quality that anyone can fall in love with them.

I assure you, you will forget the Herschel backpack once you started using Burton Tinder.

This backpack is made of 100% imported quality polyester that is 99.9% percent water-resistant. Now you don’t need to be afraid of rain during camping or hiking, you can keep your important stuff in your Tinder Backpack and enjoy your journey.

As far as design is concerned it is a traditional rucksack style bag with a drawstring closure for the main entry. Drawstring closures are quite convenient than the zipper and they look cool too.

The main compartment has a padded laptop pocket that can be used to keep your laptop or tablet with you. The laptop compartment is quite spacious. It is meant to be used for laptops of 16.5” but 18” laptops can be easily fit into it. In Burton Tinder Backpack your laptops are 100% safe.

This urban-style backpack can also be used as a bag for carrying laptops. Indeed, this will look quite unique and distinctive.

Apart from the laptop section, it has an external pocket for different accessories like cards, keys, and a wallet

Burton Tinder has always focused on the comfort of its users, that’s why this product has an ergonomically designed shoulder strap along with a sternum strap for comfortable traveling and you know what, these straps are totally adjustable.

So if you are loyal to Herschel backpacks but do not have enough bucks in your pocket then I recommend you to grab your hands on this Burton tinder backpack, because it’s a backpack like Herschel.

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4: KAUKKO Laptop Outdoor Backpack, Travel Hiking  

This product is something, I would say, extraordinarily superb. It’s all because of a fact that it is from the house of Kaukko, which has been manufacturing high-end bags since 1998. That’s why they are amongst the best seller on Amazon and other major foreign trade business platforms

This laptop backpack that I am talking about is made up of durable 600D polyester fabric which is water washable and water-resistant. The purposive adulteration of high-quality linen with polyester makes this bag super soft and comfortable.

I have seen most people complain about laptop backpacks that are quite uncomfortable. Whatever stuff you have kept inside your back can feel it easily and this thing is quite irritating.

But with Kaukko’s laptop bag no one is going to complain about it uncomfortably. A big thanks to its padded backside and straps that make it comfortable to wear and carry all day long.

Talking about its capacity then it’s quite spacious, it has one main compartment with 1 outside zipper pocket, 2 inside zipper pockets, and 2 inside pockets followed by 2 side pockets. So space is not a big issue with the Kaukko laptop backpack. The main compartment can easily fit 15.6” of the laptop while the other compartment can hold 18” laptops easily. If traveling is part of your work then the Kaukko laptop backpack could be the best option for you. You can keep lots of important stuff inside it

This backpack can be used for any occasion like you can carry it to your workplace, school, and even for adventures like hiking, camping, cycling, and others.

Above all, you have unlimited color options. You can choose any color of your choice. it’s available in unlimited color options and that’s amazing.

Overall, Kaukko is a brand that is most trusted and you can order fearlessly- without any risk of fear because they are giving 6 months of warranty along with 30 days of the return policy. Indeed Kaukko laptop backpack is a product that is worth buying.

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5: Fjallraven – Foldsack No. 1 Backpack, Fits 15″ Laptops

Next in the line is the Fjallraven laptop backpack. It’s a Swedish company that has been into outdoor equipment like rucksacks and men’s clothing for ages. So I would say that it’s a brand that you can trust blindly.

If you are fond of using high quality and genuine fold sack backpacks then you are in right place. Today you will get to know about a backpack that is genuinely a fold sack bag in which you can carry your laptop and other gadgets too.

This backpack is made up of high quality and durable material which is G-1000 HeavyDuty. If you know this material then you should be aware of its life span too. but if you haven’t heard about this material then let me tell you it is one of the toughest and robust materials that will last forever- so choose your backpack’s color wisely. For years Fjallraven fold sack will not bother you to change it until or unless you plan to upgrade it for no reason. Trust me buying it will be like a long-term investment.

Not only this G-1000 heavy-duty is further coated with Greenland wax for an improved lifespan and enhanced water resistance.

You must be thinking that if it’s made up of such HeavyDuty material then it will be quite heavy.

No. not at all. The material is heavy only by its name. In fact, it weighs only 1.3 lbs, which is quite lighter than other bags.

Talking about the style of Fjallraven backpack, since it’s a fold sack laptop bag, so the main compartment is welcomed by the folding lid, which is fastened with metal buckles on the adjustable textile straps.

The main compartment has enough space for a 15.6” laptop, which is completely padded. With Fjallraven fold sack backpack your laptops are quite sound and safe.

A zipper outside pockets makes storing small things easier. Outside zipper pockets are always a good idea to have quick access to your tiny and important stuff.

It’s a Herschel lookalike backpack, not only lookalike it has similar features too. Fold sack no. 1 bag has supportive shoulder straps along with padded back that protects your return from your pack’s content.

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6: Timbuk2 Rogue Laptop Backpack

Rogue Laptop backpack from the banner of Timbuk2 is similar to Herschel backpack. Before moving on to its specifications let me introduce you to Timbuk2.

Timbuk2 is a San Francisco-based company that manufactures sturdy and durable bags.

This military-style Rogue laptop backpack is an amazing piece of Timbuk2. It is not only stylish and trendy but also affordable. It looks quite expensive but actually, it’s not.

The waterproof cloth used in the exterior fabric makes it resistant to water. The outer material is such that it can be easily clean with the help of a damp cloth.

Whereas, for the rest of the bag nylon fabric has been used.

The comfort of the user is the prime focus of Timbuk2 that’s why their bags provide a high level of comfort experience to its user. Talking about the comfort level of the Rogue laptop back, it has an air-mesh back panel on the back that keeps your back ventilated and prevents it from overheating. The back and straps are padded too which makes long traveling easy.

As far as the space of the Rogue laptop backpack is concerned, since it’s a backpack that is specially designed for carrying a laptop, so its main compartment is quite spacious, along with a padded laptop pocket inside that can fit 16” of your Mac book easily.

Besides this, it has an elasticized external side pocket, where you can keep your bottle or anything that you want because these pockets are stretchable.

Not only this, the pack has an exterior daisy chain for attaching carabiners, helmets, locks, and other accessories.

A rogue laptop backpack is quite spacious it can accommodate your important stuff easily. Not only you can carry a laptop but also its accessories can be carried with you wherever you want.

Indeed this backpack is proof that style and performance can also come in an affordable range. This stylish and military-inspired laptop backpack is ideal for traveling.

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7: Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon-II Backpack  

The black Pygmy Falcon-II backpack from Maxpedition is a water-resistant day pack that will keep you organized on your next urban or rural adventure. 

This distinctive military-style backpack has 1100 cubic inches of carrying capacity.

You can keep as many things as you want in your Pygmy backpack. It has a padded laptop compartment too. This backpack is not only meant for hiking or camping purposes. You can even carry your laptop in it safely and can travel around the town easily.

It has lots of pockets that give you enough space for your important stuff.

Its side water bottle pockets are spacious enough that it can easily accommodate 1 liter of the bottle. This means you will not going to dehydrate during your adventurous trip.

Apart from an adventurous trip, you can carry this pack even to your office.

Like other backpacks of Herschel, it has a padded and breathable back too, which keeps your back well ventilated.

Moreover, adjustable padded shoulder straps that contour to your chest and a sternum suspension belt that distributes weight evenly throughout your upper body, so that you can easily carry loads.

The bag is designed using such material that is quite durable and meant to be last forever. It’s available in three sober colors.

Trust me; it’s a backpack that is worth buying especially when you are fond of keeping military-styled stuff.   

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8: KAVU Camp Sherman Backpack

Are you tired of the boring and sober backpack and Looking for colorful and funky laptop backpacks? Then hold on to your breath. I am gonna review some colorful and funky laptop bags that are not only cool and stylish but also give superb performance.

KAVU camp laptop backpacks are made up of 100% imported polyester that is 11oz 600D which is quite soft and light in weight. The interior of the pack is also made up of polyester.

They are quite stylish and comfortable. They have lots of amazing features that contribute to the comfort of its users such as an air mesh back panel that keeps your back ventilated and an adjustable padded strap along with a sternum strap.

It has some unique features too like the KAVU backpack has two zip pockets where you can keep your phone charger or other accessories and can have quick access.

Talking about its main compartment which is designed for keeping laptops especially. It is spacious enough that it can carry a 15” laptop easily. The laptop pouch is padded too which protects your laptop from sudden jerks.

Kavu camp Sherman backpacks are available in funky and bright colors and prints. You have a huge variety of colors to choose from. They are the perfect laptop backpacks to be carried around the town.

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9: 936Plus College Backpack High  

If you still love those high schools college backpacks then maybe this one from the banner of hot style is for you.

Keeping a laptop and other things in an organized fashion are something that you will find in a 936plus college backpack.

It has front smaller pockets that accommodate small and important stuff, whereas the main compartment is quite roomy. You can either keep some books or a laptop or even both at a time. it has a separate padded laptop sleeve that fits a 15” laptop easily.

Instead of an exterior bottle holder pocket, it has inner side holders for water bottles where you can keep your water bottle or even your body spray along with you.

Moreover, the main compartment has a small organizer to keep things in an organized fashion.

This is not the end.

There are a few zipper pockets at the backside of the backpack that allows a quick access storage solution to cell phone, mobile charger, wallet, and other important stuff.

Let’s talk something about the durability of the backpack, it is made up of water-resistant polyester that makes it 100% waterproof. Apart from this, it has a durable YKK brand zipper that is never going to be out of order in any case.

With so many pockets, compartments and organizers it weighs only 1.3lbs which is way too light.

936plus college back is ideal for daily purposes. It’s the right choice for students who carry laptops along with them.

I guarantee you that you will not regret your money once you buy this.

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10: Gysan Lightweight Water Resistant School

If 936plus hasn’t attracted you then I have another college-style backpack that can also be used as a laptop bag.

This lightweight backpack is from the house of Gyan which is a popular manufacturer of high-quality bags and backpacks.

This product that I am talking about is completely made up of waterproof nylon with 5% high-quality PU polyester cotton lining around zipper pockets.

The water-resistant fabric keeps your books, laptop, and other stuff perfect on rainy days.

Gysan backpack is quite roomy. It has one main compartment that has further small organizers and slip pockets in it with padded laptop parts that can fit 15.6” of laptop easily. The front side of the bag has two zipper pockets out of which one is medium and the other is small. On the back, it has 1 vertical zipper pocket that is ideal for keeping mobile and other necessary stuff that can be reached easily.

It also has a water bottle pocket which is inside the main compartment.

Like other backpacks on the list, this backpack is also used for keeping laptops and tablets. Trust me; its padded laptop pocket gives ultra protection to your laptop.

Moreover, it has an air mesh padded back that’s a good idea to keep your back ventilated and comfortable.

With an ergonomically design padded shoulder strap, this laptop backpack is a perfect blend of style and performance. It’s quite spacious and roomy you can fearlessly keep your things in an organized fashion.

The best part about this pack, which I really like, is it is available in numerous colors. You have a wide choice of colors to choose from. This makes Gysan backpack a perfect choice for both males and females. It’s the right option to carry your laptop in a comfortable and classy style.

11: Vaschy Camping Hiking Rucksack Daypack Casual High School Backpack fits 15 in Laptop Black

If you are still confused about Vaschy vs Herschel then this last product may help you a lot.

Like Herschel supply co. Vaschy backpacks are also highly demanded backpacks on the internet. They are not only elegant but their classy and elegant design makes them unique and distinctive.

Since Vaschy offers a premium quality backpack that’s the reason I am reviewing another backpack from the banner of Vaschy.

But this one is quite different.

Made up of high-quality water-resistant lightweight polyester along with a smooth SBS zipper that makes it durable and long-lasting.

It has too many pockets, more than your imagination.

The main compartment is welcomed by the durable and smooth double SBS zipper. There is lots of space in the main compartment. A padded iPad/laptop pocket with interior water bottle pockets on both sides and some pockets on the inner side of the compartment.

The laptop compartment is spacious enough to accommodate 15.6” of laptop/tablet easily. The compartment has enough space that it can keep your books and laptop along with a bottle easily.

It has a secret zipper pocket that is at the backside where you can keep your very important stuff secret.

Apart from this, its ergonomically designed padded shoulder straps provide a high level of comfort even when you are carrying loads of stuff in it.

Vaschy backpacks are the fashion statement that is as functional as how good it looks. This heavy-duty backpack is suitable for all those who like casual stuff. It is a bag that is highly recommended for students and employees who have to keep their laptops along with them.

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Final words:

Ideally, a backpack should provide enough comfortable experience to its user. Not only does comfort is matter, but space is also a matter of consideration.  If you are looking for a high-end laptop backpack, then I am pretty sure your search should have ended here.

All these above-reviewed backpacks are ideal for carrying your laptop and important stuff along with you. I am sure you won’t regret your decision of buying any one of them.